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Video Mischief

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I got a call from my friend James? wife, Roxy, about an hour ago and she was crying hysterically and I could hardly understand what she was saying at first. ?You & I need to talk.? ?I have to show you something very important, and get your advice on how to handle this!? ?Ok, I?ll be there within the hour, I promise.? ?Please try & calm down a little.? ?What?s up?? I asked. ?I can?t tell you, I think you better see this for yourself.?

?And I really need some wine to calm down.? ?I?m on it.? I assured her and hung up the phone, and finished up and punched out for the day. I pulled into the driveway and headed for the door with the wine and a single red rose I had grabbed at the store. I was hoping it might cheer her up a bit.

Let me fill you in a little history here. Roxy and my wife Linda are almost twins and often are mistaken for sisters, when the four of us go out together. They are both around 5?2? tall with firm breasts and a tight, heart-shaped ass that accents their sexy legs. All eyes are on them, where ever we go, men & women alike.

Like a said, they are two blondes that look as if they were built specifically for fucking.

I must stay focused on the story at hand, and not get side tracked. I will now continue.

I knocked and Roxy let me in and gave me a huge hug she seemed very glad to see me.

?Are you Ok?? I asked her. ?What the fuck has you so upset?? ?Here, let me pour you a glass of wine and let?s go sit down and relax.? ?Ok.? ?Follow me.? She said as she led me into the family room and motioned for me to share the loveseat with her. She wasted little time finishing the first glass of wine, and was well into her second large glass, when she finally got herself together enough to explain the reason for my visit. ?Promise me one thing George, that you won?t say anything until you?ve seen everything I?m about to show you.? ?No Problem, I swear, on our friendship.? ?Deal,? she said, as she pushed the remote for the big screen came to life. The male image filling the screen was bent over on his hands & knees, with his head buried between the thighs of a woman in front of him, on her back. The picture seemed very dark and out of focus at first, but quickly cleared up and I recognized my friend James; he was licking & sucking what I assumed was Roxy?s clit as he fingered her wet, hot pussy, in perfect rhythm. I was shocked Roxy was playing one of their private XXX video?s for me, but my throbbing cock had grown it?s full length, confused or not. I glanced over at Roxy and had to cover my bulging cock with my hand as I took a huge gulp of wine. Then, back to the video, as James increased his tempo and the moans turned into cries of pure lust. ?Oh my God, I?m gonna cum!? she screamed out. I looked back at Roxy just then, and saw her sliding her fingers into her pussy, while pinching her nipples with the other hand and I realized she was totally mesmerized by the raw sexual power of the video. I refocused my attention on the TV, just as James sent Roxy over the edge of a huge orgasm. Her legs clamped around his head like a vise as the 1st wave washed over her. ?Oh yeah, baby, Come for me girl!? ?Let me taste your sweet honey!? he growled as he lifted her legs over his shoulders and I could see his hard cock spread her swollen lips apart as the mushroom shaped head slowly disappeared into the quivering depth of her pussy with one long slow thrust. ?Fuck me baby!? ?Fuck my tight pussy harder!? James lifted her ass high off the bed with his hands and slammed his cock into her like a runaway freight train, stuck in high gear. The Two of them were as if they were One. Matching stroke for stroke until they exploded in an incredible mutual orgasm. I was so horny by then, I was pumping my hard cock, for all it was worth. Roxy was in the midst of a huge climax, with her eyes rolled back into her head, and her fingers buried in her hot pussy. I was seconds away from my own climax, when I refocused on the big screen. My aching balls tightened as I felt the pulsing sensation of the first powerful jets of hot come are less than a stroke away. James leaned forward and pulled his lover upright & in camera view for the first time. There, on the big screen, with James?s cock still buried in her pussy to the hilt & the look of pure lust in her eyes, wasn?t Roxy~ IT WAS MY WIFE LINDA!! I was at the point of no return. My cock was throbbing so hard it was harder and fatter than I?ve ever seen it as the first jet of come shot out and flew over my shoulder at least 6 ft. into the air as my eyes were locked on the screen. The spasms rippled through my entire body as jet after streaming jet of hot sperm exploded from my depths in the most intense orgasm of my entire life. I must be some kind of freak or sick bastard or even worse. I just watched my wife getting fucked and sucked by my close friend and I wasn?t feeling jealous, not like any normal guy would feel right now, instead I was hornier at that moment than I could ever remember being. I am perverted or some kind of Sicko! I must be! But the images I just witnessed of my wife being screwed by another man is a fantasy that many men dream of experiencing first hand whether they admit it or not. As my climax subsided I remembered where I was & whom I was with. ?Well I see it has the same effect on you as it does on me.? ?We must be Mentally ill or perverted or whatever you call it? Roxy exclaimed. ?I haven?t stopped playing with my pussy and I?ve lost count of how many times I got off to it, in the two days since I found the fucking thing!!

