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WIfe and I in the shower

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It started off like any other morning with the clock radio shocking me awake, extending my arm to turn it off, rolling over to kiss my wife Jean and then slowly sliding out of bed to start the day. I continued the exciting morning ritual with a broad yawn as I relived myself before turning the shower on, brushing my teeth, and finally shaving in front of the sink.

As stepped into the shower the warm water pummeled my still groggy body and started to awaken. Jean’s voiced then startled me as she strode into the bathroom requesting me to turn on her shower. I watched her through the now fogging up glass. Even after 7 years of marriage I still enjoy watching her undress and this morning was certainly no exception. As she pulled her pajama top off over her head the fabric quickly released her large breast with a slight jiggle. As my eyes took her in, I noticed that her nipples hardened from the cool night air that was still present in the bathroom. She quickly removed her bottoms tossing them aside. I noticed how her dark pubes stood out boldly against her creamy skin and the smooth transition of her curves from her waste to her hips to her cute bum and to her thighs.

I felt my pulse quicken as she reached for the shower door and stepped in. She greeted my with that wonderful smile of hers, a twinkle in her eyes and soft kiss to the lips. She turned to brush her teeth and I just watched her every move. How her petite hands grasped her toothbrush and how her body danced as she performed this wonderfully trivial task. As she rinsed her toothbrush and placed it back on the shelf she gushed “I love how that toothpaste makes my mouth feel!” She continued her morning routine by reaching for her shampoo. By now I could start to feel the excitement in body build and the adrenaline start to flow. She placed a large dollop of shampoo in those tiny little hands and lifted them up to run through her hair. My heart started to pound. I watched as her hands ravish her hair, sending suds streaming down to her shoulders and cascade slowly down over her large breasts before slithering down over her narrow waste, over her shapely hips, before continuing the journey down over those wonderfully firm thighs. I could feel the blood filling my now swelling cock. My breath quickened as my eyes attempted to take in this glorious show. By the time Jean arched her back and thrust her luscious breast forward to rinse her hair, I was fully erect and throbbing.

Wild thoughts danced through my head simultaneously. I imagined pulling her towards me, reaching down, grabbing the fullness of her ass cheeks, lifting her up in the air and placing her down on my hardness, fully entering her instantly. I saw my self turning her around placing her hands against the wall, moving her hips back with my hands, before taking her from behind while cupping her tits. I could taste her sweetness as envisioned kneeling down and burring my face in her pubes, my tongue lashing out to taste the moistness of her lips and to linger over her clit. I could feel the firmness of her tits as I squeezed them making her hard nipples more prominent before I wrapped my lips around their fullness. The adrenaline and testosterone pumped through my body even faster now. She stopped. I throbbed.

She looked down at the hardness of my cock and said “oh my …”

I told her that I had been watching her and could not help myself. From her sly smile, she seemed to enjoy the effect she had on me.

She reached down and placed a one of those delicate little hands around my hard shaft. Tingles ran hot through my body like a thunderbolt on hot steamy summer night. My knees got week as I momentarily lost control of all muscle control. She smiled. Her eyes moved up and gazed into my own. I could feel the passion. She then bent over and took my cock into her mouth. The tingles returned but more intense than before. I had to steady myself against the walls as I felt her tongue flicker around over the head of my cock which joyfully remained inside of her mouth. The vision of her bent over me added to my sensory overload. It was all I could do to keep my eyes open. I could feel my cock pulse and pre-orgasm pressure build. She stopped.

As she stood to look in to my eyes again she had a wicked smile. As I watched her lips move I could barely comprehend what she was saying. She simply asked if I enjoyed that. I think I nodded and smiled, but I’m not certain, I was still flooded with excitement, and could barley control myself.

She looked at me with a devilish look and asked me, “Are you looking for more?”

I could barely gather my thoughts. I wondered, “Who was this woman who could still make me feel this way after all of these years?” I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. It was just like the first time we made love, the newness of exploring, the site of her naked body, the feel of her skin, and taste of her flesh. Again, I am not certain as to what I said. Maybe it was a nod or a simple replay of “of coarse”. All that I remember was her bending over again to take me in again.

This time she took a firm grip of my shaft as her lips wrapped around the head of my cock. I could feel the hormone well up inside and my heart pound even harder. This time I could not keep my eyes open , I could feel them roll back as pleasure enveloped my body.

After Jean stopped the second time, the wild thoughts returned with a vengeance to race through my mind at such rapid succession that I became paralyzed. I part of me knew that I needed to get out of the shower. All of me wanted to stay in the shower with the petite little bombshell that I call my wife. She recognized my dilemma, undoubtedly because of the ‘deer in the headlight’ look on my face. She once again offered more of herself.

This time she reached down and wrapped her tiny little hands around my swollen cock and began to stroke. Her firm grip caused the skin of my shaft to slide up and cover the bulging head of my cock before the down stroke tighten the skin causing unbelievable tingles to run though my body. When she softened her grip her fingers would rub the underside of my head causing excruciating pleasure. I was able to look down and watch her forearms slide against her wet breast, causing them to rise and fall with each stroke. I noticed how her areolas had tightened up causing miniature mountains at the base of her now hard nipples. As she drew me neared her bouncing boobs touched my chest. I felt the pressures of the impending orgasm build quickly. My breath shortened. My scrotum pulled tight. Her grip tightened and her rhythm slowed. My cock jerked hard. Again and again it jerked as my cum shot out over hand and belly. She looked down to watch.

I started to breathe again and she playfully stroked and squeezed my cock sending shocks through my body that made my knees buckle. Jean enjoyed doing this to me, I think she enjoys the power to control my entire body though a gentle squeeze. I would have to say I enjoy it as well, having this beautiful woman share her most intimate actions with me time and time again.

I could have stayed in the shower the rest of the day, but the rest of life soon interrupted us. I kissed her and thanked her and left the shower. I fantasize about her and me in the shower many times through out the day and it always brings a smile to my face and tingle in my body.

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