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Free Erotic Stories

SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "Unbridled Passion, Wanton Lusy, Physically Spent".


Unbridled Passion, Wanton Lusy, Physically Spent

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It is 11:00 p.m. I come over to your house. I knock at the door and you tell me to come in...it's open. You are sitting at your computer only wearing a loose robe. You are chatting with a girlfriend.

I roll back your chair just enough to allow me to kneel in front of you while you type. You smile because you know where I'm headed. You move your body forward just enough to give my tongue and lips better access to your pussy as my fingers spread your lips apart to expose your clit to my flickering tongue. I begin gently licking, sucking and nibbling on your clit. Pretty soon you are so hot that you are describing everything I'm do you to your girlfriend. Each touch of my hands to your breast, each caress of your splendid ass, each finger as I insert them into your hot snatch as my lips are locked on your engorged clit sucking it for all it is worth. Your friend in turn is imaging all of this and fingering herself until you both erupt into orgasm. You tell her you have to leave to get a midnight snack, and then we kiss long and hard. The juices from your pussy still gleaming down my face.

You quickly drop to your knees, pull down my pants,and begin sucking my cock. I take off my shirt and tie and sit on the couch to relax and enjoy your magnificent talents; fondling your breasts all the while.

After a few minutes I lie down on the floor and you come over and cover me. With your ass swaying in front of my face, you begin sucking me again, while slowly I begin fingering your pussy.

After several fingers are plunged inside of you, I begin pounding your pussy frantically. The sound of your muffled moans of ecstacy causes my dick to grow large in your mouth as my hips continue to thrust up fucking your mouth. Finally, you release my cock and moan loud and long as your thighs quiver around my hand as you release a second orgasm.

I then tell you to bend over on the sofa and spread your ass cheeks wide for me. I squat over the back of you and slowly insert my hard, wet cock into your hot tight ass. Your moans only serve to intensify my lust. Once inside, I grab a hold of your waist and proceed to slam my cock deeper and deeper inside of you until I finally release my load deep inside of you.

Afterwards we lie together kissing and caressing. You take my tie and blindfold me and lead me into the bedroom and lie me back on the bed. I hear you wrestle around for a bit, and then you climb on top of me and kiss me You begin nibbling at my nipples, as my cock begins to stiffen You then straddle my body and lower your pussy onto my rock hard cock. Once I am deep inside of you, you begin slamming down on me the way I did to you earlier. The feeling is so intense that after a few minutes my cock begins to throb with its own orgasm. You slam into me one last time as I shoot deep inside of you. You lean over pressing your body into mine. Remove the blindfold and kiss me hot wet and deep. My now softening cock still nestled in your warm sugar walls.

We then lie on our sides to bask in the afterglow. My cock still deep in the warmth your pussy as I caress every inch of your body until we fall asleep in each ohers arms.

In the morning my cock is hard again. I begin nibbling on your neck and careessing your breast until you awake with a wicked smile. I roll you over and begin massaging your neck. I then start with your shoulders and work my way down to your ass. As I caress your ass cheeks, I slowly pull them apart, to get you used to my handling them. You squirm with delight and wiggle in approval of my actions. I continue by placing one finger in your ass very slowly working with your body to see how you respond to my actions. I continue to monitor your reactions, as I place another finger into your ass, then another one and then the next until I have several fingers inside your hot tight ass.

I can tell by your little moans that I am pleasing you to know end, but I know what you really want so I slowly take them out, as you whine just a little. I lift your butt into the air, placing a pillow under your hips for support. Your butt is high enough to give me ample room and angle to mount you without causing me any strain. I then slowly start working my way into your ass. Since you have already had my hand in there you are loose enough (not too loose), justenough to take about 1/2 of your cock with no problems. I then slide back out and come in about three quarters of the way. On the next stroke, you push your buns back onto my cock to make sure I fill you to the hilt. Having taken the hint, I then proceed to fuck you deep and long. First slowly, but then faster and faster as I feel your orgasm approaching. When I am finally buried as deep in you as I can, we explode in an orgasmic pleasure.

I then roll you over on your back. You spread your thighs for me as I thrust my cock deep into your pussy. I pound your pussy while I kiss your lips and fondle and suck your voluptuous breasts. After a while, I wrap my arms around your thigh and push them back toward your chest to raise your ass off the bed. I then reinsert my cock into your ass and fuck you until I near ejaculation.

I remove my cock and straddle your chest as you squeeze your tits around my pistoning cock until I shoot cum all over. I then go down on you one last time while you clean my cock with your lips and tongue.

Pages: 1

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