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Training Day 1

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"I?ll be there at 10:30am" that was the last things ?K" said before he hung up leaving Lisa to wonder what he might do when he arrived at her place in a the morning. She was up all night nervous and excited not being able to sleep thinking about this 6.0 200lb well toned/muscled intelligent perfectly aggressively sexy man that she'd only known for a few weeks. She lay there awake wanting to make herself cum but afraid that he would know?.he told her not to? he said he would know. She tossed and turned all night scared, nervous, and excited about what he might do to her body. He had already captured her mind it was only a matter of time before her body was as in his control as the rest of her was. She must have fallen asleep just as the sun was coming up before she knew it the time was 8:00am she decided to get a simple breakfast and take a bath to try and relax. She treated her body to a soothing bubble bath. When she got out she was so wet from the water cascading all over her body that it took every once of will power she had not to masturbate while she dried her 5.7 (34c 26 43) body off she oiled her skin with a fragrance she knew he would love. He always said she had nice skin so she took extra steps to keep it that way hoping that made him happy. She then decided to dress the way he told her to she put on a black lace corset that fit her curves perfectly then a black lace garter and lace topped sheer black hose with a black lace g-string and the blackest shiniest "come fuck me" heels she could find (she owned quite a few pairs lol) she unlocked the door as she had been told to do and lay back on her king sized sleigh bed. At exactly 10:30 she heard the door open her pulse started to hammer in her ears and her breathing quickened as she heard him climb the stairs coming that much closer to her bedroom. He walked in?.. looked her in the eyes and he moved towards her and said "Are you ready?" she stuttered "YY Yes" he said "Are you sure because once I start it wont matter what you say or what you want, your body will be mine to do what I want, how I want, when I want...You will be my slut my dirty little whore" She gets really nervous but admits to herself she got wetter with every word he said. She tells him "Yes Sir I am ready. I am yours" He says " Good Girl and yes you are mine" He then kneels on the bed and places a blindfold over her eyes and says "Don't move" She says "Yes Sir" he ties first her right hand to the bed then her left. He ties them tight but not enough to be uncomfortable but enough so that she knows she can't escape.... even though she tries it's just something about being tied up that makes you want to fight for freedom. He then moves away from the bed which makes her very aware of every sound she hears. She thinks she hears him move around the room maybe looking at her from all angles. Then she feels him down by her feet as he pulls her legs apart and says "Keep them spread, DON?T? make me tell you again." She says "OK" he says "OK?!" she immediately corrects herself and says "Yes Sir I'm sorry" He says ?You will be? then he slaps her on her aroused mound which excites and frightens her he pulls the g-string off while he slides his hands down her thighs down her legs to her feet then she feels him slowly remove the corset so that all that?s left is the garter and the hose he then backs away again?.. she it listening with everything she has trying to hear where he is?. he makes her breath catch when she feels his breath right above her face he licks her lips tells her to open her mouth as he shoves his tongue in her mouth and then licks her lips again then he tells her to swallow and he spits in her mouth which in her mind should have been a problem but she wanted nothing more than to be a good slut for him to be the best whore he has and in thinking all this she?d lost track of where he was until she felt his weight on the bed she then felt the tip of his shaft on her lips she could tell he was still soft she loved the feel of him when he started off soft in her mouth it just did it for her it made her squirm and writhe under his touch she starts to lick and suck taking all of him in her mouth loving the feel of him grow and start to fill her mouth knowing that from the angle he is in he will soon fill her throat and she can do nothing to stop the assault which is so arousing and exciting he moves slowly at first allowing her to savor the flavor of his skin then as he gets harder he moves quicker. He is now fully erect and moving at a wonderful pace she knows it wont be long and she looses herself for a minute and pulls her knees together trying to calm the throbbing in her pussy?. he sees (of course he sees) and he says "What did I tell you?!?!)?????? She opens her legs immediately thinking he will be forgiving since this is new to her and she is trying so hard to be a good girl, but he slaps her already slick and puffy aroused lips over and over until she can't take it getting wetter and wetter and she whimpers all the while he is saying" If ever I am not happy?. this is what I'll do" ?Do you understand?? ?? no answer??he continues slapping her sore red lips? ?Do you understand?? she replies ?Yes, Yes Sir! I understand. Please stop. Please I?ll do whatever you say, When ever you say, How ever you say.? He says ?Yes you will! ..... I like that response. That?s what I want to hear.? ?Thank you, Sir?

