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Walk on the Beach

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I would take you for a walk on the beach and have a few drinks watching the sun set. Holding hands as we walk through the surf barefoot. After we felt the tension building because of the occasional touching of ur bodies as we walked, i would take u off the beach into a safe quiet place where the wind blows thorough the tall grass for us to sit down on a blanket. As we moved close together I can feel the energy being released from your body. I can smell your perfume as I move closer. I begin by stroking your hair as we look into each other?s eyes. I offer to rub your back and shoulders and roll you over on your belly?.

I start rubbing and scratching your shoulders and move down our back stopping at the top of your pants. Occasionally (by accident - NOT) touching your ass. I can feel you tingle as I gently move my hand up and down your back stroking your hair. I would turn you over and slowly look into your eyes.

I see you looking at my lips. I slowly begin to kiss ur neck I feel your back begin to arch. I slowly move to ur lips and we kiss passionately. AS i look down at your breasts I see your nipples getting hard. I work my way down your neck to your cleavage and begin to un button your blouse. I gently kiss your breast and nibble on your nipples through your bra. I feel your body quiver and I unbutton your front button bra. I gently push your tits together and squeeze ur nipples between my fingers?.

I gently bite your nipples pushing my face between your tits. Sucking on your nipples until it slightly hurts. I then move down your belly stopping at your navel kissing and sucking it as I continue to squeeze your nipples between my fingers. I then climb up on top of you and press my hard throbbing cock against your clit. as you begin to spread your legs and I feel your pussy twitch?.

We start kissing again as a start grinding my cock against you. I then take your arms over your head and hold you down as I thrust harder and harder rubbing my cock against you pussy. You feel my hard cock against you, I feel your body tighten up and you have a small organism. Your scent is now in the air. I can smell your wet pussy and it makes my dick even harder?.

I roll off to your side sucking on your tits as I began to rub you pussy over your jeans, I gently spread your legs apart. I can feel you swollen clits through your jeans and the heat coming off them. As I rub you and suck on your tits I feel your back begin to arch and you start moaning. Your pussy gets hotter and wetter. I can feel your jeans getting wet. I take my fingers and sniff and lick them. I can now taste your essence. I can?t wait to go down on you?..

I slide down to your belly kissing and licking all the way down. I start on buttoning your jeans and un zip them. I see your pink lacy panties. I kneel down between your legs slowly pull your pants off. I can now see a big wet spot on your panties and the scent of your pussy fills the air. I stand up in front of you and take off my shirt and pants standing before you in my underwear with my cock fighting to get out. I can feel it throbbing as it is full of blood. It senses what is cuming next and is begging to be released?.

I take your pants and tie up your arms over your head around a small tree. As a move back down your body I brush my cock across your face while still in my underwear. I stop for a moment over your mouth as u begin to nibble on it. I can feel the wet spot as I too have cumed a little bit. You start sucking on the wet spot to taste me. You feel my cock throbbing, u r wanting to grab it and stick it in your mouth but your hands a tied?

I move down once again to your breasts sucking and biting your nipples as I rub your pussy with your panties on, I can feel your pussy getting wetter as I push your panties into you. I then pull your panties aside inserting one finger, then two, then three. U begin to moan with ecstasy I can feel you cum all over my fingers. I pull them out rub them on your tits and stick them in your mouth and watch you lick ur cum off them. I slide back up to ur tits and suck your cum off your nipples moving slowly up to your lips where we swap you juices back and forth?

I work my way down your body lick and kissing until I reach your pussy. At this point your cum is dripping from your pussy. I begin to lick it up moving my tongue all around your clit. I spread your legs far apart and slide my tongue into your pussy. I have a very long tongue it allows me to get deep inside and taste ur cum as it oozes from within. This is one of my favorite things to do to you. As I continue to lick and suck on ur pussy I glance up at ur eyes as they are looking at me with a little wink I watch ur eyes roll back into your head, your back arches, your fingers grab on tight to the pants restraining them. U start to moan and then ur pussy seems to swell until you explode all over my face. I can?t lick it up fast enough. It is thick and white, a deep organism. I can feel ur pussy squirt over and over. I pick my head up and you look down it is speared all over my face, driping from my facial hair?

I slide up to your face and we kiss again I watch you lick your cum from my face are tongues are inter twined in a sexual embrace has my throbbing cock rest on your belly. I slide up a little more and start taping your face with my cock teasing your lips and toungue. I start to slap your facve with my cock and then gentle push it into your mouth. Inch by inch until you take it all. I can hear you gag a bit but then I feel your throat open up. I start fuck your face slapping my balls against you chin. I start to twitch and my ass hardens as my load works its way to the head of my cock. It is going to be a big one. I can fill a double shot glass on most occasions. You will not be able to handle it all?

