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Turning Forty (MFMF Swap Wife) Part I

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Forty is such a difficult age for men. I really hadn?t appreciated how much the passage of time can weigh on a man?s mind until it was my turn to look starkly upon the onset of the milestone myself.

In the weeks preceding my fortieth birthday, I became increasingly sullen and withdrawn. There really was no reason for my depression. I am successful. I have a decent enough job, a wonderful wife, and three delightful children. We live in a comfortable home, in a comfortable neighborhood, with comfortable friends. Life is comfortable.

Yet, for me at least, forty became a time of considering what might have been--a time for dwelling upon what I was missing in my comfortable life.

I began to understand why so seemingly so many men act erratically at this age. My own mid-life crisis was upon me. Physical intimacy and sexual pleasure took on a heighten importance. I felt my libido waning as my sexual interest subsided. I desperately wanted to recapture the feeling of sexual potency that I remembered having at twenty-five. The thought that I might never feel that virile again became intolerable.

It?s not that my wife of seventeen years, Jan, isn?t beautiful. She is. And, it?s not that she?s a bad or uninteresting lover. When aroused, she absolutely is. However, after nearly eighteen years of marriage, our love-making had settled into what was for me an all too predictable routine. For me, that routine had become the enemy of passion.

The possibilities of extra-marital sexual encounters increasingly crossed my mind.

Thankfully, Jan and I had long ago embraced shared fantasies and role playing as a major part of our bedroom activities. So, as I began to increasingly consider the possibilities of extra-marital sex, I could easily talk about these thoughts and fantasies with her. Having embraced monogamy for almost two decades and having limited sexual experience prior to meeting me, she understood my fascination. Indeed, for much of our time together, Jan had actively recalled sexual escapades with past lovers while making love to me. However, even though Jan enjoyed the fantasy of extra-marital sex play, she had never expressed any interest in doing anything that might cause the fantasy to become reality.

It surprised me then when, on my fortieth birthday, she presented me with a sex game called Titillation. This was not your ordinary couple?s sex game. This game was specifically designed to be played by multiple couples together. What could have possibly motivated her to give me such a gift? I could only conclude that she had mistakenly purchased it thinking that it was a game for a husband and wife to play together alone.

After inspecting the game, including the game pieces and rules, I cautiously asked Jan if she had intended to purchase a game designed to be played with other couples.

With a devilish grin, she told me that she had. She also told me that Karen and Brian would be over on Friday to help ?celebrate? my birthday. She suggested that we approach them to see if they might be interested in trying out the game with us.

Now, Titillation markets itself as THE game of sexual exploration. The thought of any sexual exploration with Karen, no matter how slight, rendered my member immediately stiff.

We had known Karen and Brian for a number of years. Brian is a few years older than me. Karen is several years younger. From our fantasy play, Jan knew that Karen was (and is) an object of my desire. She is everything that Jan is not. Where Jan has small breasts, Karen?s are full and large. Where Jan is a brunette, Karen is a blond. Jan is medium tall, Karen is a little shorter. Jan and Karen are simply different. Differences can be nice.

Jan and I had often gone boating with Karen and Brian. These outing gave the girls ample opportunity to display their scantily clad bodies to us lusting guys. Evenings with Karen and Brian often devolved into sexual banter.

Jan and I often made love after spending a social evening with Brian and Karen. For my part, I enjoyed imagining what Karen looked like without her swimsuit on and how active she was in bed. I also knew that Jan had a special thing for Brian.

The remainder of the week passed unbearably slowly. Following my birthday, Jan decided that we should save our sexual energy for the weekend and flatly refused to engage in any sex play with me. Moreover, she made me promise that I would not take matters into my own hands (so to speak) prior to our evening with Karen and Brian.

Finally, Friday evening arrived. (To Be Continued)

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