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Was it a Dream ?

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Was She a Dream?

I was driving home from a long working weekend. I was an hour from home when my cell phone rang. It was a buddy who asked if I could help a friend of his. My first thought on a Sunday night after four days of hard work were to hit the hay and sleep in Monday. He told me she was a hot lady looking for a little weed, knowing that I partake in Marijuana smoking he thought of me when his guest inquired. He put her on the phone and her voice was that of a woman who knew what she wanted. Her sultry voice piqued my interest; I said maybe I would come by her hotel. After I hung up the phone my 44 year old body was more tired than interested in an encounter with a married lady who craved a little smoke. I myself am married and had never been with another woman since I married my wife. I have not been completely faithful though, as I have a business friend who likes to suck cock and with a wife who does not, I?ve paid him a few visits now and then. As I drove closer to home I still was not stirring below. I had made up my mind to disappoint this lady. I was tired. As I approached my exit I kept going and in a few minutes I was on the hotel drive. My friend met me and told me this woman was hot and would do anything for a little smoke. I was finding this hard to believe as pot is not addicting, but this world is full of friends who help friends. You know what they say ?It?s not what you know, it?s who you know?

When we knocked on the door to her suite and when she answered my buddy left us alone. She was very sexy in a black mini skirt with a leather belt that did not support anything except imagination. Her face and legs were a milky white, her voice raspy and sexy. She showed me to a chair and offered a cold beer; it tasted so good after a 12 hour drive. I pulled out the smoke and my pipe and offered it to her. She was in heaven after a few tokes. She then told me about her sexuality and how she and her husband deal with it. She was asking me a lot of questions about my family and I certainly was forgetting about how incredibly sexy this woman was looking. I was getting tired and figured at least I helped a damsel in distress. As I got up to leave she approached me and put her hand on my crotch and commented that I was not leaving so soon. She said she had not thanked me yet. I told her none was needed and she started pouting and stood up and came over to me and gave me a very seductive hug and let her hand stray down my 501?s until she found my now growing member. She asked if she could suck my cock and with her hand rubbing it thru my jeans it was easy to say yes. As I unbuttoned my jeans she had look on her face that said she wanted this more than me (I doubted that). My cock was rapidly getting rigid and when she pulled at my boxer brief she was smiling and saying she was going to have fun. When I had my pants off her came over and pulled her top off revealing a beautiful set of natural breast not overly big, not at all small, but so natural. They were beautiful (my wife has fantastic tits, fake but fantastic). I found myself not taking my eyes of her breasts, until of course she took off her string patch covering her cunt. Just a little triangle that was glowing and shining and so inviting. She got on her knees and put my cock in her mouth and I was in heaven as these women knew how to suck cock. She twirled her tongue on my head the tried to swallow the whole thing and after getting 3/4th?s in her mouth she started to rotate around my cock turning her head back and forth. I was standing and in a trance. My 6and a half inch cock felt huge with her tongue on it. Her moans and groans around my cock only made my desire for him greater. I reached down to feel a tit and my hand found a hard nipple and a soft breast, my other hand found her very shapely ass (my wife has no ass a all, this was a treat). I reached over and felt her other nipple. I rubbed it between my finger and thumb until it was hot and hard. Her mouth is making love to my cock and I told her is the best head of my life and that I was no where near coming as it was way too much fun. She said she could suck my cock till the sun comes up. I put my hands on her ass cheeks again and the feel of her flesh had my cock throbbing, I took my other hand and grabbed her other cheek and just squeezed them they felt so good. Then I did what I do to my wife as I am fucking her doggie style and I started spanking her soft ass. She loved it and seems to have an orgasm while she was sucking my cock as I slapped her soft ass. She had her lips fully around my cock with a finger on her clit she was moaning real loud. When I stopped spanking her ass she got up and grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bed and begged me to feed my cock to her. I followed her to the bed and when she put her face down on the pillows she put her ass up in the air I knew where my cock was going. My cock slid in her and was met by her thrusting back to meet my cock. I was in ecstasy as I was fucking her. She became very vocal and was screaming for me to fuck her and keep fucking her. I was pounding her cunt and then I started spanking her ass again and she exploded all over my cock this caused me to slow way down as I never wanted this to end. When I slowed down she was screaming for my cock to fuck her harder. I told her I was going to fuck her into tomorrow and with that she grabbed my cock with her hand and turned over and pulled my cock into her wet cunt again. With her finger on her clit and my cock in her cunt she was going wild thrusting her cunt up to meet my cocks thrusting. It was too much for my body and I had the most explosive orgasm of my life. She also climaxed and was cumming all over my cock and I thought my cock would never stop cumming. With my still hard cock I pushed it back into her hot box and felt her so hot and wet that my 44 year old cock came back to life. We fucked in her bed for another 30 minutes before I shot another huge load of cum into her hot body. We collapsed on the bed and lay there for a few minutes. She asked if I could be her fuck toy when she was in town. (My pride was swelling). I thanked her and got up to put my clothes back on when she insisted I shower before I go home. In the shower she brought my limp dick back to life again and she swallowed my third load of cum in the past 2 hours. A record for me, I?m sure. As I left her room she made me promise to come and see her again. I told her she was fantastic and I can hardly wait to see her again. I went to the valet station and it was deserted, I saw my truck on the front drive. I went to get in and it was locked. I thought I would go back to her room and spend the night. I tried the valet cabinet and it was open, there were my keys. I left a tip and drove the five miles home. When I awoke Monday morning I was rock hard and was dreaming I was fucking this sexy woman in a hotel bedroom. What a dream.

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