?Do you want me to make you feel better? Do you want me to make you feel good? her reply ?Yes Sir I want you to make me feel good? He says ?OK but I want you to let me see how much you like it?

Then he starts to slowly caress her mound while he gives the gentlest kisses starting from her nose, to her lips, down her neck, one for each nipple, then he kisses her belly, then he flicks his tongue across her clit until she starts to slowly rotate her hips. She moans a breathy ?Oh my! Mmmmm Everything you do feels so good! This is exactly what I?ve always wanted.? Then he starts that wonderful rhythm that will cause that warm feeling to spread from her center to the tips or her fingers and toes. It starts to build and she becomes lost in the thought in the feel?. He stops. She is frantic with wonder but knows not to ask why he stopped. He knows she is going crazy on the inside and says ?I told you to show me how much you like it your silence has shown me it wasn?t good enough? She says ?NO..NO? Don?t stop it felt sooooo good? He says ?Remember the way I expect you to behave and do it? ?Yes, Sir? He then starts to slowly rub her erect clit while she moans and moves her hips forward trying to forced his fingers inside as she moves forward he moves back just enough so that they never break contact but his fingers don?t enter her. She continues trying to press herself on his fingers when he places one hand on her belly and with the other hand palm up with his finger bent slightly he slides a finger in and starts to rub her g-spot with that perfect pressure and speed that is sure to make her already drenched pussy squirt he tells her that she better not cum unless she begs him she knows she better beg fast and hard since there is no stopping her body she tries to think straight and figure what words to use while his fingers assault her pussy is all the right ways. All she manages is a moan he says ?That?s not what I want to hear? Do you want me to stop?? ?Oh God NO PLEASE don?t stop It feels so good Oh Sir can I cum? Please can I cum I can?t stop it!!!! Please OH?MY?GOD!!!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE can I cum SIR?? He says ?Yes Good girl cum now or not at all? ?this was probably the only thing she has ever done without having to think twice she squirted so hard it went everywhere all over her thighs his arms her belly and soon as she thought she was starting to come down from it, it started over she thought she would pass out from the pleasure she had never experienced anything as intense as this they rolled one after another she lost count ?. When he finally stopped and started to rub her soaking wet mound and thighs she was tingling all over and so relaxed she didn?t think she could move. She felt like every nerve in her body was alive and satisfied she?d never felt so completely free so comfortable in her own skin she was so happy and content and also amazed she wanted more but as all good Doms do he knew she wanted more she felt him move up between her legs and gently move her legs until they were pressed next to her shoulders he then placed the tip of himself on her outer lips and starts to quickly push in just a little then pull all the way back out again and again teasing her watching her face as she becomes increasingly aroused. She tries moving but he has her pinned down so she can only endure. When she thinks she can?t take it he thrust all of himself into her drawing out a scream of complete ecstasy when he hears this he starts at a steady pace which makes her moan and scream and beg him to stop and never stop it hurts so good. She reaches yet another climax this time they get there simultaneously and as she squirts all over him he has his release as he tells her how good of a slut she was for him and how happy she has made him today. As she lays there unable to move he unties her arms rubs her shoulders and removes the blindfold he tells her to come lay by him and for a while she lays in his arms in complete bliss knowing she has a loving harshly tender Master that knows how to treat a very good bad girl.

Thank You Sir? Is this the way you remember my first lesson? Can I be punished and pleasured again soon? xoxoxoxo

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