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Brad, my new boss, recently inbtroduced me to his wife Donna at a company picnic. She smiled and extended her had and gave me a very direct look and quick sexy wink.

A short while later, an impromptu softball game was organized. While we were watching from the sidelines, Donna pulled two beers from the cooler and sat down next to me. she was wearing shorts, a clingy tank top and a pair of pink Crocs that set off her deep tan. Sitting on the bleacher just below me, I got a quick glance down Donnas tank top and didn't see any tan line but did get an quick enticing look at her tits. Donna is only about 5'0" tall but has killer legs, nice firm tits and as she ran out to play firstbase, I noticed her heartshaped ass thru those tight shorts.

About a week after the company picnic, Brad was scheduled to fly to headqurters in Chicago for some big meeting. He popped his head in the door of my office as he was leaving saying he'd be gone for a few days and would check in with me by phone.

Just after lunch hour, I got a call from Brad saying he had left some important files at home. I was instructed to pick them up and have them Fed Exed for overnight delivery to Chicago. He gave me his home address and told me he'd call Donna to have the files ready.

Driving to their house, I smiled at the though of Donna in those tight shorts. As I turned the corner into a very fancy neighborhood, I spotted their house on the left. Ringing the bell several times, I got no answer so I looked around the side of the house and called for Donna over the fence. "Gate's open, come on back" I heard her answer. I walked into the yard and there by a sparkling pool was Donna without a stitch of clothing on. Ahh, explains the lack of tan lines. She looked up over her sunglasses and smiled, making to attempt to cover up. "Brad's files are over here" she pointed to the table beside her chair. I walked over to her and she smiled. She stood up walked to the edge of the pool, dived in and swam to the steps. Emerging dripping wet, beads of water were running down her beautiful tan body. She walked over to me handed me the towel and said "dry me off" I was complied feeling her firm compact body along her back and legs. The she turned and faced me, "these too" as she propped those firm breasts up with a drop of water clinging to her left nipple. By now my cock was so hard it was ready to break the zipper out of my pants.

Then she turned around spread her legs bent forward at the waist and looked back at me upsidedown thru her legs with a big smile. "Now here," she commanded. I started to dry her ass and then she smiled, reached back with both hands and pulled her ass apart to reveal her tiny wet pussy lips and glistening wet pussy. "I doubt you can get this dry at all" she said. Than quickly she slid her middle finger up inside of her wet pussy, working it in deep and teasing herself for me while she reached back between her legs with her other hand and got my cock in a vise grip..."umm, you like this?" "oh, yeah!"

Quickly, she stood up, turned and slid her wet finger under my nose to smell her musky juices then pushed it between my lips for a good taste. Her eyes were sparkling and she was enjoying the tease. She reached down and deftly unzipped my pants, reaching in and pulling my hard cock out, she lead my by my cock to a flat chaise lounge in the shade of the cabana, pushed me down and began to kiss and lick and tease my cock. With light little flicks of her tongue, she teased the swollen head of my cock while she looked into my eyes, teasing and smiling till a clear drop of precome balance on the tip of my dick. She playfully lowered her mouth and lips hovering over the liquid treat fro a few moments and giggling before she sucked me clean. "ummm, good" was all she said as she now went after my cock like a rescued sailor from a desert island, deprived of food. Spreading her moth open all the way, I really stretched her lips as she dived down my shaft and I felt the head of my cock plunging into the back of hr throat. Just as she had engulfed my and I was pushing her blonde head down hard on my dick, her phone rang..

With one hand on the phone, she used her other to stroke my cock and begin slowly jacking me off as she casually answered, "Oh, hi Brad! How's your trip?" as she tightened her grip she looked at me again and picked up the pace. "Yes, he was just here, I gave him those files you needed" she said with a light voice. " I think he's going to Fex Ex now" "How's the meeting going?" More small talk and all the while the boss's wife is playing with me. I was just inches away from hearing him on the phone as Donna spoke so innocently and easily with my boss..What a turn on to know your boss is away and his beautiful wife is yours for the afternoon. A few more minutes and she signed off" Love you to Brad, talk with you soon, bye!"

As she placed the phone on the table, she straddled my, teasing her pussy, holding it just above my cock and playfully lowering herself so I could just feel her curly blonde bush and wet lips. " He'll be calling you soon I suppose" she grinned as she guided my cock to her hot horny hole and then she plunged down on it all the way, resting her pelvis on me and letting me feel the wet juices in her bush. "How did I do? Do you thin Brad had any idea?" She asked. I told her she had done very well and didn't give anything away. she just smiled and sai. lets just see how you do now."

Then she began to grind and rotate her hips and take control of my hard cock she was screwing me so nicely I almost didn't hear my phone ring. "You gonna get that she said, or am I" she grinned. As I answered trying to act nonchalant with my boss on the phone, donna proceeded to attack me riding like a cowgirl on a bronco on my cock. Politely, I let Brad know that I was on the way to Fed Ex.

He thanked me and said it was good to know that he had reliable people like me working for him. I smiled and thanked him, then tried to hang up before he could hear me come hard, pouring his wife full of a big load of come. He hung on just a minute longer and said thanks again as I could feel Donna coming too, her hot juices running down my cock. " Oh, Brad I'm happy to take care of business at any time!" After he hung up, I could just think of may new ways that would happen. Thanks, Brad and Thank you Donna!

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