?What are we going to do about letting our ?other half? know that we know they did and how we feel about the situation we are now all involved in.? ?The guilt they will feel at the moment they realize their secret is no longer a secret, will be very strong at that moment.? ?If we just come out & tell them we know, that could blow up into a guilt-denial situation on their part.? ?I have an idea that, if we execute it as planned, will let all of us back on the same level playing field.? ?Sounds like we get things out in the open & we are more than just ok with the idea of some playing within our circle.?

?1st, go grab your video camera & tripod and any toys you might like to play with, while I get our wine refilled & the video is re-wound for Round 2!

Roxy, the sexy wife of my best friend James, and I had just finished watching a sizzling xxx video she discovered while cleaning James? office.

It was the hottest sex tape either of us had ever seen, without question. It had us both Masturbating wildly as it reached its Climax. (No pun intended) The final explosive scene revealed the actors identities for the first time. James had just sucked and fucked my wife, Linda, to the most powerful orgasm ever. Roxy and I both climaxed at that very erotic moment, just by watching it! My cock was never harder, as I spurted jet after jet of hot juice at least 5-6ft. into the air. I had fantasized secretly many times in the past about the four of us someday, somehow getting crazy together. We party often and get pretty wild together, flirting and teasing each other, with some groping and ass grabbing. Now the sexual ice was broken and now it was up to Roxy and me to level the field. The jealousy factor never came into the picture, as odd as that may seem. So let the games begin!

I had Roxy get a couple of their private videos out to view and found one that would be just what we needed. It was shot from James point of view mainly. Looking down on Roxy, as she stroked his cock before sucking the entire thing down her talented throat. I set the camera in the same position and dimmed the lights to match the video. The scene was set, and we both were more than excited and ready to finally fuck each other for the first time. The camera began recording focusing in on a very horny Roxy on her hands & knees crawling toward my rock-hard manhood that jutted straight out and bounced with every beat of my racing heart. Roxy mimicked her movements perfectly duplicating their video. I knew what was next; her hot tongue traced the length of my throbbing cock, covering it with saliva from my firm balls to the mushroom shaped head. I held my breath as she took the entire length down her throat. That was a first for me and the sensation was out of this world. I love my cock sucked and this was like nothing I?ve ever experienced before. It was all I could do not to blow my load right there and then.

The look in Roxy?s sexy brown eyes expressed the lust she felt at that very moment.

This was really driving us both crazy with a primitive lust. A deep, wild need to fuck and get fucked. Roxy shared a trick with me that she had developed over the years of sucking cocks and holding the man on the very edge of his orgasm for as long as she wanted without blowing his load. As she sensed my upcoming explosion, she held my cock in a virtual vise-like grip at the very base; almost reaching up inside my sack somehow, to the area men call the ?taint? on a woman?s body. The effect was immediate and absolute.

