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VACATION BREAK DOWN (This is a fantasy I had about my wife while we were being towed from Maryland to our then home in N.J.)

We went down to Myrtle Beach for 4th of July week. We left on a Saturday around 8am. We were making good time until the power steering pump blew on I-95 in Maryland. Thankfully we were right by an exit with service station at the end of the exit ramp. It was 6pm & no place was open. A mechanic at the Texaco station we pulled into said someone would look at it in the morning, since they were technically closed 2 hrs ago. This was a small blessing since tomorrow was Sunday.

Around 10am I was told it couldn't be fixed without voiding the warranty. My only choice was to have it towed to NJ. My kids? mom drove the 2 hrs to us to pick up the kids since four could not drive in the cab of the tow truck. She arrived at 1:30. I notified AAA that we were ready for the tow. About 2:30 the driver from the station we were at arrived. His name was Charles. He was a native of Maryland. He came and got my info & then began to connect the van. While waiting, Inez said "I think I'm gonna be bad" and smiled. I asked what she meant. I guess she didn't mean to say that aloud because there was an instant flash of panic on her face but she recovered quickly & said, "Oh, I think I'll have a cigarette." I thought nothing of it since she does smoke a couple a day & only had one so far.

After the van was loaded on the flatbed, Charles said he needed to turn the truck around and that we could get in now if we wanted. As Inez climbed into the cab first, her dress rode up showing him a nice amount of bare thighs. I chuckled to myself seeing him stare at her legs.

After he turned the truck around, he got out and went into the station. Inez then began to squirm to get comfortable, constantly tugging at her dress each time she moved. Apparently trying to see how much she would expose with each move. She then stated that her thighs were sticking to the seats. I suggested that she place her sweater on the seat to see if that would help. As she sat on the sweater, she began to move around again looking down at her thighs. Finally she settled down saying that this would work fine, not realizing she meant for exposure & not just for comfort. Charles got in a few minutes later and off we were. We started making small talk. Due to the engine noise, size of the cab, and the wind rushing by, I was unable to hear all that was being said, so decide to see if I could get some sleep.

Every few minutes we'd hit a bump disrupting my nap & at the same time I noticed that the alarm on the van went off. Not that I was able to hear it, but as I turned to face Inez I saw the lights flashing. "I guess their goes my nap." Inez said that she'd hold onto the key ring to disable the alarm when it went off so I wouldn't have to pay attention to it & get my nap.

I quickly started to doze again. I noticed her arm move up & looked to see her directing the key ring towards the van. Apparently it was being set off by some smaller bumps too.

I again nodded off. Every once in awhile I was jostled awake by a bump or a pot hole. Through my daze I thought I noticed every so often her dress a little bit high for a moment before she pulled it back down. I also noticed that every so often she would lean towards Charles for a moment, putting her hand onto his seat and brushing his thigh. I only thought that she was doing this as she shifted her weight to get comfortable. I was catching pieces of their conversation. Basically Inez was flirting a little by inquiring about Charles' job and acting interested, so I thought nothing of her movements.

At one point I noticed her left leg close to the gear shift & Charles' hand brushed her leg as he shifted to 5th gear. He quickly pulled his hand back and apologized. "Oh, that's ok. Is my leg in the way?" He glanced at her thigh which was now exposed almost up to her panties. "Oh no. Not really." He said as she once again pulled the hem of her dress down, but not as low as before. While my eyes closed again a moment later, he continued where he left off & mentioned a tow he had in Pennsylvania. Inez asked him what was the furthest tow he had. He said it was to Florida, but then spoke of a tow for 2 old ladies to North Carolina. Inez then said that we passed through there & went to Myrtle Beach. Charles said he's never actually gone there and asked if we had a good time.

"We had fun, but we could've had more fun if we went without the kids. At least I would've had more fun." She stressed the "I". Which led Charles to ask "What do you mean by ?You? having more fun?"

"Well, there were a lot of guys there, some really good looking and they all were checking me out. Especially my legs." Charles smiled and glanced at her legs again.

"I think my legs are my best attribute, don't you think?" With that question, she turned her hips towards him so that her back was turned towards me and her ass was off the seat. This move caused her dress to ride up allowing him a full front view of her legs & her red panties as her right leg above the knee pressed into his hand that was on the gear shift. This time he didn't pull away.

"Yes, you do have great legs."

"Yes, I keep them soft too by rubbing lotion on them every night. Feel." She took his hand that her leg was pressing against in hers, and placed it high on her so that the side of his hand rested right at the seam of her panties. He smiled as he rubbed her leg softly commenting that they did indeed feel as good as they looked.

