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Train Trip

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We lie together in the cool night air in our berth on the westbound train. The gentle rocking of our steel carriage adds to the ambience and mood. I caress your face in my hands as we kiss deeply. Our naked bodies writhe against one another as my hard cock rubs along your thigh. I feel your fingertips slowly trace the length of my shaft as you tease me. Our tongues dance and play together, as the kisses get deeper and longer. You pull gently on my cock now, wanting, needing it inside you. My fingers find the wetness of you, and toy with the hard little button that is your clit. I hear the sharp intake of your breath between kisses as I slide two fingers deep inside you. I begin to work those fingers in and out slowly, as we kiss deeply again. I nibble and nip at the tender flesh of your neck as I begin my journey to taste you. I work down your neck, nibbling and biting on you onto your chest. I work my way teasingly down the flesh of your ample breasts, until I find the first of your hard nipples. I suck the taught bud deep into my mouth, thrashing it with my tongue as I do. I can hear your soft moans now, as I bit and lick my way across to the second nipple and repeat the process. All the while my fingers piston in and out of your very wet pussy. I luxuriate in teasing and sucking those erect nipples for a long time. Slowly then, I begin to kiss and nibble my way down your belly. I work slowly, teasingly till my face is close to my thrusting fingers, and then lightly tease your clit with the gentlest of strokes of my tongue’s tip. I feel you roll your hips forward, as the tongue glances your clit, wanting more. I begin to suck gently on the hood, licking as I do. Slowly I work myself between your now spread legs, and begin to work my tongue in concert with those fingers that are fucking you deeply. I take the entire hood and clit deep into my hungry mouth now, and work it over with light, fast tongue strokes. I can feel you working your hips, fucking me back, needing to cum. I want to take you there, but we will go on my timetable. I want to build that fir in you till it consumes you. When you cum, and you will cum for me, I want your world to explode. I tease and work that clit like a fine instrument. I let you get very close to the edge then back off, leaving you hanging so close to the edge. Slowly we build the intensity, until you are almost whimpering, your hands in my hair, pulling wanting. It is time now, and I begin the final assault on your throbbing clit. You seem to know that it is for real this time, and your rhythm matches mine with those hips as we race towards ecstasy. I feel the soft shudder in your thigh muscles as I taste the fruits of my labor and your sweet cum floods my mouth. My fingers pump deep and hard now as you writhe in orgasm for me. It is a long, deep climax, and I stay with you, your clit deep in my mouth till I get every drop. I you lay limp and spent on the bed; I rise to my knees between those pretty legs, and gently lift them onto my shoulders. With one swift move, I plunge every inch of my hard cock deep inside you till my full balls slap against your ass. Your hazel eyes widen in surprise, and I begin t fuck you hard and fast. My need to fill you, take you, possess you is as strong as yours was to cum in those final minutes. I ride you hard, tilting my head down to suck and nibble those wonderful hard nipples. Your nails rake my back as we fuck each other now, caught up in the whirlwind of it all. Between kisses, I hear you mumble “Oh God” “ I am going to cum again” and you begin anew. The clutching of your incredible pussy is more then I can take in the state that I am in, and I follow suit. Soon, we are deep in the whirlpool of orgasm. My hot load fills you as I feel your hands slide down my back to pull my ass plunging my cock deeper into you. We ride it out together, until we all but collapse in a heap. As we lie in the cool night air, feeling the gentle rocking of the train, we kiss and cuddle, both thinking…..”This is the way to travel”

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