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Train ride to California

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I boarded the train on the hot July afternoon. I was heading out to California to stay with my brother for the summer. I loved southern California. It was a ritual each summer when school was out and I had made some cash in June then off to Cali. I was a wrestler all through school and was trim and strong, wrestling this final year of high school at 165 pounds. I had just graduated High school and had just turned 18.

I Found a seat in a fairly empty train car across from a beautiful brunette. She looked to be in her mid 40's and was just stunning. She had an Itallian look and her body was like Disneyland to the eyes. I got my pack stuffed under the seat and looked across at her and we made eye contact. I introduced myself as Dave and she said her name was Ann. I asked her where she was heading and she told me California to stay with her sister. I noticed a wedding band on her hand and asked if her husband was going to be joining her and she began to get a bit upset. She told me "No that piece of crap will not be joining me ever again!" She explained to me how she had come home early the week before from work and caught him in bed with her best friend, and opened the bedroom door just in time to see and hear him cumming inside her ass!

She was upset and I apologized for asking and she smiled and said it is no problem and asked if I would like to take the seat next to her. I smiled and moved my things across the aisle and sat down. I asked where in Cali she was going and she told me Riverside. I almost choked. I told her that was where my brother lived and I was going to stay with him for a month. She laughed and asked what day I was returning and we compared tickets and we would be sharing the ride back as well. The coincidences were too unbelievable to not be some weird kind of fate.

We both just sat there chatting and laughing about it. As the train pulled out we were already acting as if we had known each other all our lives. The topic of her husband came back up as we talked. She said she was going out to stay with her sister to figure out what she would do next about her as she put it "Cheating no dick piece of shit husband.

Now never being one to miss a subtle flirt I caught the no dick comment and made a mental note. You see at 5' 10" and a lean wrestlers build and a cock that never failed to impress I was on the move here. I asked her what she meant by "No Dick" and she replied that when he was full erect he was not much bigger than her thumb. I laughed and told her I was sorry for her. We both chuckled and the eye contact got more intense.

As the train rolled along through the countryside we kept the conversation on sex and she asked if I had a girlfriend. I said, "Yea a few but nothing serious." She chuckled and said that is a good thing at my age. Plenty of fish in the sea.

I suddenly noticed she had somehow unbuttoned another button on her top and I had missed it. Her clevage was awesome. I assumed she was wearing a d cup or maybe double d. her body was just amazing and her skirt was hiked up a bit more than before as well. Her tanned thighs were crossed and making me almost drool. The slit on the dress was very high on the side towards me and I was beginning to create a large bulge in my light gym shorts. We kept chatting and suddenly her hand was grazing my thigh. I smiled at her and and her hand went on my thigh. I reciprocated and slid my hand over on her thigh as well she went for it and slid her hand to my bulging cock just under the fabric of my gym shorts. she shuddered a bit and told me she had never felt a cock that big. Her and her husband had been high school sweethearts and had married shortly after graduating. She had never cheated on him in all their years. She was grabbing my hard cock and whispering all the things she wanted to do with my big cock.

Things were getting fairly hot as the train came to a stop in another town and we were slowed back to reality as a couple in their mid 50's sat down across the aisle from us. Now there were a ton of empty seats in this car but they had to pick that one. My cock began to shrink.

We started to chat with them for a while that evening and found out their names were Bill and Tracy. As it got dark and a few more stops this car never seemed to get more people. We all decided to go to the lounge car for some dinner and drinks together and the conversation was great. They were teasing Ann for robbing the cradle and she laughed and said might as well train them young. We were having a great time and Ann was drinking a lot of wine. Ann lit a smoke and asked me if I wore such light shorts just to show off the log between my legs. We all laughed and I said, "Momma always said if ya got it flaunt it" And with that Tracy asked me to stand up for her to peek. She smiled and said, "My you are a big boy." And we all chuckled and I sat back down. We sat there drinking into the night and I felt Ann's hand on my cock under the table of the dimly lit lounge car. Bill had his hand under the table and was obviously rubbing Tracy's pussy because her eyes were shut and she was silent and biting her bottom lip. We were all silent as we watched her suddenly tense and then a long uuuuuuhhhhhh came from her mouth. We were the last people in the car other than the bartender, so when Ann and I began to do a silent golf clap for the show That Bill and Tracy had put on It was missed by the bartender.

We decided to go back to our seats and took some extra drinks along with us. When we all returned to our seats Bill and Tracy began to kiss passionately I looked at Ann and smiled. We leaned in for a kiss and were pawing each other all over. Her hand went into my shorts and my hand went in her opened top. caressing her nipples and she stroked on my cock. She was whispering how bad she wanted me to fuck her and shoved my hand under her skirt. Her pussy was wet as hell. She had removed her panties on one of her trips to the restroom while we were in the lounge car. I was rubbing her clit in little circles and she began to cum within a minute. the whole time whispering that she wanted my cock inside her cunt. She wanted me to fill her married pussy with my young seed. I was so turned on that I hadn't noticed that Bill and Tracy were already going at it across the aisle.

Ann pulled my shorts down to my mid thighs and released my cock completely. She climbed across my lap and slid the head of my cock to her soaking wet slit. She nudged it into her waiting pussy and we were both in heaven. As she began to slide up and down taking more of my meat with each try she eventually got it completely in. When she was engulfing my meat completely she was groaning and sitting still cumming hard on my cock. Her juice was flowing and my dick was in a pulsing vice. She whispered in my ear as she finished her orgasm, ?That is soo fucking good!! I have never had a big cock in my pussy. Now fuck me with that boy bat!!? I did as I was told and began thrusting my cock deep in her hot hole! I fucked her hard and deep as she started cumming again after maybe 6 strokes of my cock but I didn't let up as she was stiff and her juice was flowing down my balls and onto the seat below us. She would gasp for a breath or two then stiffen again but I was relentless fucking her hard and deep enjoying the feeling of making her sexual desires reality. She began to buck her hips back and forth at amazing speed and her eyes rolled back as my first ropes of hot semen jetted into her womb. Rope after rope filling her to capacity as she passed out from her orgasm.

I held her in my arms as our juices flowed down and puddled on the seat below us. I pulled her close to me and held her on my lap. I looked over to Bill and Tracy and they were giving us a golf clap of their own. Ann came to and looking into my eyes said, ?You are mine this summer!? We all laughed and Tracy smiled and said, ?Yea I think he is a keeper hon?

Ann and I fucked almost all the way to California, and once we were there... What a summer it was! But that is for another story...

Hope you liked this. Give me some feedback and let me know. Thanks for reading my story...

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