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Weekend at the cabin

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the cabin I rented is for the entire weekend. We had planned to spend a few days snowboarding in the mountains of Washington, but there has been so much sexual tension between us recently that I am starting to doubt we will ever leave the cabin or make it to the slopes.  The steam from the hot tub and the darkness of the night make it hard to see you very well at such distance, so I move my body across the tub, closer to the deck where you are standing, but further from the steps where I know you will soon walk down to join me in the hot, bubbling water. Once I am closer to you I can look up and see more of your incredible body in the areas where the robe isn?t fully covering or is slightly parted, leaving you partially exposed to my hungry eyes. Youre toned, sexy legs are clearly visible as well as the cleavage of your chest and just the slight curve of each breast, hinting to me that you are probably naked underneath. I didn?t know it was possible, but I may have felt a slight pain of jealousy for a moment at an inanimate object as I imagined myself as the robe, completely enfolding your perfect body.   The air carries on it the evening coolness of a snowy, mountain night and the electric charge of long, anticipated passion and undeniable sexual chemistry as you untie the robe and let it fall off your shoulders and bundle on the ground at your feet.  The snow covered mountains surround us and the combination of arousal, excitement, and cold winter air makes your nipples harden. The sight of your naked skin makes my mouth water as you slowly and seductively walk around the deck and then down the steps until you fully submerge yourself into the hot water of the Jacuzzi. You disappear beneath the water before coming half way in front of me, your hair now soaking wet, steam rising from your body,  your beautiful, breast floating, teasingly, half way out of the water, your hard nipples barely visible. I look up and our eyes lock, you smile a beautiful, seductive, smile that makes my heart skip a beat and my tongue subconsciously slides across my lips as I think about tasting you.  As you come closer to me, your perfect body gliding easily through the hot, bubbly water,  I find myself fighting hard the urge to reach out and just take you. "Patience," a voice in my mind says to me, "I have waited this long, I can wait a few moments longer."  My hand reaches out and encircles yours, and I pull you firmly against me, our lips are very close, but not yet touching. I can feel your warm breath against my lips, but I don?t kiss you yet because I want to tease you for a minute and let you feel how hard I am as my cock pushes against your inner thigh and your breasts are pressed tightly against my chest.   My lips find yours and we kiss, a gentle, probing touch which grows slowly and easily into a firmer, more passionate embrace.    The kiss is electric, long and slow and amazing, neither of us wanting it end.  The pressure between our lips throbs with an intensity neither of us has ever felt before, one moment light and gentle, the next hard with an undeniable passion.  Our tongues begin their desperate search, and when they meet the shock is almost palpable, running through each of us simultaneously and causing us to tighten our embrace even more.  I shift my body slightly so that my rock hard cock is barely pressing up against the slippery wet outer lips of your tight pussy. I can feel the heat radiating from inside you, hotter than the steaming water of the Jacuzzi and it takes every ounce of restraint within me not to just slide deep inside of you.  My hands slide down the smooth silky flesh of your back and I grab your tight ass, pulling you even closer against me and causing just the head of my thick cock to slide inside of you. Your pussy is so wet and ready for me that I enter you easily and we both let out a soft, involuntary moan of pleasure. Slowly and reluctantly my mouth slides from yours, breaking our sensuous kiss. I am impatient to taste all of you.  My lips move across your cheek to your tight ear as my left hand slides up your back and across your neck and into your hair. I grab a handful of your hair and pull back to allow me full access to the side of your neck. I am pleasantly surprised to see that it also makes you arch your back, making your incredible breast rise up closer to me eager lips and tongue. I slowly kiss my way from your ears to your neck, alternately licking, kissing and gently biting as I use your hair to fully control the position I want you in. I begin to kiss along the nape your neck, savoring the softness of your silky smooth skin against my lips and tongue as I pull your body closer against me. I reach down beneath the water with my free hand and grab the shaft of my thick, hard cock. I use my hand to guide the head of my cock back and forth against the opening of your hot wet pussy. I?m enjoying the sensation of teasing you too much, making you want me to fuck you hard as I slide just the head in and out and up and down.  You can feel the piercing on the head of my cock rub against your clit and I can see by the look on your face that if I increase the pressure a tiny bit, I can make you cum. My lips trace their way down your neck, alternating both sides as I pull your hair in opposite directions to give me full access to your neck, shoulders and chest. I kiss my way across your soft shoulders and then downward across your breasts. You subconsciously arch your back even more, wanting me to suck your hard nipple into my warm mouth as I rub the head of my cock faster against your hard clit.  I am not ready to let you cum just yet, so my tongue slides between your breasts as my palm reaches up and cups your left breast, my tongue slides over to your right. I begin massaging your breast with my hand, rubbing my palm across your hard nipple as my mouth traces the strong but gentle curves of your other breast, seeking, seeking, until my mouth engulfs your warm, hard nipple. My tongue will not be denied as it licks and flicks across and around, my lips sucking gently at first and then more firmly as I am encouraged by the soft moans escaping from your lips.  My mouth and hands begin to alternate on your breast, my lips and tongue moving from one nipple to the other, licking and sucking, feeling them swell and become harder between my lips.  As I suck and caress your breast, you tilt your head back and thrust your hips down, forcing several inches of my hard cock to slip inside of you. Your hands reach out and pull my face from your breasts and back to your lips. We kiss again; hard, urgently, with a passion neither of us have ever experienced or imagined.  I find myself becoming consumed by you and I know I must taste you before I am pulled over the edge. Just the few inches of my cock in your hot, wet, tight pussy are already bringing me close, so I pull out of you quickly and roughly push you back and down, so that your  shoulders rest on the edge of the Jacuzzi while the rest of you is immersed in the hot water.  Then I sink to my knees and, using the buoyancy of the water; easily raise your hips until your sweet, delicious pussy is directly before me.  I gently kiss your inner thighs enjoying the smooth skin as my tongue glides across your flesh, sliding upward till my mouth brushes lightly against the outer lips of your pussy. Your moan is clearly audible and you thrust your hips forward, trying to force my tongue inside of you. I smile as I pull back and kiss my way down your opposite thigh. I want to taste you so bad, but I want to turn you on and tease you even more. I want your pussy to be wetter than it ever has been and I want you to want me more then you have ever wanted anything in your life. I kiss my way back up your thigh and teasingly slide my tongue around the outer edges of your glistening pussy. Tasting your juices even more as my tongue begins to slide between the folds of your lips and trace along the inside of your pussy, licking slowly and lightly along the entire length, and then retracing the path, up and down the length of your pussy lips again and again.  My tongue moves up and probes deeper, searching and finding the hot hardness of your clit.  You gasp as my tongue begins to lick and massage your hard clit; Tracing circles with the tip of my tongue in alternating directions and bringing you close to the edge before changing technique to prolong your passion. soon my tongue is joined by my lips as they suck slowly and firmly on you.  I slide 2 fingers deep inside you and curl them upward, finding your g-spot .I can taste your excitement and passion as your juices flow sweeter on my tongue, I can hear your moans getting louder and I can feel your body begin to tighten and shudder with pleasure as I suck and lick your clit harder and faster.   I leave your clit, but only to search lower and deeper, to stick my tongue deep inside your pussy, and as I do, you rise from the water, thrusting your pussy against my face and grapping my head to pull me deeper inside you.   I look up as see you watching me lick and suck you, your eyes on fire with passion, your hands cupping and squeezing your breasts and pulling at your hard nipples. I sense that you are quickly moving toward an orgasm, and I  move my mouth back to your hard clit and become ever more intense in my licking and sucking, wanting only to make you cum hard in my mouth. Wanting to taste you so bad as you cum for me.  But then, for the first time since you entered the Jacuzzi, you speak to me.   "Please fuck me.  Please fuck me now.  I want you inside of me when I cum." And as much as I want to make you cum with my mouth, I know that I will do that soon and must be patient, and that for now I only want to give you what you want.  The warm water of the Jacuzzi cascades down my body as I stand, and my cock emerges, strong and hard and ready for you.  Your head and shoulders still rest on the edge of the tub as I reach down and grasp your firm ass and raise your hips lightly and easily until your pussy emerges from the water near my cock.  With your legs spread on either side of me I move to you, my cock brushing against your wet pussy lips.  I want you more than I have ever wanted anything in my life, but I cannot, will not, rush this moment.  I move my hips so that my cock rubs across your pussy and on your thighs, and then along the groove formed by the lips.  The hot wetness of your pussy lubricates the movement as I slide along and slightly between the hot, wet lips of your pussy, massaging your clit with my cock.

