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Unexpected Lover!!

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She sat there staring out the window the weather had turned dark the sky seem so much like night.. The storm brewing was not only that of Mother Nature but of a much deeper kind... Not hearing from him made her nervous the roads were bad.. During the rainy season washed out.. He would be coming that way ... there was no other road to access the cabin...

Ahhhh shit she murmured as the lights flickered and went out.. better start a fire she thought... She pushed the door open and the wind about took it off the hinges. She managed to move from the porch to the wood pile quickly as the rain was pounding down soaking her to the bone in the two minutes that it took to grab the wood and head back in side.. her cloths clinging to her full curvy body.. soaked and cold she managed to get the fire started and wiggle out of her wet cloths...grabbing the blanket from the bed and wrapping up in she sat.. in front of the fire poking and prodding the fire to a full blaze.. The fire felt good to her, so she let the blanket drop down off one shoulder.. then the other ... sitting with the blanket curled around her waist... It was so warm that she curled in a ball like a kitten on the floor and feel in to a deep sleep..

Her senses coming back to her as she felt his hands on her... first her feet then a full sweep of her legs.. caressing each curve of her legs moving slowly ... keeping her eyes closed. Enjoying the very minimal pressure of his touch.. brushing every place on her body.. rubbing her nipples with just the finger prints of his finger so lightly that it made her back arch suddenly pushing her breasts right into his face ... still pushing her eyes closed tighter, wanting to feel every move, every heart beat pulsing through her body.. She had waited for him many times, but this time was different, he was different. He was at her now milking her breasts with his mouth, sucking them slowly in to his mouth. She wants to relish this moment. By not opening her eyes, she could just be in that place with him ... little gasps start rumbling from down in side.. Trembling now she moved her perfect fingers to her mouth as if to stop them from coming out, but he was still there with her sucking and pulling at the very places that set her on fire.. kissing her on the mouth deeply. Cupping her head in his hand, pushing hard against her.. Then pulling away softly kissing her chin her neck. Drifting again to her erect nipple sucking so hard. That she yelped just a little.. Laying her back his hand moving from her head sweeping moving over each breast ... She was wiggling ... Squirming ... Now he was kissing her belly, then just the panty line, his nose brushing the neatly cropped pubic hairs ... just breathing her in deeply. Her aroma made a deep animal sound in his throat. Her hands still trembling as her breathe push past her lips.. Blowing softly through her fingers..... With each push of his nose over her fine hairs.. She could feel the juices starting to flow, trickling, moving its way from the lake.... To the river that was flowing wildly between her legs..

His tongue there now, lapping and licking those sweet warm wet juices he had longed for, but never had received... This was his time. She seemed so willing, he told him self ... but he knew.. She was still unaware that it was him ... Her eyes closed, trusting his every move ... he was full of her now, his nose his mouth full of her womanly juices.. His hand firmly on her hips, not allowing her to pull free from him. She was moving, thrashing..

He knew, he could feel she was close to Climax.. Drinking in everything she offered him.. As the tide swept her in to the strong bliss of climax..

She wanted to look in to his eyes. For the first time she opened them. There in the glow of the fire wasn't someone she expects to see at all..

But she was cummmmmmming he had brought her here and she wanted him..

The passion moving past her senses push her to close her eyes.. this wasn't happening.. But it was. Now she wanted it ... badly.. Pulling at his cloths she wanted all of it everything he would give, she would take... What are you doing here, she thought... As she moved his pants down his hips...

not thinking just feeling... the head of his cock pressing hard in to her tightness... he filled her far more than she had been, ever .. Little sighs coming from her lips with each slow deep stroke of his cock.. He was moving fast with each wave from her hips meeting his.. Pounding hard.. Moving her, one arm around her waist, her legs around his waist. pushing her ass on to the couch so she would be at the right angle to really give her the those deep penetrating strokes, he had dreamed of.. His mouth on hers as the final wave was building.. Deep in side he could feel the mussels around his big cock pushing him out with each stroke her legs shaking and toes pointing... the pleasure was spilling from her now like a Faucet... I'm Cummings she gasped as she heard his moans of release... oooooooohhhhhhh baby I have wanted to have you for so long ... he managed.

Looking long in to his eyes as the last jerk of her climax took her over and over..

She just lay there for a long time his head resting on her .. She could hear his heart beating.... Locking eyes one more time, he got up and moved away from her.. Again she closed her eyes.. remembering his touch, his smell, the very taste of him...

Looking around the room now fully aware, she wondered where he had gone. ...

Just resting now and looking at the fire...

She tried to decide if it was all real ...

or just a dream..

Of a Phantom lover she had always wanted

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