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Unwitting Cuckold - Part 1

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Sarah and I had experienced our first sex with another couple. Bob and Heather had been our closest friends for several years and we had just sort of fallen into the need to try a swap. I suppose the affection we all had for each other, our travels together and seeing each other in intimate situations finally encouraged us to exchange partners. It had all been very exciting and we had not experienced any remorse during the days and weeks following.

Part of the buildup to fucking had been the stories we had all related about previous lovers and our first experiences with sex. It had started in the form of a dare and we were each required to relate something about sex with someone besides our mates. The stories had progressed from the fumbling of our first times to more intimate happenings, mostly before marriage. With the exception of Sarah, we had all related a story about an illicit affair since marriage. I suspected from the way she avoided the subject that she had experienced something.

One night when Sarah and I were making out in bed, I asked her if she had a story to tell about her fucking someone else since our marriage. I was not aware of any time that it may have happened and in fact during the early years of our marriage I would have been terribly jealous if I had known that she had fucked another. But as I matured I relaxed in that regard and the wife swap with Bob and Heather had certainly modified my outlook.

She did not react immediately, which of course convinced me that she did have a story. I said, "Baby, if there was someone, I am easy about it and it would excite me to hear about it. I have told you about my affair with Elizabeth, so it is not as if I can sit in judgement of you any way."

She took in her breath and whispered, "Paul Pearson."

Now this did jolt me a bit. Paul Pearson had been the President of a Company that had employed me at a remote mining operation 20 years prior. Paul was a stock promoter as well as President of the Company that was building a new mine. He was wealthy and flashy and was also very generous to those that served him well. During the period we knew him we were living in a small one industry town in the deep bush. There was very little there besides a corner store and a post office along with a two bit hotel. It was an exciting time for me and others starting a new underground gold mine, but our wives had little to do except raise the kids and have tea together.

Paul showed up several times a year, usually bringing potential investors with him. When he did come, it was an excuse to have a party at the manager's house. All staff were invited to these events.

Sarah was now ready to tell her story.

"We women always looked forward to Paul arriving in town. We knew there would be a break in the dullness of living in the bush and Doris would have some sort of a dinner or event planned."

Doris was the Manager's wife and as such was sort of the event organizer in the small town. They had a very large house built for them by the Company as was the normal approach in those days. As second in command they had built a home for us as well, a very nice home but nothing along the lines of the Managers. It was standard procedure at that time; the size of house matched your standing in the company.

"Paul was so exciting, and also scary to me. Although he was smooth and easy in company of others, when he looked at me I shivered. His eyes burned into mine as if I was standing there naked in front of him. He always touched me somewhere and I swear that his fingers burned me. He did not hide the fact that he wanted to fuck me, and I both loved the feeling and dreaded it at the same time. He looked like a gangster from the movies.

Doris had a big party for him and a group of investors one night. You were busy talking up the project with some of them when Bert brought Paul over to me and suggested I take him to our house and show him around. Paul did not have the look of someone interested in the house, and although smiling at me his body language suggested he wanted to jump my bones.

It was dark out and as we crossed the street to our home, his hand was around my waist as if guiding me. God it was hot, his fingers just burned me through my dress. As we mounted the stairs to the door, he slipped his hand down to my ass. I paused at the door a minute and let him feel me. My nipples were hard and my pussy was aching, the vibes coming from him were so intense.

I introduced him to the baby sitter and proceeded to show him the house. When we entered our bedroom his hand returned to my ass and he whispered, 'Would love to see your beautiful face looking up at me from that pillow.' I almost fainted.

I took him downstairs to the new rec room. Suddenly he was behind me, pressing me up against the pool table, his hand up under my arms and holding a massaging my tits. His cock was hard and he began sliding it up and down between my cheeks. He whispered, 'Take your panties off and give them to me.'

I said, 'God Paul, not here, the girl is upstairs and we have to go back to the party.' But I stooped and pulled my panties off and turned and handed them to him. He was not smiling as he accepted them and put them in his pocket.

He said, "don't worry Sarah, we won't fuck here now, but I will have you soon.' With that he slipped his hand up under my dress and squeezed my pussy. 'That's going to be my pussy,' and turned and guided me up the stairs and back to the party. I hate to think what you would have done if you had known what happened and that for the rest of that evening I was not wearing panties. I was aroused and felt like a slut. You may not recall but I almost r*ped you that night.

A few days after that, Doris called me over for tea. She got right to the point and asked me if Paul was making moves on me. I was surprised at her question as I did not think anything had been that obvious. And then she really jolted me by telling me that Paul had been fucking her on occasion."

At this point, aroused as I was at the story she was telling me I interjected by saying, "Jesus, Doris fucking Paul? It can't be true, I always worried that Bert was not getting any himself, she looked and acted frigid."