Then, moving my hips back and raising you slightly, I find the opening of your pussy and slowly slide my cock inside you, savoring the incredible pleasure as inch by inch I bury myself inside you.  Before I am all in I stop, drawing back until only the head of my cock remains inside, and then again, slowly, thrust forward, this time deeper, letting you feel the piercing rubbing against your G-spot deep inside you.  Again I stop and pull all the way out of you. I look down at your face and see the look of intense pleasure that I wanted to see, so I quickly thrust forward again, burying myself completely inside you.  As with all else, we are a perfect fit, and your pussy feels as if it was molded to fit me.  The heat from the water is nothing compared to the heat inside you.  My cock tingles and pulses from the warmth of your passion. I begin to thrust harder, and you meet me with your hips, drawing me deeper inside with each thrust. As we fuck we stare into each other's eyes, oblivious to anything but the pleasure, the passion, and the perfectness of what we are experiencing.  At first, our movements remain slow and easy, hiding the intensity of the pleasure.  But soon you close your eyes and sign, and then moan deeply, setting me on fire.  I begin to thrust harder and faster, sensing that you are getting close and wanting to take you over the edge.  I feel the urgency building inside of me as well, swelling from my balls and flooding my entire being. Our motions quicken instinctively yet we remain as one, moving perfectly in time together as you thrust your pussy forward to meet my cock as it thrust deeply into you.  Suddenly I can no longer hold and tell you i am going to cum. your body begins to convulse as your orgasm begins to sweep over you.  Your moans rise and you cry out, your body trembling against me.  The sight, sound and feel of you cumming carries me with you, and I start to cum as well.

I can only ride the surge as my cock explodes inside your pussy.  I arch my back and let out a loud moan of pleasure as I make one final deep, hard thrust and let go completely,  you feel my cock throbbing as I shoot load after load of  my hot cum deep into you. You smile up at me and move your hips more so you can drain every last drop of my cum from my still hard cock. I sit back in the water to relax, but you are still ready for more and crawl seductively over to me, teasing my balls and semi-erect cock with the tip of your fingers. You whisper softly in my ear and tell me that you feel cheated because you want me inside your mouth.......i love when you talk dirty l like that and am quickly getting hard again. I smile as I realize that I let my passion for you consume me and that, now that I have enjoyed you, I will be able to have more restraint and more control over you next time (and as I look at your perfect body, naked in the water next to me, and feel your hand caressing me, I know that the next time will be very very soon.)    

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