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Friday afternoon, and almost off duty. Only one warrant to serve until the day is over being un-eventful. You find yourself looking for a felon wanted for a ?felony drug charge?. You continue to drive your patrol car to the location where the suspect is alleged to be located. The information states he is currently working in a large warehouse in the Dallas area. You arrive at the location, and proceed to tell the receptionist that you are with the local police department and looking to speak with someone in the Human Resources Department.

Mean while, my day has been rather un-eventful as well. Tired of the every day and still dealing with work issues. I receive a call from my receptionist advising me, of the presence of a uniformed police officer looking for some information. I advise her to tell the officer I will be right up to help him. ?Mmmmm I wonder if he is good looking? I ask myself, hoping for something short of a miracle to somewhat make my day a little more exciting. I stand from my desk and arrange my business suit, which consists of a pair of heels, a short business skirt, a tank top underneath professionally covered by a business jacket, yet still leaving an inviting cleavage view. My hair is up tastefully for my office environment, until I decide to let it down and have my long hair go down my shoulders. ?In case he?s fine looking? I say to my self silently.

I walk out to the front desk area not knowing what to expect. I see you at the front waiting for me ?HR?. This is the first time I have met you. One look at you and the first thought in my head is ?mmmm,mmmmm? I?d like to have this officer for lunch?. I introduce myself , and notice that the attraction is mutual, more of a lust instinct between us, yet still playing by the rules of society of being completely professional on what we are trying to achieve. I ask you to follow me to my office. As we walk down the hall, I can almost hear your thoughts, saying ?I wonder if she is wearing any panties, mmm I bet I could make her wet?. I?m sitting across from you now, with the paperwork on my desk. You proceed to tell me you are here to pick up one of my employees on a warrant, and would like to know if he is here. Not really paying attention to what you are saying I fall into my mind wondering all the things I could do to you if you would only let me. With that thought on my head, and not realizing, I slowly move my hand under my desk. I look at you, thinking ?He looks fine in that uniform of his, however; it would look better in a pile next to my desk? I find my hand rubbing on myself under my desk. The conversation proceeds about something, still not really paying attention. I slide my hand a little further under my skirt, and rubbing softly on my clit while I talk to you. My legs are slightly spread apart so I can rub myself with out giving it away.

You proceed to show me the file on the suspect you are looking for. ?Ma?am I have a picture of the suspect; I need you to tell me if you recognize this individual? As you lean forward to hand me the picture, somehow you loose your grip and it falls to the floor. You pick up the picture, but while doing so you can?t help but to look under my desk and take a look at me. You can see my legs slightly spread, and me rubbing ever so softly on my clit. You want to stare but your professionalism prevents you from doing so. After retrieving the photograph, I realize what you just saw. I wait for your comment or reaction. The room is filled with sexual tension now. Now that I realize that you know what I was doing, gets me hotter. You figure out a way to get closer to me, and catch my scent.

?Ma?am please take a look at this file and tell me if you have any of this information.? You stand from your chair, across my desk. I can slightly see that you were getting excited watching me under my desk. You come up straight behind me to hand me the file for me to look at. You are standing to my side, and slightly to my back. If I could just get closer I could slightly brush your cock with my arm. You lean down to explain something to me, your mouth close to my neck. Just to hear you talk gets me so hot. As you stand beside me going over the information, you notice again I have my hand under my skirt, discreetly under my desk still. You try to concentrate on the information on the file and on your job but you finally find yourself staring at me just caressing my pussy. You can see that by the way I slide my finger on my clit that I am already wet. On purpose I lean against you with my shoulder to notice you are getting excited. This excites me even more.

At this point you have said nothing about me rubbing on myself. You ask me to look something up on the web for my information. On purpose I can?t find it. You move from my side to stand right behind me as I still sit on my desk. You reach from behind me and grab the mouse of my computer to show me the information. You are so close to me now, and now I know that I have made you sexually excited.

I grab your hand from the mouse and softly place it under my skirt. You try not to, but a part of you wants to. ?It?s cool ?Sir?? I whisper to you while you are close to me. Still leaning from behind me to use the computer you proceed to touch me. You realize that I have no panties on under my business skirt. I hear you sigh, and slowly you move your hand to spread my legs slightly more apart. You glance at the door, ?It?s locked? I say to you. With that said, I can feel your warm finger rub softly on my clit, getting me so hot. I follow, and place my hand on my clit as well. With my other hand I lift my skirt to reveal my shaved wet pussy to you. ?mmm nice? you say.

With your hand under mine, I motion for you to touch me. ?Spread your legs slightly baby? you whisper to me. I am so wet, by you finally touching me. You rub on my clit feeling how wet my pussy is, and your finger slides with ease, making me wetter and wetter. ?Do you like that?? you ask me. ?Ohhh yesss baby? I reply. You do it so well, I love the feeling of you behind me and touching my pussy. You like looking at it while you finger it I can tell. I begin to sigh deeply now. Slowly rubbing myself against your fingers. I begin to moan in pleasure. You are doing it soooo good to me, just feeling your fingers rubbing my pussy making it silky and wet. You are getting pleasure from touching me, you got me so hot I can?t take it anymore. ?I want you to cum for me baby? you say to me. I?m so hot, I can?t answer, I just feel you rubbing faster at me. I finally groan in pleasure grab your hand and press it against my pussy as I have a very intense orgasm.

