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Traitor in the Library

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It's late and I am sitting in the library in a backroom, studying for an exam. It's so quiet the librarian has forgotten I am there, the only noise it the scraping of my pencil while I take notes and the flipping of the pages in my textbook. I am studying so hard, determined to get a good grade, that I am oblivious to the person who just entered the room and locked the door. He quieting walks up behind me runs his hands up the back of neck and grabs a handful of my hair and quickly puts his other hand over my mouth. He pulls my head back and brings his mouth to my ear, "Don't make a sound and don't move, let me take what I came here to get and there will be no harm. Please don't make a sound; I really don't want to hurt you."

He pulls me up from my chair, hand still pulling my hair and the other hand over my mouth, he says he is going to take his hand off my mouth but threatens consequences if I make a noise. My mind is racing. Who is this, what does he want, why is he doing this to me...God please don't let him hurt me! He takes his hand off my mouth, which is now open in shock; he slides his hand down the front of my college sweatshirt and slowly over my breast down to the hem and slides his hand up my shirt. I am not wearing a bra, the shirt is so baggy and I like going braless when I wear it because the fleece feels good rubbing across my nipples. With my head pulled back and his mouth still near my ear, he begins to rub my breast and I can feel his warm breath on my neck. My body is in conflict and disobeying the reality of what is happening, my nipples become hard to his touch as a tear rolls down my cheek.

He begins talking to me again and breathing in my scent, he moans slightly and bites me on the neck, 'I have been watching you, I see you teasing men in the bar, but you never let them do to you what I am going to do to you." His hand still under my shirt finds that my left breast is pierced and he gives the nipple ring a tug, a moan escapes my lips and he yanks back on my hair, "I told you no noise, no moving? He removes his hand from my shirt and forcefully opens my jeans with one hand and wiggles them past my hips down to my ankles, leaving my g-string on. His other hand still has the back of my hair and he bends me over the table. I think to myself...where is the librarian?

He is whispering in my ear again, "This is what you have been hiding from all those men you teased, you really are a dirty slut." As his voice is in my ear, he takes his finger and slides my g aside and sticks his finger in my traitorously wet pussy. "I am going to let your hair go, but you better not move!" He gets on his knees and buries his face in my wetness and licks me completely from my clit to my ass and begins fucking my ass with his tongue. I can?t believe how disloyal my body is being to his advances, but I continue to stay bent over the table as he r*pes my hole with his tongue. I am biting the inside of my mouth to avoid making a sound, but another moan escapes. Hearing my noise he pulls my ass apart hard and rams two fingers into my tight, unsuspecting ass, ?I told you no noise!?, he growls in a deep but quiet voice. The pain was minor but the intention was clear, I knew I could not make another noise or maybe the next time, I would be hurt worse.

He runs his hand up my back and through my hair. He pulls back on my head again and bites me feverously all over my neck, I can feel my nipples hard against the inside of my sweatshirt and my own juices start to run down the inside of my thighs. I don?t know when it happened, but his pants were already off and I could feel his cock pressed against my round ass. With my hair still in his hand, arching my neck back he grabs his member and rubs my pussy up and down, parting my lips and getting my wetness all over the head. I knew his cock was huge even before you shoved it in my eager pussy, I could feel it stretching to accommodate his throbbing head. There I was with my jeans to my ankles, my g-string pushed aside laying face down on the table and a stranger was ramming his cock in and out of my body against my will, but my will was not longer my own. I felt the muscles inside my pussy begin to contract and I knew I was about to cum, I am a moaner and I was so fearful I would let a moan come out and I didn?t, by any means, what this man to know he made me cum as he r*ped my pussy relentlessly. We both cam at the same time, me in silence and he groaned and shivered as he pulled it out and rubbed his cum all over my ass. It was over at last? After he caught his breath, he reached to help pull my pants back on, he slapped on the ass and say, ?You can talk now and I know you cam you dirty slut I felt you tighten around my cock.? I rose up from the table and giggled, it?s good to have a friend who has the keys to a library and is as freaky as me?

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