I mean I could feel the cum boiling from balls and rushing & gushing up my throbbing cock and in the blink of an eye, the ?love-gate? she called it, snapped shut at her command. Over & over she could play me like a, well, ORGAN! She stroked, sucked and Deep-throated my cock for almost a half hour! I was groaning out loud from the pressure in my cum-filled balls. Roxy looked up at me and winked as she hissed, ?I want it now Baby!? ?Give it to me!? She released her grip and swallowed my cock to my balls and back like some out of control milking machine. Her head became a blur as she deep throated me right over the incredible edge; and out of my mind! I had two handfuls of her hair and ears as I slammed my cock down her throat with one final thrust and shot my Load down her waiting throat. My powerful climax seemed to last well over 2-3min and I swear at least a half a cup of hot man juice. I managed to hit the pause button on the remote before collapsing beside Roxy. ?That was even better in real life than all the times I have fantasized about it!? Roxy whispered. That hit me as very odd to me, so I asked;

?You had a fantasy about me?? ?Oh, just from the first time James introduced us? She giggled. ?Sometimes when the four of us are out partying, I can?t stop thinking about us swapping partners for the night!? ?That has crossed my mind a few times too!? I told her. I had to admit that I had jokingly suggested it to James after too many beers, a few times, and even asked Linda once, during a heated lovemaking session what she thought about the idea. ?Are you serious?? ?What did James say?? ?Was Linda upset or just pissed-off?? Roxy kept asking. ?They answered all your questions on that video tape.?

?Don?t you agree?? I asked. ?Totally.? ?Now, when is it going to be my turn?? ?I want to feel you inside me, so bad!? I aimed the remote and said, ?Lights, camera, ACTION!?

Roxy lay on her back and I traced the tip of my tongue up her inner thigh and began running it up one side and down the other, causing Roxy to moan softly. ?Yes Baby, do it Just like that!? ?Oh!, Fuck! ?You?re going to make me cum already!? she shrieked.

Just then, I sucked her clit into my mouth and slid my finger into her and stroked her ?G? spot in tiny circles. Roxy screamed and arched her back the instant I touched it. ?Oh Shit!, God!, Fuck!, fuck, fuck!? I felt her thrust against my hand as her orgasm washed over her like giant waves of pleasure. ?Oh, yes that?s it! Yes! God that feels so fucking good!? My cock was hard & throbbing and ready to stretch her hot pussy walls, but I had Roxy on the edge of another Orgasm and increased the pressure on her G spot, while sucking the hell out of her swollen clit. ?Here it comes, Baby!, I?m gonna? CUM!? Roxy Started to go completely rigid as she arched her back. That was my sign. I jumped up on my knees with her ankles on my shoulders and pushed forward and drove my cock into her to the hilt. I saw her eyes roll back into her head as her climax began. Her pussy was Milking and sucking on my cock as I pumped her like a Wildman. I fucked her as hard and fast and deep as possible. I caught up with her in seconds; yelling and screaming together, we came violently together and collapsed in a heap on the floor. Sweat covered us both as we gasped for air as we came down from our sexual intensity, back to reality.

?I?ve never came so hard in my life!? ?What the fuck did you do to me with your finger and where did you learn that?? ?Old Chinese secret!? I said. We busted up laughing like teenagers at that. That was when we looked up and remembered the camera was still recording! With both our faces in plain view. I quickly pushed to stop button, but neither of us were sure when my identity was first revealed on the screen. I worked it out over the next hour or so and we needed to get to the Federal Express office before 5:30pm.

We barely made it by the deadline for guaranteed delivery of the video to Linda & my house Saturday night by 7:00pm. We were having James & Roxy over for dinner (& several cocktails) to get the mood right and the party started. The ?mystery package?

would arrive and who wouldn?t have to see what was on the tape and who sent it; right? I planned on saving the ?revealing finale? of my true identity until the end. My idea was as I come into view, the video of Linda & James fucking could be seen on the big screen, directly behind us. Once again, the timing needed to be just right, not allowing anything crazy to happen before the entire presentation could be viewed and digested by everyone. ?It must be perfectly timed to work right?. I explained. ?I wouldn?t stress just yet George.? Roxy said quietly. ?I have something I have to tell you.? ?Promise you won?t let my confession ruin what just happened.? ?What do you mean confession?? I asked.

?The movie with Linda & James is a fake!? ?I paid to have Linda?s face superimposed over mine, to make it look like they were fucking around on us!? ?I knew you would want to get even; and my chance to fuck the hell out you would finally be realized.?

?I?m so sorry!?

?????. to be continued????.


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