Sarah continued, "I know, I never thought it could be true, so I asked her if Bert knew about it. She said that yes and in fact he had asked her to let Paul fuck her any time that he wanted. Sometimes if Paul was in town alone and stayed overnight with them, Bert would tell her that Paul wanted to see her and she would go in and get in bed with him. She said that he was insatiable and he sometimes fucked her all night long. She said that while he was very good and could get her off repeatedly that it was too much for her and she could barely move the next day. He had an enormous cock and was relentless once he started and it was difficult to get him off.

I asked her why she was telling me all of this. She said that she knew that Paul was hoping to get me alone, and that if I was not interested that she could stop him before he made his move. Apparently Paul had told her of his hopes for me and would enlist her aid in getting to me. She looked right into my eyes and said, 'Sarah, now is the time, tell me if you do not want this to happen and I can stop it for you.'

I did not answer her. I was terrified. I did not want to risk our marriage but at the same time the thought of this scary exciting wealthy man wanting to fuck me had every fibre of my body on edge. We looked at each other for a minute, and then she shrugged with a smile and said, 'Your call Sarah. But let me know if you change your mind before his next visit.'

A few days later I received a parcel in the mail. It contained three pairs of expensive sheer pink panties. A note in it from Paul indicated that they were to replace the pair he had taken from me. I shivered at the monogram embroidered on the front of the panties, "PP" in blue letters. I hid them away in my secret place and wondered what this all meant.

A day or so later, Paul called me from his office and asked if I had received the package. I told him that I had and wanted to know why he had sent them. He said, "Put them on Sarah, right now, and we can talk about it." I hesitated but did as he asked.

When I told him that I was wearing them he said, 'Feel your pussy through the panties.' I protested but did as he asked, rubbing my fingers on my mound through the panties. I was so damn horny already. His firm orders to act affecting me in a very erotic manner.

'Bet it feels good doesn't it Sarah. Feeling your pussy and knowing what it is doing to me must make you hot too. Do you know what the "PP" stands for Sarah?'

By this time, my fingers had moved the "PP" to one side and I was frantically rubbing my clit and slit. "Oh Paul, I think it is your initials." My mind was full of the stories Doris had told me about how insatiable he was and the size of his cock. I began frantically punishing my pussy with my fingers.

'Yes baby, that too, but it also means Paul's Pussy. When you wear those panties, it is my pussy baby. Think of me in it now, can you feel me? Tell me it's mine Sarah; tell me it is my pussy.'

I went off immediately; my legs crossed crushing my fingers in my slit. I must have moaned for minutes gasping out, "It's your pussy Paul. Take it when you want it."

Paul said, 'God I have a bone on here. What you do to me. I will get you alone soon, count on it."

I came to my senses after we said goodbye. What the hell was I up to? But for the following few weeks, my mind returned to the panties and the burn I had to feel this guy in me. You must remember how hot I was for that period of my life. I tried to get you every night, but you were working so hard and could barely keep it up."

I intervened here and said, "It was a good thing that I did not know what was going on then. I would have done some serious damage to that sneaky bastard, President or no President. But look at me now, listening to a story about a guy wanting to bang my wife and I have a hard on."

We laughed and I ran my cock right up her pussy and we started to fuck. She met my every thrust, driving her hips at me and digging her nails into my ass.

We caught our breath and lay back for a few minutes. I said, "You can't stop now lover, I want to know how he finally nailed you. You should have told this story to Bob and Heather. There would be a scramble to fuck you, including Heather.

Sarah settled herself a bit, and then turned on her side to me, one tit rubbing my chest, her fingers trailing the outline of my body in that soft way that women have.

"A few weeks after the phone call, Paul was back in town with some investors again. You and Bert were tied up showing them around. I was so horny thinking about Paul being around and knew that he was going to find a way to get me alone. And I wanted it baby; my mind was full of him. Not that I really liked him that much, he was too false and flashy for me, but the thought of him fucking me overcame my common sense. That was all I wanted, just the experience.

About noon hour that day, Doris called and asked if I could come over. We quite often visited each other for tea and chat, but her voice sounded quite different. I hesitated and she finally said, 'Paul is here and he would like to see you.' I heard a voice in the background and Doris said, 'He says to put on the panties and come over.'

I was expecting that Paul would call me, but this surprised me and it took a moment to consider it all. I said, 'Okay, give me a few minutes.'

My heart was pounding as I stripped down and pulled on the panties. I pulled out a half cup bra and a thin sundress. My heels completed the picture of a slut on the make. If I was going to do this, I thought I might as well look the part.

Doris opened the door with a wan smile. She was wearing a robe and she looked dishevelled, her hair awry and her lips swollen and red. There was no doubt that she had just served Paul some pussy. She guided me into the living room and handed me a glass of champagne. We did not speak at all. I could not read her mind or what she thought of all of this. Was she jealous? She told me later that she had felt like a madam at a whore house. Paul came out of the master bedroom shortly, wearing a white robe and obviously freshly showered.