We then hit a bump that aroused me for a brief moment. All I saw was her sitting back down as she smiled to me. I attributed her movement to the bump causing her to shift for comfort once again. This was quickly dismissed and as I once again closed my eyes I heard Charles ask if she was getting uncomfortable, he could stop for a moment. She declined and I dozed off again.

She turned her upper body towards Charles as she once again reached for his hand and placed it on her left thigh this time. As he slowly began caressing her leg, she moaned slightly as she parted them for him. He then moved his hand towards her pussy and rubbed her through her panties. Another bump and I again opened my eyes to only see a glimpse of her panties as she once again reset the alarm by moving her right hand up above her shoulder to depress the button & her left hand quickly lowering her dress.

I noticed that we were now in Pennsylvania and commented that we were making great time. I made small talk asking about the traffic & the haze I noticed. Charles was cordial, but looking back now, I guess his comments were short, hoping I'd shut up & go back to sleep.

About 15 minutes later I dozed again due to the lull in conversation. As soon as my head drooped, Inez quickly slid her panties off and moved his hand back between her legs. He slowly began massaging her clit. She began moving her ass off the seat to entice his finger into her. After a few moments his finger made it's way into her hole. Inez began to move her pussy up to meet each slow plunge of his finger to get his index finger as deep as it would go.

Another bump. My eyes fluttered for a moment and I only noticed Inez twist from the waist to disarm the alarm again. Charles did not stop finger fucking her. As soon as she disarmed the alarm, she reached out to Charles' crotch and sighed "Ooooh, that feels nice." She looked ahead and noticed we were heading towards a bridge and that the pavement seemed very smooth as far as her eyes could see, except for the upcoming bump. As they hit the last bump before the smooth pavement, she turned towards Charles & backed towards me. Charles removed his finger quickly and looked towards me, thinking I was awoken by the latest bump. When he noticed I didn't stir, he looked questioningly at Inez. Before he could say anything, Inez smiled and leaning towards him she began to undo his pants saying "I want feel you cock in my mouth." Charles leaned back in his seat allowing her easier access. Once his pants were undone & fly open, she deftly fished his cock out of his shorts. "Ooooh yeah. That's what I want." She said as she took him all, deep into her throat. Charles groaned, "Oh God your mouth feels so good." She released him briefly to reply, "So does your cock!"

She began really sucking him fast and deep, hoping to make him cum before I opened my eyes. Charles began to hump her face and was getting really close to cumming down her throat. He began weaving a bit and quickly grabbed hold of the wheel with both hands. This distracted him just enough to delay his orgasm. This brought a groan of disappointment from Inez's mouth, so she intensified here efforts. Before she could get him back to the point of cumming, they hit a bump that jolted my head. She quickly sat upright & disarmed the alarm again. She glanced at me smiling, "Are you ok? Go back to sleep. You look so tired." I agreed. While I closed my eyes, she reached out her left hand and began stroking his cock with firm, steady strokes. Hoping to keep him at the edge so he'd erupt down her throat as soon as she was able to swallow his cock again.

Another bump. This didn't trip the alarm, but caused me to open my eyes for a brief moment. All I saw was her arm move down, up & down. I figured she disarmed the alarm again and closed my eyes only to be awoken by a big bump that caused me to come slightly off the seat. Inez quickly released his cock & turned towards me to see if I was all right. With her back to him, Charles quickly tucked his cock into his jeans.

I was a bit rattled, but ok. Charles then asked Inez if she wanted to pull off in the next rest stop. I thought I heard her say yes. I turned to him & replied "That sounds like a good idea." I thought I saw what I now know was a look of disappointment on his face.

Inez then leaned back into me. I put my arm around her and noticed that Charles probably had a good view of her panty-clad pussy, not realizing she removed them and he was looking into her glistening slit. But before I could respond she stated "I feel so tired now."

As we pulled into the last rest area, Charles parked at the far end, saying it would be easier to back out of the spot. I asked Inez if she wanted a hand down from the cab. She stated that she didn't need to go (I could've sworn she said yes to Charles before), but would lie down until I got back.

Looking back now, I guess she said that so she could go down on him as soon as I exited. Well, as soon as my door closed, Charles exposed himself as she quickly turned around and engulfed him deep into her throat as before. She quickly got a rhythm going. She then placed her left hand around his cock as she got on her knees. She placed her right hand between her legs and began to stroke his cock and her clit with the same deliberate strokes. She was enjoying this tremendously as she was quickly overcome by her first orgasm. She let his cock out of her mouth to catch her breath & say to Charles, "Can you see him?"