I grab your hand and begin to lick your finger hungrily. You come up to my side now, I turn from my chair still sitting to face you now. I lick your finger softly, hungrily, sucking it slightly, and licking around the top. With my other hand I reach up to grab your cock. Mmmmmm so hard. I rub you with my hand, just to see if you will stop me from going further.

You don?t.

?What do you want?? you ask me ?I want to taste you Sir? I reply You proceed unzipping your uniform to reveal that wonderful bulging cock to me. I see it,,,,,,, so hard and erect. I get off of my chair and move it aside. As you watch me I get on my knees. I begin by grabbing your cock in my hand and feeling it hard for the first time. I lick you from the bottom, starting with your balls, licking them softly, and caressing your cock with my hand at the same time. I move my tongue up your shaft, licking it. Tasting everything you have to offer. I stop at the tip of your cock. I slightly suck on just the head, mmmm licking it, softly. Sucking it slightly into my mouth. Pulling it out to lick around the tip of your cock, making it wet. You are still watching me do this, I glance up at you to find you still watching me licking your cock. Looking at you, I swallow you whole. Mmmmmmmmmm all the way into my warm mouth. You can feel the back of my throat on the tip of your cock. I suck you hungrily. In and out, in and out. By this time I can feel you grabbing my head motioning me not to stop. ?Yesss baby, you suck it so good? you say to me. Hearing you stating you are enjoying my mouth I continue to suck you. Opening my mouth to take you all the way in my mouth, and sucking slightly on the way out. Squeezing your cock slightly with my mouth. I suck you faster, harder, faster. I can feel you now that all that matters is your sexual pleasure. ?Suck it baby? you say. I lick you around the top of your cock once more, only sucking the tip of your cock slightly, making you feel good, only to swallow you once more, you moan in pleasure once more, I suck you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, in and out, in and out, faster and faster, I can feel the blood rushing inside your cock making you so hard for my mouth. ?Don?t stop? you say. Sucking you faster now, caressing your balls with my hand, harder, faster, harder and faster. I finally feel you explode inside my mouth. I drink all of you, and finish by licking you softly, to make sure I have tasted all.

You make me stand up. Move every item I have on my desk aside with one sweep. Including the warrant and report which brought us together. Not saying anything you bend me over my desk, and lift my skirt to reveal my panty-less ass. ?mmm nice baby? you say to me. You place one hand on my shoulder, and with the other you proceed to rub your cock on my wet pussy. I want you so bad, I think to myself. You place your cock inside me. Mmmmmm I?m overwhelmed with ecstasy now. I can feel you fucking me from behind, you are so hard. There are no words to describe the pleasure I feel from you. ?You like that?? you ask me.

?Yesss please don?t stop? I reply to you.

You place both hands on my hips now, I can feel you pulling me against you harder and harder, with a sexual animalistic instinct. I feel myself getting drunk from the pleasure you are giving me. I love the way you are fucking me, hard and fast, mmmmmmmmmmmm. You stop???.

Get me up and turn me around, with nothing said you pick me up by my waist and sit me on my desk. ?I want to look at your pussy once more? you say to me. I am now laying down on my desk with nothing facing you but my wet pussy. You touch it ever so slightly, making me hot once more. Stopping for a second,,,,,,,, I feel your warm tongue between my legs. My God, I melt in pleasure with the touch of your mouth. You lick me softly, it feels so good it doesn?t take me long to come close to orgasm. I begin to moan, and feel you licking me faster now, the sheer feeling of your tongue against my clit drives me over the edge. I explode in ecstasy and cum once more. With my legs shaking from the sheer pleasure I have just received, I feel you hold my legs as you stand before me now. I can feel you holding my legs spread as I feel you enter inside of me once more. The pleasure is overwhelming and I want to let out a loud sexual moan. You grab me by my thigs and proceed to fuck me and get some pleasure. Feeling restricted you decide to finally take off your gun belt. You do so, in about 5 seconds, only to penetrate me once more. Ohhhh God the feeling of your cock inside me is so intoxicating. I feel you grabbing my thighs fucking me faster and faster. Your pleasure is so intense, you feel almost drugged, the pleasure I provide for you is what?s making you high. Faster, harder, faster, harder.

?I?m going to cum baby? you say to me. I feel you explode all over my chest and breasts, sooo warm and inviting. You look at me and smile. I do the same. You adjust your uniform and put your gun belt back on, I get dressed, and arrange my business suit. And strangely, with no ackwardness we get right back to business to discuss the warrant you are here to serve. I call the employee into my office. Via ?radio, you tell your partner who?s been waiting outside to come inside and place the suspect in the back of the car. Your partner arrives, arrests the suspect and takes him out side to the back of the car. ?Thanks for all your help ma?am? you say. ?Any time Sir? I reply. I walk you out to the reception area, and just before you walk out my door, I hand you my business card with my personal information. You thank me once more, and walk out my door. I watch this fine officer walk to his car through my window. You sit in your cruiser for a second, to think over things, and you decide to glance at the card I gave you. I turn to look out side my window once more to see you. You flip the card over, and realize that I have written on the back ? Thank you Sir, ? Monday, 6:00 p.m. /Warrant follow up/ Case # 69. You finish reading the card, and I can see you just shaking your head with a smile????????????????????. (Thinking of the next warrant follow up)

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