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Under the desk

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Under the desk

I had to go with my old boss to help him fix some communication and wiring problem at a business. My job was to go to this one particular desk and wait for the signals to come over the 240 pair communication wire and mark it. I went to the place where I saw the junction box I was looking for. A lady was sitting there at her desk and I introduced myself. I thought to myself she is a very nice looking lady, I am sure glad that it is a woman?s desk and not a man. The wire and junction box is made into the floor directly at the back of her desk.

I told her what I was there to do and that I would need her to move so I could work. She ginned and then she told me that she had work to do too. I told her I had to go under and behind her desk to do my work and I didn?t want to embarrass her as she was wearing a skirt. She looked really good in a maroon sweater that looked as soft as a cloud, and the cream colored polyester skirt was stretchy and fit her hips and legs and it wasn?t to long. I admired her fabulous round rear end when she turned to look at the clock. I am not sure I turned my head fast enough and she may have caught me looking at her body.

She looked me in the eye, paused to reflect on what I had said. She was standing there with her hands on her hips, her tongue tip pressing against her front teeth and upper lip. I wasn?t sure if she was mad or trying to figure a way out of this. ?Well, I have to get this report out by the end of the day and you will just have to work under the desk with me there.? she said. ?Are you sure?? I said. I suppressed a grin I think, and she grinned at me. ?I?m good if you are? she said. I thought to myself - if I could only find out. It was lunch time and I thought she would go but everyone but us went so there we were.

I got my tester and wire leads, slid the chair back and crawled under the desk to the space behind it and the wall. There was about 3 feet of space back there so I turned around, sat down with my back against the wall and opened the plate on the floor. I hooked my leads to some of the wires and the data started coming in. She had seated herself and I noticed she wasn?t real concerned about sitting with her legs clamped together. She had on white pantyhose and I could see all the way up to her panty crotch.

Her legs were brown and firm and thick and lovely, not skinny or small, just like I have dreamed about for years. This was no girl, this was a real woman and I was lusting up her dress with abandon. I watched the meter and tried to work calling out when I found the circuit and just kept plugging along. She asked me if I was alright and I said ?yes, I am getting hot with the computers back here, but I?m fine thank you?. With that, she stood up and walked across the room, her heels clicking on the floor.

As I waited for her return the boss calls an says to hold on and stay were I?m at. No way I?m about to move now I think. After several minutes she came around beside the desk with a cup of water and a fan. My heart was melting from her act of kindness and I thanked her and took the water. I almost lost the water in my mouth when I saw she no longer had on the hosiery. She turned her back to me and bent over seductively, her oh so smooth round plump rear end pressing against the fabric of the skirt while plugging in the fan. I didn?t see a panty line either.

?Here?s something to make you feel better? the lady said and she bent forward to place the fan on the floor. My mouth must have fell open because her sweater was loose enough that I could see down across her chest. Her breasts were round and beautiful. I had almost enough time to see where the color changes at her nipples. When she stood up her nipples were erect and pushing out against the sweater, she had taken off her bra too!

I thanked her with my mouth full of a swelling tongue and she smiled so mischievously. ?You look HOT, so I decided to help? she said. I practically floated off of the floor with how she pronounced HOT. She sat down and immediately opened her legs. I was right, no panty, no hose. I could see up to her kitty and if I didn?t know better it looked moist. She had sprayed a bit of perfume or spray and I could only guess it was under her dress. It was about to make me swell and get firm right there under desk.

However, it wasn?t her perfume that did that, it was her foot. As I sat, she slipped off her heels and she nudged me with her foot. ?Sorry? she sang out. She sat it on my leg, ?is that bothering you? she asked. Oh no? I stammered, ?I guess there isn?t much room here so I will have to make the best of it? I said. ?I was hoping you would? As I said that she sat her other foot on my lap.

I could feel the softness of her feet. I reached my hand over and gingerly stroked her foot and rested my palm on the top of her foot. ?Sorry? I sang out just as she had done. ?Is that bothering you? I asked. ?Just make the best of it? she said. I couldn?t believe it, but I could no longer deny this very hot looking woman was seducing me. I held her foot and massaged it. I looked up and her vagina was definitely getting moist.