He said no, but was able to see when I was heading back. "Good. I want to enjoy this as long as I can before I make you cum" as she resumed licking his cock & rubbing it across her face.

After a few moments she started to stroke his cock & her clit again while she spoke to him. "Oh yeah. I want you to cum for me. Can you cum for me Charles? Can you shot a nice hot load down my throat as I cum all over my hand?" Charles only moaned.

Inez then reached for his right hand and placed it on her head. She moved it up & down a couple of times to try & mimic the way I face fuck her. Charles caught on and just before he could get going she said, "oh yeah. Go ahead and face fuck me hard. I love when a guy shoves my head all the way down on his cock."

She then engulfed him as he grasped her hair in his hands and began to force her head up & down on his cock. This caused her second orgasm, which was quickly turned into her third.

About this time I was near the building exit. Charles saw me immediately and pulled Inez off his cock saying I was on my way. She looked out the driver's window and saw me just as I exited the building. "Fuck! You're cumming for me before he gets here." She exclaimed as she shoved his cock back down her throat. As she came up, she placed her right hand on his cock and grasped it firmly. She began bobbing her head up and down while her hand moved also never moving away from her lips as she bobbed on his stiff cock.

Charles was getting nervous saying, "Inez, he's getting close". She kept stroking his cock as she looked up to him and said, "Cum for me!" Then sucked him into her mouth again.

"But he's getting close"

"Cum for me. I'm not stopping until you cum for me" as she again shoved him in.

"Inez, he's almost here."

"Cum for me. Cum down this slut's throat."

"Oh God. I'm gonna cum."

"Shoot it down my throat. Shove my head down on your cock & shoot it down my throat."

"Oh, oh, he's almost here. He's almost here."

"Cum for me damn you. Cum now."

"Oh yeah. I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum."

As I got to the driver's side door Charles grabbed her head down on his cock hard and groaned trying not to yell out. "He's at my door & I'm cumming down your throat."

Inez swallowed every drop of his steaming hot load. I didn't hurry around the front of the truck because I thought she was laying down. Little did I know she was, in his lap. As I reached the passenger door & climbed up into the cab, she sat up smiling at me. I thought she looked kinda flushed, but contributed it to the AC not being so cool due to the truck not moving.

As I sat down in my seat, she nuzzled against me. I asked "Are you ok?"

She responded with a big grin, "Mmmmm, yeah. I'm just fine."

We were only about 45 minutes away from home & for the rest of the ride I was awake. The conversation was animated and Charles was paying attention to where we were going so he'd be able to find his way back.

We made it home and after the van was unloaded, Charles gave me some paperwork to fill out. Inez's son came out and asked if he could help. I told him as soon as I got these papers done, so he stood in the yard. Charles said he needed to call in, but his cell phone was dead. He stated that it was a toll free number and asked if I would mind him using the house phone. I saw no reason to say no and asked Inez to show him where the phone was. "Don't you want me to help you unpack?"

"Nah, that's ok. I got to fill out these papers & then I'll just bring everything to the front door." Inez grinned as she turned from me to lead Charles into the house. She knew her daughter would be up in here room, afraid to confront her mother due to how bad she screwed up while we were gone.

As soon as they got into the house, Inez shut the front door. She grabbed immediately for his cock. "I need that cock in my pussy. Can you fuck my pussy real good for me?" she asked she freed his cock and turned around and bent over presenting her ass to him. Charles got up behind her and was surprised at how wet she was as he shoved his cock deep into her in one stroke.

"Damn are you wet!!!"

"I can't help it. I wanted to get fucked since I first rubbed my leg against your hand. Now fuck me. Fuck my pussy."

He pounded her hard and fast as they both came within moments. He pulled out as I began to open the door. As I entered, I saw him entering the bathroom & I saw Inez all flush, slouched on the sofa with her pussy exposed. I was a bit confused. Then as I began to piece together all the things I "thought" I saw & heard today, Charles exited the bathroom. Smiled at me saying "Thanks for the use of everything sir. I'll be going now." As he passed Inez I noticed that she didn't move and her pussy was totally exposed for him.

As he shut the door behind him I turned to her a bit upset & excited too. "What the hell went on?" I asked as calmly as I could. "HmmHmm" she chuckled. "You should read my story ?The Tow Ride'

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