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Waking Up

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As I start to wake up, trying to move my arms, I find myself unable to. I turn my head to look but my eyes are not yet focused. I reach with my fingers to my wrists to find they are tied with silk scarves. Trying to move sideways I find my legs are also tied to the bedposts. Lifting my head alittle and looking around to see where you are. I don?t see you in the room but I hear you out in the kitchen. Just as I am about to yell for you, you come walking back in. All I can see is the smile on your face and the twinkle in your eyes.

Walking over to the bed you bend down and kiss me, whispering to me to relax and enjoy it. Then you walk back out chuckling to yourself. I fidget and squirm around abit trying to get the ties lose, but it doesn?t work. Giving up I lay back and run through my mind what you could be up to. I can think of so many things that it would drive me to the edge without your even touching me. I can feel the wetness growing between my legs already with the anticipation of what is to come next.

As I hear your footsteps coming back I lift my head again. Your carrying a tray with several things on it that I can?t quite make out. Sitting down at the end of the bed you start slowing stroking my feet and calves, working your way slowly up to my thigh, then stopping. Reaching to the dresser you take something from the tray. It?s a bottle of my favorite cherry body oil. Pouring some in your hands, rubbing them together and then working your hands back up my feet, calves and thighs...making sure just to let your fingers brush against my soaked pussy. As I begin moaning with the delite of your touch.

Moving from the end of the bed to the side you do the same with my arms, hands, and breasts. I hear myself moaning louder as your fingers circle my nipples, tracing each one slowly making them ridgidly erect. Slowly you work your way down my chest to my belly where you stop and rub slower. My hips arching up trying to urge your hands lower. With a gentle touch you push them back to the bed and stand again. Winking at me as you turn to the dresser again, turning back around with an ice cube in your mouth. Throwing my head back and almost screaming at the thought of what you could do with it. Lowering yourself down between my legs, you tease my clit with the tip of your frozen tounge. My whole body starts to shake as I feel your mouth then the ice cube slide up inside of me. Gasping for air at the shock of the coldness.

Working your tounge in behind it driving them both as deep as you can. Moans are turning to screams of pleasure as you keep fucking me with the ice and your tounge. Thrusting and grinding my pussy on your face, rubbing my clit against your nose. My back arching as I start to shake, pushing harder onto your tounge. Feeling you suck and lick for every drop of my nectar. Justing lifting your head far enough to see the look on my face, you reach back and pull something under my leg.

I hear a buzz and immediately know that you have found my toys ! Sliding the vibrator in slowly. Taking your time as you watch me wiggle and squirm.Slowly your sliding it in and out taking it deeper everytime,I beg for you to suck my nipples. Smiling, you slide to where you are within prefect reach and you never missed a stroke.Sucking one at a time into your mouth nipping and teasing them until they are so hard they trob. Bending down and kissing me gentlely. Letting your tounge tease my lips before sliding it deep in my mouth. I feel the urgency starting to build in your kiss. Letting my tounge wrap itself around yours, sucking it in, tasting myself on you. Mmmmm I savor the flavors of us together.You stop moving the vibrator, and break our kiss. Moving back to where you were sitting on the bed you start to fuck me with the vibrator only a bit harder and faster this time.

I can feel your other hand rubbing my thigh and ass cheek. Slipping your finger towards my ass. Slowly you circle it before pushing it gentlely in alittle at a time. Raising my hips alittle to give you better access and allowing the vibrator deeper too. You work your finger deeper slowly as you feel me start to loosen up. Then sliding another finger in. Stroking the vibrator and your fingers at the sametime, telling me how hot it is making you to see me like this. I can see your hard cock pulsing as you sit there. I offer to give you some help but am told no that you want to wait. Moving both hands faster now as you feel my pussy start to clamp down, and then hear my scream as I shake, and tremble. You keep going as though I had never even cum, keeping the pleasure rippling through my body likes waves crashing down on the shore. Moaning and begging you to fuck with your beautiful cock all in one breath. Laughing you ask me if I think that I?m ready now ? I raise my head and look you in the eyes and scream at you "YES " ! Throwing you head back laughing even harder now, then looking at me.

Throwing your leg over and straddling me, running your hands up and down my sides, letting your fingers tweak and roll my nipples. I can see your eyes turn to fire as I wiggle under you. Teasing me at first, rubbing just the head across my pussy, then sliding it in just a bit and pulling out. Each time you do this you drive alittle deeper, making sure not to push yourself all the way too soon. I arch my back, pushing my hips up to meet your thrusts, grinding them against you. I hear your breathing grow heavier, as your strokes go a bit deeper. I look up and ask you to untie my hands, without answering you untie one leaving the other tied. Reaching up with my hand I tweak your nipple then reach behind you. I slide my hand around my thigh to find your soft sexy balls. I take them in my hand, as I do I hear your deep throated moan. Rolling them a bit in my hand, even giving them alittle squeeze. I know this drives you crazy. I bring my hand back to my face, seeing all the glistening juices running over them I suck one at time into my mouth. Reaching back around again, I slide my fingers down far enough to get them good and wet.

I have never done this to you before, but I slide my hand back up towards your ass. Your moaning loud again, slamming yourself deep inside of me. I slide my finger in and circle your tight little ass, then tease with a small push. You don?t fight me, so I slowly slide it in. I work my finger in, and feel you tighten around it. Your slamming your cock in to me harder now, I push my finger alittle deeper. Your starting to shake as you move faster, slamming harder, driving yourself as deep as you can inside of me. Grinding against you as we move furiously, my finger sliding in and out faster now too ! Your ass tightens around my finger as you start to cum, I can see the look in your eyes as I feel your hot cum splash over my insides. My body starts to stiffen and my pussy clamps down on your as I pour my cum over your softening cock. Laying your body against mine I can feel your heart racing, as I know you can hear mine. I wiggle a bit, the intensity of the orgasm has waves raging through me. I close my eyes, letting the feel and smell of our lust linger in my mind. I feel your roll off, but don?t feel you untie me. Laying close to me again with your head on my shoulder, touching my face with you hand. I feel my legs move as I slide them closer to you, tucking myself against you tightly. Bending my head down, placing a soft kiss on your forehead, then brushing the hair from your eyes. Taking hold of my hand,pulling it our lips and kissing it, a small laugh escapes your lips as you tell this was suppose to have lasted all day. I giggle at you as I remind you that the day isn?t over yet and I?m not going anywhere !! As I can already start to feel the beginnings of another round coming on.

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