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Visit from neghbor keeps wife entertained

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My name is Tonya and I?m married to Jon. We have a good sex life and we are pretty open for fun. We have done some wild stuff but it was just the two of us. I'm 5 7" 128# with 38c. and im 36. We have a neighbor name Matt... and he in his mid 20's. He came over to visit and borrow stuff all the time. Now I do dress to look good and he has seen me in short shorts and bikini and mini's. Now me and my husband know he is turn on by me and I've tease him a few time. My husband tell's me that it's not nice to do... but we both laugh it off. Then one day I was tease Jon and I had on a mini skirt and a low cut top... with nothing under. So I was bounce titt's and show lots of leg. We were drinking some and have fun. In the middle of our horse play the door bell rang... Jim went to answer and it was Matt. So Jon invited him in and gave him a drink. So we small talk some and drank more. Now Matt kept his eye on me as I walk and bounce. I was still feeling horny from tease Jon and enjoy his stare. After a bit Matt went to use the bathroom and while he was gone Jon came over and told me I was being really bad today. I told him it was his fault for inviting him in during our play time. That's when Jon reach out and grab my nipple threw my top and said as hard as these are poking out I would say your pretty horny. I look down and they really did show threw my top. Then Jon unbutton a couple of button on my top and reach in and started to play with my titts. Now they are pretty well ready to fall out of my top. I told him to stop and pull his hand out... telling him Matt will be out soon. I started to button up and Jon said not to. I laugh and told him they might fall out and he said Matt would love that. So I said okay I'll leave them unbutton and sat down and waited . Sure enough Matt notice and his eye's where pop out. A few minute later Jon went to the bathroom. Then my cell phone rang. I answer it and it was Jon calling me from the bathroom. He told me to act as if I was talking to my gf. So I mention one of their name and chat as if I was talking to one. Jon ask me if Matt was still stare at my boobs and laugh I told him that was for sure. He ask me if it was getting me hot and I told him yes. He ask me if I wanted to have some fun. I told him I was game lol. So he knew Matt was sitting across from me. So he told me as I talk to my gf to move a bit and let my legs part a bit and let skirt hike a bit and show Matt some more skin. I couldn't believe he was saying this... but the thought did turn me on. So slowly I move a bit... acting like I was paying any attention to Matt. Matt did move and I knew he did it so he could see better. I knew there was a really good chance that he knew I had no panties on. I could see him squirm a bit and I knew he was getting turn on. Jon ask me if he look turn on. I told him for sure. Then Jon told me to keep talk and he was going to come out. But after he was out there a bit I was to tell him that my gf was waiting for him to fix something. I ask him why that. He laugh and said he was going to go fix it and leave us two there alone. I laugh and told him that didn't sound to safe. he laugh and said that I was tease him to much and it was time that I fuck him good. Now I didn?t see that coming. Then he hung up and came walking out with a smile on. I didn't know if he was joking with me or serious. So I acted as if still talking to gf. After a bit I told him that she ask when he was going to fix her car. He smile and stood up and said he had forgot about and to tell her he was coming over now and walk over and bent over and gave me a kiss... telling me that he would be gone for a bit. His back was blocking Matt?s view... and he gave me a titt pinch... and walk out. So now I'm still wondering what to do. So I keep talking as if I was talking to her and keep one eye on Matt... He was doing his best to see as much as he could. So now I'm horny as hell. So I move my leg a bit more and now I knew he had to know there were no panties on lol. By his reaction he did! So now I'm really pass just turn on. Matt was so into my legs he never look up. So I slowly slide my hand down along my blouse pulling it a bit more open. By doing this my nipple poke out into the open and it was rock hard. But Matt never notice it lol. His mind was else where I guess. So now I knew I had to go for it. So I slide down a bit more making my skirt hike higher. Now my pussy was peeking out and I thought Matt was going to cum in his pants. He glance up to see me staring at him. But he didn't know what to do . He just sat there with his mouth open. So I said by and hung up my phone. So I stood up and my skirt was snug enough not to side back down. As I stood up I unbutton another button on my blouse and my boobs where falling out. Smile at Matt I pose a bit to let it all sink in. Then I slowly started to walk out of the room. Stop at the door way and stop and smile at Matt. He stood up and was stare at me. So I started to walk slowly down the hall. peeking over my shoulder. Matt walk over to the door way and watch me walk into my bedroom. I left the door open and laid down on the bed. Making sure my bobb?s where out and skirt was still hike up... but my legs together and bent a bit... so that my pussy was really showing. Took a bit of time but Matt did show up and the door way. He stood there stare at me laying there. So I slowly rolled over on to my back letting my legs part a bit more. Now my pussy was peeking out. Matt finial got brave enough to walk over beside the bed. He sat down and reached out and took hold of one of my boobs slowly playing with it and my nipple. Then he bent over and slowly started to lick it... moving around enough to start to suck on it. I started to rub his head as he did. Which made him more brave and he really started to suck and play with them. Now im getting really in the mood and breathing heavily as he sucks. So then he slide his hand down to find my hot wet pussy. He started to slowly tease the lips and playing with my clit. So I spread my legs more to give him more room. So now he sucking on my titt?s and finger my pussy getting me wetter and hotter. He stop and pulled my skirt higher and then pulled my legs apart more. Then he started to really play with my pussy getting me wetter... I found myself moaning as he played. Then he slowly slid down kissing my body as he went. he slide down and buried his face into my pussy... lashing and sucking on it. He was still playing with my titts as he working on my pussy. Now I?m pushing my pussy into his face grinding it to him. I'm moaning louder as he go's at it. I could feel me about to cum and I guess he knew it. he stop and look up at me and smile. I told him not to quit now! He smiled and said how it feel to be tease? Then he stood up and started to take off his clothes. Looking at me he told me to get out of mine. So I took off my blouse and slide my skirt off. Laying there watch him and hoping he would hurry up. When he pulled of his boxer I notice how big he really was. His cock has to be over 9 and really hard. He then laid back down beside me and his cock stand up hard. He ask me if I like what I see and I told him yes. He took his hand and push my head down telling me I should get a better look. As he shove my head down he took hold of his cock guide it to my lips. He was pressing it to my lips as he push my head down. Slowly parting my lips he shoved it in my mouth. Slowly fucking my face. I all most gag on it so he backed off.Telling me to suck it. So I started to suck it bobbing up and down... It seemed to be getting harder as I suck. I must of been doing good because wasn't long and he pulled my head off. He telling me to get on top and he didn't have to say it twice. I jump up on top as he took his cock and found my pussy. It was a tight fit so I slowly lowered down on to it as he tried to shove it deep into me. I slide down and took all I could... slowly slide up and down his cock. As I ride it im getting wetter and easy to take him. He grab my boobs playing with them as I rode his cock. I'm getting close to cum when he pulled me down and rolling me over and him on top. Now he on top and he starting to fuck me harder and faster... Slamming it to me. Now I?m yelling even louder as he fuck me harder. Then I started to cum and wrap my legs around his ass pulling him to me. He slams down hard pushing as deep as he can... now I can feel him pumping his seed into my soaking pussy. As I finish cum I fall limp onto the bed. his cock still twitching in my pussy as he finish filling me up. He smile at me as he slowly pulls out and his seed pouring out. He smile and say I've been wanting that pussy for a long time and its better than I thought as he laugh. I smile and told him I?m glad he likes it. He got up and started to grab's his clothes saying he had to get out before Jon came back. As he jump into his cloth's he smile at me and said that I've got a problem now! I ask him what my problem? He smile and said now that he sample that pussy he will be back for more. As he ran out of the bedroom.

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