I untie ur hands and you start milking my cock with both hands in to ur mouth. I am squeezing ur tits and pulling ur nipples so fucking hard they are so swelled with blood they a a bright red and hard as a my cock. My body begins to shake in convulsions as my load begins to squirt out into ur mouth. U start to gag and pull my cock out of ur mouth I grab your head and force my cock down ur throat you try to swallow it all but u can?t I pull out of ur mouth and release the rest all over your face and blow it on your tits. U start rubbing it all over your face and tits and lick it off your hands scooping it up and pouring into your mouth. I then slam my cock back into your mouth thrusting even harder has I cum again. As I pull out again my cum is dripping from my cock cover ur eyes. Then I climb over you and lay on top of you with ur bodies pressed against each other my cum is still hot and sticky as we rub ur chest together. Then?

I force ur legs apart with my knees and my cock is throbbing. I can feel it beating it hurts it is so filled with blood waiting to explode inside you. I start to rub my cock against your pussy teasing you. You cant take it any longer and beg me to enter you?

As I push the head of my cock in and out of your pussy I can feel ur begin to get wetter, if that is possible. A little at a time I push it into you. Pulling out and in over and over, I can tell you?re tight. You have not had a cock as large as mine before. I as begin to enter you I can see in your eyes the anticipation. I feel your pussy fighting back as I push my cock in. it is too big. I see it in your eyes, the slight pain. I force your legs apart one more time pull out and then SLAM it in. your mouth opens wide and a scream works its way out. I am IN! finally. Not all the way in yet, One more big push and ?.

I am in! I see the delightful pain in your eyes and I begin to thrust in and out slow at first as I watch your stomach rise and fall with each thrust. As I begin to go faster and faster your body starts to slide up as I push you entire body up against a log. Finally u cant move any longer. Now I can truly go deep inside. As I go side to side I can see my cock moving in your belly. I pull out, my cock is covered with your cum, it is stuck all over my balls. I go down one more time and lick and suck you?re cum into my mouth, holding in my mouth for what cums next?

I move up to ur face gazing into your eyes. I slam my cock into your pussy one more time as you open your mouth in pain I drip ur juice into your mouth and we kiss as I continue to thrust my cock in and out. Pounding faster and faster swirling around like a top digging deep into your pussy hitting your G-spot with vengeance. Has I go in deep I can feel your inside pressing against the head of my cock. I hold this position pressing against I can feel your pussy pulsate as we kiss and I pull your nipples?

I continue to fuck you harder and harder spreading your legs and pushing them up to your chest over your head. Now every part of you is mine. I as pound you (by accident ? NOT) my cock slips out and slams into your ass. You scream and fight it but I hold you down and keep in it. I stop so you can get your breathe. I start rubbing your clit with my fingers and spreading it open so your cum wil drip out of your pussy and down to your ass. This will make it easier as I begin to move again. Slowly in and out watching your cum smear all over my shaft. Pushing it into your ass inch by inch. the wetter my shaft gets the faster and harder I fuck your tight little ass?.

I can tell by the look in ur eyes I have caused enough damage, so I pull out. I can see my premature ejaculation dripping from your ass. I wipe my cock off clean before I enter u again. I want ot eat that pussy more. I go back down on u and suck on ur clit I enjoy watching ur eyes and making your body twitch. You cant take it any longer and beg for my cock. I roll you over and prop your ass up in the air over the log that kept you from getting away before. I cover it with the blanket so it is soft on your belly. I spread your legs and slowly slide my cock into your pussy. As I grab your hair pulling your head back like rains on a horse I FUCK THE HELL OUT OF YOU! Spread your ass apart spitting on my shaft as I watch my cock go in and out. I slide a few fingers in your ass while I pump u full of cock?

At this point I am sweating like a horse It begins to drip from my face all over your back and run down to your neck. I am ready to explode. I roll you over again and enter you slowly as we stare into each others eyes. The sweet again falls from my face dripping on your tits. I start moving faster and faster as I grab your shoulders hold u tight against my cock. You reach around and grab my ass. And the battle begins. Who will make who cum first. As we continue I see it in your eyes you are going to explode again. Your nipples hardend, ur back arches, ur mouth gets dry, your pussy is so wet my cock is sliding in and out with ease. I can tell your ready to blow. I want ot cum together so I start to pound harder and harder working up a load like a volcano. I can feel it building, My balls start to swell my shaft thickens my ass tightens as your grab my ass and I am grabbing ur ass. I begin to feel you cum your pussy is getting wetter It is my turn to explode. I can feel my cum travel down my cock and shoot out like a fire hose. We are kissing and holding each other?s ass as ur cum mixes in your pussy. There is so much cum it is dripping out of your pussy. My eyes roll back into my head and my body convulses and every drop of my cum empty?s from my balls into your pusssy!

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