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Tricked by my husband

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Well it all started when my hubby and I were in bed fooling around. He likes to talk kinky when were having sex. He would ask me things like " what would u do if someone was watching us through the window" when were making love or "we should have someone videotape us" or "what would u do if we were caught having sex in the window and someone drove by looking at us"... Things like that. I always get alittle spontaneous when were having sex but it was until the events of last saturday that really brought me to think how serious this fantasy of his really was. I've always been quite the shy serious homemakwer wife. I'm a petite 5'5 135 lb. latina. Small breasts with very perky nipples and a big rear. I was brought up in a small mexican community were I grew up knowing to take care of the man I love and be there for him through think and thin. One day lying in bed naked with my husband like every morning he gets up and takes a shower and gets ready for work, sometimes he comes home from work for a nooner sometimes he doesn't. The usual kinkiness of it is he calls me no more than a minute before he pulls in the driveway and tells me to get naked and open the door for him when he rings the doorbell as if he were a stranger ( his little fantasy ). Then we'd have the wildest sex during his lunch break. Well what he had up his sleeve I never would of imagined. One day he calls me up like usual saying he'll be home in just a minute so I get naked and await the door bell to ring. Not even a minute later just as planned the doorbell rings. Thinking nothing of it since this is a usual occasion I proceed to the door and open the door. OMG to my surprise is a young 25ish hot young stud salesman (or at least I thought)standing in my doorway glancing at my complete naked body as I stand before him. First words outta my mouth were " oh I'm sorry I thought u were my husband" it must of lasted an hour when it was really 30 seconds. I quickly noticed the shock in him and could clearly see some excitement coming from his pants. My first reaction was to slam the door in embarrassment but I was actually kinda turned on by it. No man has ever seen me naked in over 15 years other than my husband so this was all new to me. I tell the guy I'm sorry for this I was supposed to be for my husband. He quickly replies " its quite alright u have a very beautiful body and its an honor to have knocked on your door. I could get outta my head that my husband would pulling in the driveway any second now and I didn't want him to see what had happened. So I try rushing the salesman by saying I wasn't interested and that I had to go as I was proceeding to close the door. Then of course he asked if he could have a glass of water since he had supposedly been walking the neighborhood going door to door. I am not the type to be rude and say no to people when they ask for favors so I say yeah ok, let me put something on and ill bring u some water. He says " no need to get comfortable, I don't mind the way u are"! as he steps in the doorway I say come on in the kitchen is this way. I couldn't believe I was doing this let alone going this far. I walk toward the kitchen and he's following me. I could only imagine what was goin through his mind now seeing me now completely naked from the backside as I lead him to the kitchen. I was wondering if he was checking out my ass. It was such an adrenaline rush for me. I would of never thought I'd be so brave and actually enjoying a stranger in my house seeing me naked like it was such a casual thing. I kept thinking in nervousness if my hubby was going to walk in and what would be said. So I get some water and hand it to him when he say may I use your telephone. Obviously he was stalling. I told him u have to hurry though my huuby will be here any moment. So I hand him the phone and go about my business. I turn around and start to make my coffee to hopefully take my mind off of things. As I start to press the button on the coffee maker I culd hear him dailing numbers. Then to my suprise he presses his body up to my back side. I could feel what has to be his bare cock against my ass as he wraps his arms around me over my exposed breasts. He tilits my next back against his chest and kisses me so aggressively as if he couldn't wait any longer to get busy. At the quick moment I kiss him back till reality hits me thinking about my husband coming in so I stop and say no I can't. He completely ignores what is say and grabs my hand as. My back is still against his front body. He pulls my hand and wraps it around his cock. He must of unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock when he was on yhe phone. He motions my hand to stroke his cock. I stroked it a few time enjoying the few seconds of pleasure and let go. " I really can't" "please u need to go"! He completely ignores what I say and continues his intention. He places my hand back on his cock and motions my hand to stroke it again. I start stroking it and all of the sudden his right hand reaches for my pussy and starts rubbing it as his other hand I'd carressing my breasts while kissing my neck. At this point I couldn't resist any longer, I start stroking his faster and he continues heating me up. All of the sudden he flips me around like a doll and puts his hands on my ass and grabbed em so firmly taking full control of the situation while his hard fully erect cock is pressed right against my pussy. I started losing control of the thought of my hubby and knelt down to my knees grabbing a hold of his cock. Its must of been at least 9 inches long. Don't get me wrong my hubby has a nice big size and thick but this new found friend was longer. So I grab it and start stroking it slowly and extend my tongue licking the head of his beautiful cock. I could hear him saying "oh yeah baby suck it" it wasn't before long before I wrapped his cock around my lips taking it in slow then fast. His cock was long I stroked it as it penetrated my mouth. I could taste his pre cum and I could tell it wouldn't be long before he exploded in my mouth. He says " I'm gonna cum soon" so I started sucking his faster. I guess he didn't want it to end that way because he said "I have to feel that wet pussy around my dick"! Instantly he picks me up into his arms and takes me to the sofa. He sits down and places me on top of his dick. By now my pussy is soaking wet I wanted this stranger to fuck me. I grab his cock and rub it against my clit before sliding it in. It slid in so easily from both our juices. I start riding him slowly with his hands gripped on my ass cheeks and his mouth all over my nipples. As I grind on his big tool I couldn't help but say "I'm cumming"! I couldn't believe I was fucking a complete stranger in my living room. It felt so good! His cock penetrating my drenched pussy fast until he says I'm gonna cum inside your pussy. No even a minute later I could feel his cock pulsating deep inside me. He shot a huge load of warm cum in my cunt. I love the feeling of warm seed shooting deep in me as I kept riding him until he had nothing left. I climb off him and head to the bathroom to get cleaned up as his cum is oozing out my pussy down my leg. I get cleaned up and head back to the living room. He was already dressed. With a big smile on his face he thanked me and said to thank Mike (my husband) for him. Shocked and confused I said "what"!?!? He says it was your husbands idea. He said he was from the same swinger site that we are members on. I couldn't believe this was my hubby's plan. He ays he sent a message to our profile seeking fun with couples and that Mike responded to his message. They apparently talked a few times planning this event. Obviously it worked. He told me that Mike asked him to pose as door to door salesman and that he would get a nude surprise when I open the door thinking it was Mike. Boy was I wrong. Lol! I was tricked by my husband into fucking another guy. It was hot and very erotic that when my husband came home we headed dtraight to the bedroom for some hot lust. Talking about what had occurred during sex excited us both that it probably only lasted a few minutes before we both came. My husband had another trick up his sleeve. Apparently he had hid to video cameras. One camera viewing the whole living room and kitchen and the other facing the front door. Mike said he didn't wanna miss anything. Besides can u blame him. It was his idea that fell perfectly into place. I still haven't seen the video. We'll share that with you soon. Thanks for listening to my story. Wendi

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