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Unbelievable love

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As she lies in her bed looking at her husband, Mia asked herself, ?Why, why do you have such a hold on me? I couldn?t walk away from you even if I want to. I need to escape this web you have me tangled in.? The love she has for him is unreal even to her. ?This love has crossed over into an obsession.? She can barely breathe if he is not in her sights. ?I?ve been in love before,? she thought. ?Why is this so different?? She touches his face and he almost wakes up. ?I can?t believe we?re married after so long,? she said with an amazed look on her face.

Mia is a natural beauty. She is a young woman with a smooth caramel completion. She is taller than average and thick in all the right places. Her hair is very thick and black with sun died reddish, light brown streaks in it that falls almost to her waist. She hardly ever wears make-up and almost always wears her hair up in a ponytail. She stands out where ever she goes even though she is very shy around people. But when she sees something or someone she wants nothing can stop her from getting it. The first time Chris saw her he was curious and very attracted to her looks, attitude and style.

?It?s been almost eight year since you stole my heart," she thought as the memories flashed in front of her eyes. Chris has kept every promise he had ever made to her. ?I never doubted you but it seems too good to be true, my love. This feels like a fairytale. Please, God never let this feeling end,? she said as she wiped away a single tear that trickled down her face. Mia reaches over and kissed him. Her mouth waters thinking about his tongue parting her lips. She can feel her temperature rising as she squeezes her legs together. Mia wants to feel him inside of her so deep that he touches her soul. It does not matter that she is still in pain from the vigorous yet passionate love making session from last night. She loves to feel their hearts beat as one. To feel his breath on her face and neck sends her to another world as the sweat from his glorious body falls on to hers causing a slippery surface for their bodies to glide smoothly across each other.

?Wow, I have to have you my love, my pussy is throbbing just off these thoughts running through my mind,? Mia thought to herself. Her eyes scanned his body as he was lying there peacefully sleeping under the Satan royal blue sheet. His bald head rested on a big fluffy pillow. His right arm behind his head had just enough tension to make his muscles bulge. His left arm was at his side and his hand on his washboard stomach. She could see the shape of his penis lying on his leg under the soft sheets. Mia gently put her hand on his chest and slid it down ever so slowly trying not to wake him, till she held his dick in her hand.

She kissed him again softly and sensually from his mouth to his ear. As she nibbled and sucked on his earlobe she noticed he was no longer asleep. She rubbed his dick with the soft sheets covering him. She felt his member pulsate as it grew in her hand which made her bite her lip and closed her eyes tight thinking about how wonderful it would feel inside her. After a few more strokes she released him and opened her eyes. She giggled as she said, ?look babe a tent,? pointing to his hard dick lifting the sheets. She had to have a closer look.

Mia straddled him and slid down his body kissing and licking her way down to his swollen member. As she worked her way down she left a trail of her own juices on him. The closer she got to it the more excited she became. She could feel her pussy tightening with wanting him in her right that very second but she prolongs it. She wants to put him in her mouth first. ?I need to taste you my love,? she whispers heavily as she grabs his unit and drools all over it. She starts to massage it and Chris started to moan. She pulls his skin back tight and kissed the tip of it and then it was gone, deep into the back of her throat. He puts his hands on Mia?s head than tells her how good it feels and how much he loves her. She started humming on it knowing how it drives him out his mind. ?I?m about to cum my queen,? he says, as he fights to stop her. Between the talented ways she works him in her mouth and her honey dripping on his leg while she grinds on it has Chris going insane. She wants to taste his man juice so she doesn?t stop but he over powers her.

Pulling her up to his chest Chris has Mia sit on his face. As soon as he separates the lips of her sweet honey patch with his tongue he gets a mouth full of her juices. She starts to grind and whimper. She tries to get up but he holds her and clamps his lips on her clit so she can?t get away. He flicks it with his tongue faster and fast while pulling on her swollen clit till he felt her squirt. He slid his three inch long tongue into her pussy to catch all the cream that streamed out of her. Mia screams his name over and over again. Shaking uncontrollably, she begs for him to let her go. He does and she works her way down and finally tries to put his huge pleasure poll inside of her.

Chris holds her close to him not allowing her to put his dick inside her sex. They kiss deeply as he felt her dripping on the head of his dick. She slowly moved her hips as he moved his hands from her hips to her shoulders and pulled her as hard as he could forcing his way deep inside her with one uninterrupted motion. Mia is so hot, so wet and tight that Chris almost came upon insertion. ?I love you,? he says kisses her. Chris feels her body go limp so he pulls her back up and slowly eases himself out of her pussy.

Mia starts to move slowly as she tries to get him back in but she is in pain. ?How can I want him so desperately with all this pain,? she asked herself. Chris sees in her face that she cannot handle him again but he also notices how badly she wants him. ?Are you ok my love,? Chris says with extreme concern. Mia does not answer him. ?You really want it don?t you,? Chris says to her with a smirk on his face. ?Yes I do my king,? Mia says. He grabs her and lays her down lifting one of her legs, placing it on his shoulder and the other around his waist. ?Are you sure mami,? he reiterated. Damelo Papi Por favor! Extremely turned on he gave her what she wanted. Chris forced himself in her with all the eagerness in him.

Inside she?s screaming, begging, pleading no more but he connected to her soul with every energetic thrust. She looks him in his eyes to tell him everything she is feeling. She says, ?Chris,? but he interrupts her. ?No,? he says, ?You know how I like it,? he continued. So in return she gave him what he wanted and she poured her heart out to him in Spanish. Cada vez que agarro para el aire su veneno filtra más y más profundo. Soy un preso a su abrazo. Usted es mi marido e yo su esposa. Déme su semilla. Plántelo en mí. Ahora démelo, difícilmente y profundamente. (Every time I grasp for air your venom seeps deeper and deeper. I?m a prisoner to your embrace. You are my husband and I your wife. Give me your seed. Plant it in me. Give it to me now, hard and deep.) Chris could no longer control himself. He came so deep and hard inside of her that he started to cramp but he forced himself to give her every last drop. He stayed in her until they both fell asleep.

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