He said, 'You look lovely Sarah, even more beautiful than I remembered you.' He pulled me to my feet and slipped his arms around me, feeling my ass and kissing me. He forced his tongue between my parted lips and I melted into his arms in total surrender. He could have fucked me right there in front of Doris and I would not have noticed. But instead he guided me to the bedroom and told me to strip.

He sat on the edge of the bed and watched me undress. When I was in my panties he motioned for me to come and stand in front of him. He looked up at me with a smile and rubbed the tips of his fingers on the "PP" monogram. I bent over him and dropped my tits in front of his mouth and wallowed in lust as he sucked and nibbled my nipples and fingered my pussy.

I wanted to see his cock and boldly pulled his robe open. God baby, he was big. Doris had not exaggerated when she had called it "enormous". It was sticking straight up at me from his crotch as he worked his fingers up my slit.

He started talking as he sucked and fingered me. He was ranting, using crude words, not romantic but just coarse, much as Doris had told me.

'I have wanted to fuck you since the first time I saw you. You were waving that fucking ass of yours around at me. I could tell you wanted me in you, your eyes told me. You were always checking out my cock. I should have fucked you in your rec room that time. I have wondered why I did not. Pointing those tits at me like an invitation. Feel my cock baby. Tune it up. Doris was hard on me this morning; she was really hot and took a lot out of me. This will be the first time that I have fucked two different broads in one day.'

I did not need another invitation and kneeled down in front of him. He leaned back bracing himself with one arm and using the other to pull my head to his cock. The thought that it had fucked Doris a short while before made it even nastier to my mind. I had two hands around the shaft and the knob was still sticking out of my fists. I licked it like an ice cream cone. There was no way I would ever get all of it in my mouth, so I just sucked as much of the knob as I could handle and used my two hands to stroke it.

'Ah God you are good. What a beautiful cocksucker you are. If I did not want to fuck your cunt I would let you get me off now,' Paul groaned. His words inflamed me; I felt like a slut and loved it. He pushed my head off of his cock and twisted me around and onto my back on the bed, my feet still on the floor as he moved between my legs, holding that monstrous cock in his hands. He ripped the panties off of me.

My pussy was aching to feel it, but I was tight and nervous about the size of it. Paul seemed to change now that his knob was teasing and parting my folds, seeking my hole.

'Easy baby, let's take our time, relax baby, we will work it into you easily, don't worry, ah yes, good, hold it there, work your pussy, it's yours baby, hmm what a beautiful pussy, nice and slippery, you are big enough Sarah, you can take it.'

I opened my eyes finally, starting to relax and looked down between my legs. It was a delicious hurt and I watched him sliding about half of his cock in and out of me. Each time he entered again, he paused while I squeezed it, and then pulled it back to my slit. I was close to cumming already.

'Take it all baby, go for it all.'

I locked my feet behind his butt and pulled myself at him and started cumming. That must have released all of the tension because soon I felt him fucking me with all of his cock and his big balls were slapping away at my ass. I am not sure if I passed out but soon I was fully on the bed and he was covering me, grunting wildly as his cock tore away at my pussy.

'I knew it, I knew it, and I knew that you would fuck like a mink. What a sweet cunt,' he rambled on as he pounded me. Soon I was rising to meet him again, the need to cum filling my every thought. A tip that Doris gave me came to mind suddenly and my fingers slid between his cheeks and rimmed his butt hole. He exploded in me and I lost it again. He continued to churn away despite the cum oozing out around his cock until he finally slowed.

He rolled off of me and said; 'Doris has been talking hasn't she?' he smiled, 'that is her trick.'

He said, "Let's shower together Sarah. We can just relax. That was a big rush we just had. I want to get to know you better.'

I said, "I can't Paul, the kids will be home from school soon and I have to be there."

He called out, 'Doris, can you come in here for a minute?'

I scrambled to cover up but Doris was there in a minute, she must have been listening outside the door. She smiled at the two of us. 'Looks like you had fun, it sure sounded like it. Take your time Sarah, I will go and wait for the kids until you are done. You aren't done are you?' A knowing smile accompanied her last words.

There was a large ensuite shower off the bedroom and Paul guided me to it. Warm water and soft soapy hands relaxed us both. He wanted to kiss and fondle, but strangely I had no appetite for the tender stuff but did enjoy holding his big cock in my hands and feel it harden again. He pushed me down to my knees. I knew what was coming and was content to provide him his pleasure.

'I want a blow job Sarah. Suck me right off. Take it all.'

I had been feeling, licking and sucking Sarah all the way through her story. My balls were aching and she rolled on top of me and slid my cock into her cunt. We ground away slowly, trying to extract every gram of pleasure and passion.

I said, "God baby, that was hot. Did you fuck him again? Or was that it."

She did not answer for a while. Then clutching her body to mine she moaned, "No baby, it got much worse, but I don't think that I can tell you about it."

Next chapter: Sarah completes the tale.

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