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Was it real or just a fantasy - MF

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Was it real or Just a Fantasy?

Eric stared out his office window at the damp fog that shrouded the buildings in a damp gray blanket, obscuring the skyline. His thoughts were of her. He had thought of little else since getting her message this morning.

They had met on the Internet just a few weeks earlier. She had instantly undone him. Over the weeks their conversations had become more and more personal, eventually turning hot and torrid. The last time they were on on-line she had agreed to meet him in a private chat room where they could be alone. "Let's go to Yr-Office? he had instructed her, using the code "yr office" for their own private chat room. She had quickly agreed and once there, had given herself fully and completely, holding nothing back. She had captivated him, knowing exactly how to bring him to his highest peak. His hard purple meat had throbbed as she "clutched? him with her intimate muscles! His climax was like a pent up volcano, exploding in a gusher of hot semen. Immediately after getting him off, she had disappeared.

He had tried again and again to find her but to no avail. She did not responded to his E-mails and had simply disappeared from the Internet. Days had gone by with no message from her. Then this morning things changed. When he opened his e-mail and found the message, ?Meet me at three, Yr-office, Jackie." He read the message over and over, not believing that she had finally surfaced. After getting her message he was unable to concentrate on anything but her. His mind would not concentrate on his work and it sat on his desk, undone. He paced the floor, stopping once in a while to stare out the window, waiting for the moment when he could sign on and meet her in ?Yr-office".

He checked his watch constantly. The minutes ticked by ever so slowly. Finally at five minutes of three he sat behind his desk, switched on the computer and started to log on. Just as he entered his password, the intercom buzzed and the soft voice of his secretary announced, "Your 3:00 o'clock appointment is here sir".

Eric was irritated. He was afraid that he would be late getting on line. ?What if she doesn?t wait for me,? he thought. Oh God, if I don?t get on line and to our room, she will leave and I may never see her again,? he said to himself as he turned to the intercom.

"I don't have a 3:00 o'clock appointment," he roared in the speaker, "Who is it and what do they want," he demanded struggling to get on line. He clicked on the ?chat now? button and was starting to type in the chat room name ?yr office? where she would be waiting for him.

"She said that her name is Jackie and that she has a 3:00 o'clock appointment with you in your office sir? his secretary announced curtly, upset because she had not been informed of the appointment in advance. After all, it was her job to schedule appointments for her boss.

?It can?t be her,? he thought. ?How could she be here? She lives in Missouri,? he mused silently. ?It just can?t be her!? His entire body trembled at the thought of her being so close. It was more than he could comprehend. "Send her in," he said, his voice quivering with excitement. Within seconds there was a soft knock on the door, then it began to open. His eyes watched in anticipation as the door slowly opened.

He heart pounded. ?Oh God, please let it be her?, he muttered, hoping that it would really be her but knowing in his heart that the likelihood of her being in Orange County was remote at best.

He gasped as she entered the room, pausing momentarily in the doorway. His heart pounded in his chest as his eyes feasted on her long shapely legs encased in dark silk stockings. Stepping into the room, she closed and locked the door. She was wearing a navy jacket and skirt. Her jacket was open revealing a translucent blouse. Her sensuous lips were painted with a light red lipstick and her green eyes sparkled as she gracefully moved toward him.

"I?m Jackie!? she said as if to make certain that he knew it was she. ?Tell your secretary that you can't be disturbed," she commanded, her voice soft, yet firm. She had immediately taken control and he obeyed her like a small child would its parent. Her nylons made a swishing sound as she walked around the desk to where he was standing. She gently pushed him to his chair then moved between it and the desk. Using the desk for leverage, she pushed the chair backward to make more room. She sat on the edge of the desk with her feet still on the floor. Leaning backward, she braced herself with her arms then spread her legs slightly apart. The gesture forced the hem of her skirt to rise upward, exposing the dark bands of lace that adorned the tops of her sheer nylons. Slowly she sat upright and removed her jacket tossing it across the desk. She jutted her chest forward forcing her breasts against the translucent material of her blouse. She wasn?t wearing a bra and the globes of white flesh were plainly visible to his lustful gaze. A smile of satisfaction crossed her face. She liked the affect she was having on him. She moved her body again, the movement accentuating her firm round breasts. He could see the swollen nipples as the formed tiny tents in the soft silk.

She mesmerized him, just as she had done in their private chat room. His breathing was labored. The bulge in his pants strained against the fabric of his pants trying to free itself from its cloth prison. He wanted to reach out and touch her, kiss her, hold her but remained immobile, not sure what to do. She was in control and he didn?t dare make a move until she was ready. He just sat there feasting his eyes on her voluptuous body.

Her eyes held his as her delicate fingers slowly traced lines over her body. Every movement was slow and deliberate. Licking her lips, she softly caressed her nipples making them even more erect.

?God, you are beautiful!? Eric gasped as she slowly undid the buttons of her blouse. His eyes followed each movement of her fingers. Slowly each button gave way and the soft material parted. When the last button was undone she pushed the translucent material aside to expose her naked flesh to his lustful gaze.

