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?Let?s go for a ride, I want to show you this beautiful waterfall that I know.? You look at me and give me a small scowl. ?You know I don?t like to hike and it?s way too hot to be outside.? You say with a pouty tone in your voice. ?Well this waterfall isn?t far off of the road and it?s an easy walk, you just have to dodge the trees.? I say chuckling. ?Oh well, I guess we can give it a try.?

So we hop into the car and drive off. It?s not a long ride and we talk the entire ride about nothing in particular. We arrive at the spot and I pull off onto the wide shoulder and park the car. ?Come on? I say ?you?re going to like this.? And I grab your hand and start off down the path. It?s only a few steps in when you start to complain. ?This doesn?t look like it goes anywhere.? ?Just be patient.? I say to try and sooth you. It?s about a five minute walk and you aren?t looking happy. Finally we round a bend to find a small glade among the pines and hemlocks. A small stream tumbles over a rocky precipice and drops about 20 feet into a pool of the clearest water. The pool is surrounded by rhododendron and mountain laurel which are in full bloom. ?Wow this is pretty.? You say once you get a good look at the spot.

?It really is hot out here today. Wanna go for a swim?? ?Well I do but I don?t have a suit.? ?Well what about your birthday suit?? I ask grinning from ear to ear. ?Won?t anyone see us?? you ask with a tinge of concern in your voice. ?Nah. For one thing it?s too hot out and very few people even know of this place. Besides we can always hide behind the falls.? You agree and we take off our clothes, hiding them in the bushes, and then ease into the water. Its? cold but it feels good on such a hot day. Soon we are in up to our chins and we are swimming around and splashing each other. I finally get a hold of you and kiss you hard, noticing that the cold water has your nipples hard. It doesn?t take long for our kiss to excite me too, my cock starting to harden from the passion of the kiss.

We break the kiss and I say ?Let?s get under the waterfall.? We swim over and get up on the ledge that the waterfall strikes. The force of the water crashing over us is exhilarating and we embrace and kiss again, the water washing over our bodies as they?re locked together. ?Let me show you what?s behind this.? ?OK? you say and we step up to a ledge behind the falls. It?s much cooler here. I grab you and kiss you again, my hands finding their way to your naked ass. I massage it while I kiss your neck, biting that place that gives you goose bumps. A moan escapes your lips as your hands find the back of my head, pushing me harder into your neck. I can tell from you sounds that I hit the right spot and I know this is getting your juices flowing. Mine are too. My lips find their way back to yours and we kiss, open mouthed, tongues spinning madly about each other?s. My hands now find their way to your breasts. Between the chill of the water and your arousal the nipples are rock hard. I don?t know why but I get a real strong urge and lower my head and bite the right one, too hard I?m afraid as I hear you gasp. ?I?m sorry. Did I hurt you badly?? I ask concerned. ?You didn?t hurt me at all, it actually that felt really good.? ?Really?? I say as my head goes down to do it again. I bite and suck hard, taking as much of your ample breast into my mouth as I can. My other hand reaches down to feel your pussy to find out if it?s as wet inside as it is outside. It is so I start to play with your clit. Moving my hand up and down I let it slip between two fingers. I can feel your hips move with me, your hand clasped to the back of my head pushing it hard into you breast. Then I slip first one, then two fingers into you. This makes you gasp but I know what will make you gasp even more. I quickly pull my fingers out sliding them along the pelvic bone and up past your clit. ?Oh baby.? You manage to blurt out as your knees get weak. I do this for a little while. With each one, you gasp and your knees sag.

I pull out of you one last time then kiss you again, pushing my tongue far into your mouth and then I pull back. ?Sit down over there.? I say pointing to a rock ledge. You do and it?s the perfect height for what I have in mind. I walk up to you and put my hard cock right in your face. You look up at me a smile, knowing what I want. You put your hands on my ass cheeks then open your mouth and take me inside you. Your mouth feels so warm after the cold of the water. You start moving you head back and forth, each time taking me a bit deeper into your mouth. This feels so good. Between the cold damp mist on my body and the warmth of your mouth I start to shake. ?Mmm baby, that feels really good.? ?Look up at me when you do that, I want to be able to see into your eyes.? You do and I feel a surge in my mind, those clear blue eyes penetrating me. We stay like this for a few minutes, eyes locked, your mouth sucking at me, making me rock hard.

You have me totally worked up so I pull you up and kiss you. Then I go back to biting at your neck while your hand rubs my cock. ?Turn around and bend over.? I manage to blurt out. You do and I look down to see your brown ass right in front of my cock. I grab it and direct it at your pussy and enter you, the sensations sending chills up through my dick into my balls and spine. I start sliding in and out of you holding you by the hips. With each thrust I push myself all the way into you, feeling as much of you as I can. ?Yea baby, fuck me.? You say as I start to go harder and faster. ?Yes baby, yes, that?s it make me cum.? ?Come on fuck me and make me cum.? I do as you say and go even harder and faster, the skin of my upper thighs slapping against the skin or your ass. ?Damn you feel so good.? I say ?Let?s try something, stand up.? You straighten up and I manage to stay inside of you. I keep pumping away but now my hands are moving. First they grab your great breasts, each hand grabbing a hand full and massaging. Then they each take a nipple and pinch, twist and pull all at the same time causing a gasp to escape from your lips. I love when you make these sounds, they make my cock harden. Then my one hand finds your neck and I lean year head back so I can bite your neck as I fuck you from behind. I barely touch your neck and you cum hard, your juice flowing around my cock making it feel even warmer, exciting me. I?m reaching the point now. My balls pulled up into me so hard that it hurts. I?m pounding you hard now, a very fast pace. I feel it start in my balls. ?I?m going to cum baby.? ?Yes cum for me baby, cum in me.? Now my cum moves up into my cock and then explodes into you as my arms are wrapped around you. I?m squeezing you as I pump my cum into you and moan loudly into your ear. My orgasm is done but I?m still pumping, trying to get every last thrust out of him before he becomes flaccid. He finally falls out and you turn around, grab my head and kiss me hard.

Now that we are done we notice how cold it is behind the falls. We join hands and walk out under the fall to wash off and then dive into the pool.

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