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It was very uncharacteristic for me to show up at his house unannounced but since I was in the neighborhood I was going to do just that and hope he didn?t mind. Pulling up I saw his truck in the driveway so I hoped he was home. A quick look in the mirror and a touch of lipstick and I was ready to knock on his door. I could hear the tv playing, but it quickly turned off after I knocked. The door cracked open.

?Hey babe sorry for not calling first you busy?? The smile on his face and the tent he was pitching in his boxers told me he had been up to something. Locking the door behind me we walked back to his bedroom where the tv was.

I immediately saw that the tv was paused, at a scene depicting two Brazilian girls engaged in oral sex while a man stood by frozen in time with his dick in hand. Apparently I had interrupted him, with a small smile on my face I inquired ?So were you enjoying your alone time?? Sitting down on the edge of the bed he looked like a kid who had his hand caught in the cookie jar ?Yes, just bored I guess.?

Pushing the play button ?Mind if I watch?? ?No not at all pulling the pillows up and motioning for me to sit down beside him. But that was not exactly what I had in mind so I asked again ?No, I mean do you mind if I watch?? pointing to his dick. It was a bold jester but I had never seen him jack off before. The look on his face was priceless.

The girls on the tube were back in full swing, each one finger fucking and licking the pussy of the other in a provocative sixty-nine position. The man, apparently tired of just standing there member in hand had decided to spoon next to one of the girls attempting to penetrate her from behind without disturbing the rhythm that they had going.

?huh, uh no I guess not.? He took off his boxers and laid back. Rather than getting in bed with him I knelt down beside the bed to watch. He put a small amount of lubricant on his hand and gently started stroking his dick. Looking over ?Are you sure you just want to watch? He had a gleam in his eye. ?For now . . . yes.? I replied.

Watching him stroke and pull at his cock was actually turning me on, as I knew it would. Since I was wearing a skirt I pulled my panties to the side and slid my fingers in and out of my wet pussy then began rubbing my clit bringing myself to the edge of orgasm. His dick was fully erect and totally engorged, but instead of looking at me he was once again totally engrossed in the two Brazilian girls. Apparently they had decided to accept the man into their circle of fun, for they were both going down on him, while one popped the head of his dick in and out of her mouth the other was licking his balls. Occasionally they decided to kiss each other, I didn?t know if it was for his amusement or their own pleasure, either way it gave me an idea.

Slipping up at the bottom of the bed I positioned my head between his legs. ?Don?t stop on my account baby.? I reached for his balls and started to roll each one between my fingers his breathing escalated and encouraged me to proceed. Scooting up I took them in my mouth licking each one gingerly. It was fun watching him he was going to cum soon so I continued sucking on them. His whole ass was wet so I went even further licking his asshole then back to his balls in alternating fashion. He continued to stroke his dick bringing his hand up and over the head, leaning his head back he was cumming. Moving up I took his dick in my mouth, pushing it as far down my throat as I could as his orgasm reached its peak I sucked every drop of cum out of him. Even though I don?t like to stop by unannounced the smile on his face said that this time he didn?t mind.

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