His cock throbbed violently in his pants as he watched her lick her index finger then trace the damp digit over her taut strawberry nipples. He gasped for air while watching the deliciously obscene caresses. The sight of her magnificent breasts and the taut strawberry red nipples inflamed him.

Standing, she moved toward him, her legs straddling his. As she moved over him, she bunched her skirt around her waist. She wasn?t wearing panties and his eyes fixated on the dark curls framed by nylons and garter belt.

She lowered herself to his lap. Sliding her body forward she inched her body over his. He could feel the dampness of her sex and its heat radiating through his slacks. Her fingers caressed his face, neck and ears as she leaned forward. Her chest pressed against his as she planted a series of feathery light kisses on his lips. His stiff and throbbing cock pressed against his pants as if trying to force its way into her womanhood. She felt the throbbing and pressed her body over it, making it expand even more.

He was on fire. He wanted her and could not resist the temptation to cup her breasts in his hands. He felt the heat of her flesh as his fingers softly pinched and caressed her taut nipples. ?Mmmmmmm!? she moaned as he slowly caressed her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his lips to hers. The kiss was full and deep, her lips wet and hungry. She moaned again as his fingers stroked the creamy white skin of her ample breasts. Her fingers found the buttons on his shirt. With agonizing slowness, she undid each one. She pushed the material aside after each one and softly caressed his skin before moving to the next button. Finally she was at the last one. She unbuttoned it quickly then pushed the shirt from his body, leaning forward to kiss his chest in the process. Her hot breath teased his skin as she gently kissed and licked his chest. She paused at each of his tiny nipples and gently licked and sucked each one in turn.

He groaned in protest as she slid from his lap. Kneeling before him, she pushed his legs apart then moved between them. Her deft fingers found his zipper and started to pull it downward. She paused every inch or so to rake her long fingernails over his aching cock. He wildly thrust his hips upward then hastily helped her finish unzipping his pants. ?Ohhhh Shittt!? he groaned as she slid a delicate hand inside his shorts and grasped his turgid cock. His cock throbbed as she pulled him free, stroking his balls as she freed them from their cloth prison.

?Ohhhhhh Fuccckkk! Suck it!? Suck It, Ohhhh Yessssssssss, suck me,? he cried ecstatically as her hot lips moved over the swollen purple head of his cock. Opened her mouth wide, she slid it over the bulbous shaft, sending his throbbing manhood sliding over her tongue and down her throat. Her head bobbed up and down in a steady rhythm as her hot tongue explored every inch of him. One hand curled around the base while the other cupped his balls. She held him that way as her hot tongue licked and sucked every inch, stopping momentarily at the tiny slit to lick away droplets of fluid that oozed from it. Her hot flicking tongue aroused him beyond belief and his turgid cock throbbed and danced to her manipulations. Venus had never excited a man more.

?Noooooo!? he moaned as she let his cock plop from her mouth. Bending down, she untied his shoes and pulled them from his feet. Then grasping his pants by the cuffs, she tugged them down, dragging them over his hips and down his legs. He was now totally naked, sitting in his chair, his hard cock standing straight up, throbbing violently. Standing in front of him, she ceremoniously dropped his pants to the floor then inched her body forward to straddle him again.

Reaching down, she curled her fingers around his swollen cock then introduced it to her wet and swollen cunt. The friction of her moist flesh on his pulsing cockhead sent intense waves of delight surging through his body. He closed his eyes, giving himself to her. He cupped her ass, pulling her body tight against him as the purple tip of his cock slid between her soft petals of flesh. With a savage thrust upward, he buried himself deep inside her. His cock throbbed and threatened to explode at the feel of her intimate muscles gripping him. She held him firmly inside her as she raised her body slightly, then lowered herself again, repeating the movement several times, each one a little faster and more intense. The insistent friction of her pussy on his throbbing manhood conspired to send intense waves of pleasure shooting through his entire body.

He was totally out of control. He leaned backward in his chair, his body shuddering as he exploded, his helpless cock still clutched in her tight muscles. With each jolt of cum, she hungrily kissed his neck, ears, lips and eyes. Spurt after spurt flooded her body, draining back down his cock and balls to pool on the fabric of the chair.

She kissed him one last time then lifted her body from his lap. He sat helpless watching as she quickly dressed, covering her elegant body with the filmy white blouse and navy suit. She gave him a special show as she pulled her nylons in place and hooked them to the garter belt. Once dressed, she walked to him, bent forward and gave him one last kiss then moved quickly to the door. She opened it then paused for a moment to blow a kiss. Then she was gone.

He sat there dazed, his office seeming very empty. The only reminder of her was the wet pool of their fluids on the seat of the chair. Slowly he retrieved his clothing and dressed himself, his mind still in a state of shock over what had just transpired. He wished he could have kept her there, not letting her slip away. The thought of losing her again surged through his mind quickly bringing him back to reality. ?My God,? he muttered looking at his computer. He was logged on to the Internet and was in ?Yr Office.?

He looked again, his mind not believing what his eyes were seeing. There on the screen were the words they had just shared, evidence of their intense lovemaking, the sharing of their most intimate thoughts, every word, every detail.

Had she really been in his office or was his mind playing tricks. Was it after all, just a fantasy?


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