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Train Delays

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I work in Midtown Manhattan and live in Queens, 5pm Friday whoohoo I'm going home. I leave work walk to the subway, wait for the train it comes but its packed so I wait for the next train. No rush, so about 6 minutes later the train comes and I get in, and wow this beautiful woman was standing just to the left as I walked in. She was wearing 3inch black heels a very short tight mini skirt and a white blouse which showed some cleavage not to much but just enough, as I walked in I started starring at her legs beautiful tanned legs, a bit musclular she must jog or work out, so my eyes worked there way up her body to her eyes which were starring back at me with a smile. I said Hello how you doing? She smiled big and said I'm fine thank you I then said Yes you are.. and walked behind her and held the pole thr train doors closed and we started moving, I am now looking at the back of these beautiful legs and imagining that ass without the skirt. The next stop a lot of people get on the train so this woman moves right to my pole to hold on we exchange smiles, I start small talk oh this is not as full as the train before it. Last stop in Manhattan 59th street the people pile in, her and I are touchin she is leanin her shoulder into my chest and her hand is sliding down touching mine.

I moved to give her some space as the train pulls out she falls on me as we laugh she tells me in her french accent in france it is not this crowded. We start talking about her I'm askin her all type of questions my stop is coming up and I'm thinking get off or don't get off, I didn't get off ... last stop ditmars blvd I ask her you need some help and I carry her large duffel bag. She walks so hot everyone is looking at her I walk her home, she opens the door tells me to come in I am thinking its a dream this never happens to me. So I go in she tells me to sit her little poodle dog is running around barking she bends over to pick up the puppy without bending her legs and I see her purple panties, m gettin hard now she goes in the room to change and comes out with her skirt and tshirt I can see her nipples hard sticking out purfect size tits. She sits next to me and says my dog bit my finger I grabbed her finger and kissed it she almost melted putting 2 fingers in my mouth so I started sucking her fingers then wrist and kissed my way to her neck she was so horny she pulled down her panties now we are kissing and touching each other. I reached down to touch her pussy and she was soaking wet but to my shock she had a clit that was at least 1 full inch. I felt like I was going to explode I pulled off her tshirt and started sucking her nipples she was moaning so loud it was making me hornier I then pulled her skirt up to her stomach and I went to go suck that 1 inch clit ... I ask her how you like it hard or soft, she said surprise me I licked circles around her clit and stuck 2 fingers in her pussy and she tensed up grabbed her legs and let out a moan and began to squirt it was incredible so I kept on doing it only drivin my fingers deeper in her pussy and the moans got to a higher pitch. I turned her so she was laying on the couch and I was on my knees on the floor, I was tongue kissing her and I put 2 fingers back in her pussy my 2 biggest fingers I curled them up towards her stomach and I was finger fucking her fast and hard and again she squirted all over my hand and the couch.. I said to her you have the biggest clit I ever sucked and again she squirted she was so horny and wet that I figured I try to get some ass so with 2 fingers in her pussy her squirting me talking nasty to her I sucked her tits telling her your so hot I want to fuck you every way possible till you can't cum anymore, and again so I slid my pinky in her ass and she said yes and I kept on I now have 2 fingers in her pussy and my pinky in her ass and she is moanin loving it and squirting .. now I switch and put 2 fingers in her ass while I sucked her clit like it was a little cock my pinky and ring finger are in her ass I put my middle finger and pointer finger in her pussy and continue to suck her clit I said you like this you like it in your ass she squirts you do like it you want more don't you yes yes yes she says as she squirts. I am now going really fast in and out of her pussy and ass now I take my other hand and get another finger in her pussy the I take it out and gently push it in to her ass. Yes 3 fingers in her ass and 2 in her pussy I finger fucked her a few more squirts I just can't take anymore I climbed on top and shoved my cock in her pussy as hard as I can she was dripping pussy juice all over I fucked her pussy then I went back down and sucked her pussy she said no please fuck me I need cock right now ... where I said where you want me to fuck you your ass you want that ass fucked yes yes she said I pushed my cocked right in slow and gentle I was now all the way in her ass and she is sucking her fingers and rubbing her tits so I took 2 fingers and rubbed her clit the pussy was squirting so much I turned her sideways so I can get in that asshole deeper I stick my 2 fingers in her pussy. And tell her this is what 2 cocks feel like cum after cum after cum .. I told her you stick your fingers in your pussy feel my cock in your ass with your fingers she puts 3 fingers in her pussy I'm pump faster she gets faster I am slamming my cock into her ass and she squirts and says I love getting fucked fuck me hard. I am about to cum I feel it I tell her and she wants to drink it but I coulndt take it out of her ass it felt so good I said no I'm cumming in your ass I did I came she came and I pulled it out fast no she yells I then shoved 3 fingers in her ass and 3 in her pussy I can feel my cum dripping out of her ass but she loved it so I did that til she couldn't take it anymore... I got dressed and noticed my pants were wet from all her cum got her phone number and left. I went to get a slice of pizza and noticed it was 10:30pm. I ordered a pie jumped in a cab got home and my wife said why are you home so late I told her train delays..

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