I eased forward and she moved her knees as wide apart as they would go under the desk. I knew what she wanted and she must have read my mind. I held her legs in my hands and started placing silent kisses up her thighs. I licked and sucked her leg muscles in my lips. My head was getting closer and closer to her muffin. Running out of head room she reaches and pulls the lever lowering her chair. I make it to her vulva and I begin to lap at her moist opening.

She is so sweet smelling and her taste is clean and good. I lap at her folds and I press my face into her. I suck gently on her love button and wiggle my tongue on it. I hear her suppressing gasps and moans. She has pulled the hem of her skirt as far up as it will go. She scoots to the edge of the chair and lift her legs up until her knees touch the underside of her desk exposing her rear and hiney meat to me. I pause to take in what is happening, my head spinning with desire and disbelief, and she starts to lower her legs. I grab them and hold them and slide my shoulders under her thighs. I let my hand roam up to her sweater and I massage her tummy and hips and feel the lovely softness of her garment.

I press my face downward and her rear is as fine as her muffin. She must have gone to the restroom and freshened up when she took off her panties and hose. About the time I think ?panties and hose? her hand comes under the desk. She is holding them in her hand and begins to massage my head with them. The nylon is soft and sweet smelling too. She rubs my face with them as she can reach it while I am licking her.

Suddenly I hear a door open and she throws the undies at the floor beside me. I freeze as a coworker asks her if she needs anything. ?Nooo? she sings again. I hear the door shut and she grabs my head with a force I wasn?t expecting and almost slams my face into her womanhood. I am still holding her legs and I quickly go back to working on her rear. I lick and suck flesh and folds. I slather her bum, getting it wet to the anus button. I am working on sticking my tongue deeper and deeper in her hole when I hear a desk drawer open beside my head.

?Please don?t stop while I do this? she whispers. ?You are killing me and I need relief? she hisses. I watch as you reach under the desk with a nice size dildo. I am not believing she has this in her desk. You are trying to guide it in and I take your hand. I make sure you feel me holding it. I have you loosely wrap your fingers around the head. It is to dry to enter you, so I know what will help. Hoping you will not freak out, I let you feel as my tongue licks the head of the dildo. I wet it and slather your fingers and the rubber cock. You feel as my hand drops away and you are holding it by your self.

I push my head forward so the dildo will press firmly up against your swollen vulva. I lick and push and slobber on it and your wet pussy. You move the cock up and down gently against your opening, my mouth moving up and down on it and you too. You tilt it to my lips and I take the head in my lips. You gently push it in and out of my lips so I can get it wet. After a few strokes I take it from you and turn it around

I press the head into your pussy and it eases in. I push back and forth as it goes deeper and deeper. I hear you moaning into your fist and I make love to you with this cock. When it is over half way in I stop it. I begin to lick and suck your vagina while this cock is in you. I move it a fraction of an inch back and forth so you feel it in you better. Your hands are both on my head as I suck and lick on you.

I work the cock in and out again so it will finally be buried in your soaking pussy. I press it until the small bulbous end is at your opening. I open my mouth and envelop as much of your pussy as I can. My tongue is licking all over your vulva and I even manage to work it inside with the cock so you can feel it caress inside you as well. I take one of my fingers and begin to massage your wet ass button. I suck and lick on your clit, I pump the cock in and out of you while my index finger massages and probes your ass.

I hear you make a muffled scream in the empty office as your climax begins. You squeal in short staccato bursts and I feel your legs tense and squeeze my head. I feel your pussy jumping on my mouth like another mouth trying to eat me back. You spasm and jerk, wiggle and jump. The convulsions get slower and slower and then stop. As I ease back and you put your legs down, I hear the door open. I quickly slip the dildo from you and I pick up your panties and hose and bra.

I hear a woman ask ?was your lunch good?, and you say ?I have never had one so good?. I get back to my work spot and I slip the dido, panty and hose and bra inside my tool box. I sit and continue working while others file in and get back to work. You are so wet and moist I can tell. The boss calls me on my cell and tell me we are through, and to come out to the truck. I ask you if I can get up and you comply. You stand and smooth down your skirt, and I stand close to you and you point at my tool box and wink. You get a piece of paper and write down your address and hand it to me. ?Be there before 7:00 and don?t forget that tool box? you silently mouth to me and you drop your gaze to the front of my pants. ?Thank you for being a gentleman? you say. ?It was ? all my pleasure? I say.

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