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Visit to the Doctors pt 2

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After my first surprising visit to give my sperm sample at the doctors, I had to go back a few days later for results. I was called in late evening and was clearly the last appointment of the day. She was sitting behind the desk in her familiar white coat and professional blouse and skirt, but there was something different. Her hair had been cut and styled and she had more make up on that on the times I had seen her before. There was an air of antiscipation about this appointment.

She got up and sat on the edge of her desk close to me as she began to tell me very matter of factly the results of the test, which were all ok. She then started to give me advise about dressing in boxers to keep the chances of conceiving high etc.. I got the feeling all of a sudden that our little session was a one off, then out of the blue she walked into the examination room we had been in before, leaving me sitting in the chair. She was still talking and providing me with advice. Then she went quiet and asked me to come in. I got up and walked into the room. She was standing there wearing Black stockings and suspender with a tiny pair of black lacy panties, with no bra., with her white coat still on. She walked over in her heels and took my hand and placed in on her pert little breast. I started to run my fingers over her erect nipples and massage it, she let out a little moan as I did. Her hands went straight to my crotch, running over the front of my pants, feeling my ever hardening cock thru them. She then deftly undid my belt and buttons and they fell around my feet. She then dragged my boxers over my stiff member. I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of the pants and under wear and we bot kissed passionately. Her hands went straight to my cock feeling every inch and squeezing me tight. She squatted in front of me and took the head of my cock into her mouth. her gaze never leaving mine as she sucked and licked all over the bulbus red tip. Both her hands were gripping the shaft pulling back on me hard as she sucked. Fuck she was making me harder than I had been in years. This time I wanted to fuck her hard. I pulled her to her feet and turned her around.

"Use these" she pointed to condoms on the side.

I ripped open the pack and rolled it down my cock, as she was bent over the examination bed. I gave her little tight brown ass a playful little spank,. on both cheeks.

"harder" she responded.

I spanked her cheeks a little harder till them had a rosy glow, she really seemed to love and begged me to spank her again. I then took my cock and ran the head down her wet slit pushing and holding her down on the bed and then pushed the entire length righ into her hard. She bucked and screamed out but I felt her push back.

" Oh please fuck me hard "

I grabbed her hips and rammed into her hard as I could

" Oh yes" she cried out

With each stroke into her I speeded up and gripped her hard as could. I felt her cry out that she was cumming a number of times, She also asked me to spank her hard as I ploughed into her which I duly did. It was all fast and furious fucking and as I felt myself cumming I pulled out of her ripped off the condom and she turned around and took every drop I had to offer in her mouth and swallowed it all licking my cock clean of cum.

My cock however stayed hard, which didnt take her long to notice and she stood up and smiled.

" Will you fuck my ass?" she said in a little soft voice. Fuck this was horny She handed me a tube of lubricant and I rolled on another condom smothering my cock with the lub and pushing a lub covered finger into her tight little asshole, then a second and a third. I could see her gripping the edge of the bed hard as I pushed the head of my cock just inside her before carefully driving it in further.

" Oh fuck yes" she creid out, "Get it all in me, I want your cock all in me"

I pushed it all the way in.

" fuck me hard" she begged me I plunged into her hard and fast her asshole tight round my shaft felt great and within a couple of strokes she was announcing she was cumming again.

After only another minute of fucking this beautiful ass, and having her screaming for more I was once again ready to shoot my load. I pulled out of her yanked te rubber off, shooting over her open red asshole, and watching it drip onto her wet cunt.

We fucked again that evening before I left ironically draining me of any cum. I cant wait for my next appointment.

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