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Total Surprise-first time

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I always enjoy when my wife goes out alone and leaves me home to watch the kids or just whenever because we sex text the whole time. It gets her all worked up and ready to fuck good when she gets home plus I am hard as all crap too. I also encourage her to flirt whenever she goes out and tell me about it. I have been trying to get her to chat with a guy and let me listen in on it to get me all worked up but we have not done that yet. She always gets hit on by guys while she is out and tells me about it while she is there and when she gets back. We have been swinging already for three years but we like to test the boundaries and keep it interesting.

I have had a fantasy of her linking up with a total stranger from the store and taking him back to our truck in the parking lot and sucking his cock, let him finger and lick her pussy then fuck her in our truck all without me knowing-I did not think she would do it, boy was I wrong. We had been talking to a local guy for awhile but for some reason or another we lost contact with him due to busy schedules. We started to reengage him because my other fantasy was to see her with a black guy and a white guy at the same time while I watched. He is a black guy with a long cock and very hard. So we started talking to this guy again and I was just casually chatting one day with him and mentioned she was out at a store, he agreed to meet her out there. I texted her if it was Ok and she reluctantly agreed. So he meets her at the store and according to her he comes up to her and kisses her neck to start conversation, not a bad move, LOL. They walked around the store for awhile chatting all the while he had his arm around her. I thought she was upset with me for asking this guy to meet her there so I was checking in that everything was Ok, she said it was. When they finally decided to leave the store and go back to the truck neither I nor the guy knew what we were in for, WOW. I continue to make sure she is not mad and me and she tells me she is not but I feel she is. She sends me a text telling me that she is not mad but wants me to follow our rules (usually we mutually meet the guy first and host the first time to get comfortable) and that she is doing this for me so consider it an early one year marriage anniversary present (our anniversary was the next day) then stops the text. So I send another text asking if she had done something already and she replied that they had kissed already and that he was not bad too plus to let her get back to what she was doing and would let me know when she was done.

Oh forgot to mention she had the camera with her and was videoing all this for me to watch when she got home. So finally I get a text that she was done and was coming home so I wait patiently as I could which was not very well. I ask her how it went and she says fine, I ask her for details and all she would give me that he went down on her and that she did not fake the orgasm he gave her, that he was good. So she gets home and I take her straight upstairs because I could not wait one more second, I lay her on the bed and dive right into eating her pussy. I thought I could taste him but did not think much of it, I told her to tell me what they did. This is when she dropped the bomb on me that he licked her, fucked her and he had cum in her. I was shocked because I did not really think she would do it and that right now I was tasting this guys cum in her, it turned me on even more. I ate her out until she orgasmed more than fucked her good until she had another orgasm and I shot my cum into her too. When we were done I went downstairs where she gave me the camera?s memory stick of the events that happened in the parking lot.

I eagerly load it up and the first video is of her setting the camera up in our truck so she could kiss this guy. They kissed for a couple of minutes and it was nothing short of hot as hell but it gets better. He gets in our truck but then decided to offer his much larger truck to go to plus he had tinted windows, she agrees. He goes and gets his truck where the next video starts.

The camera is set up to show her in his passenger seat, her dress is already up to expose her nicely shaved pussy, he leans over reclines her seat and proceeds to kissing her hard again while rubbing high on her thighs to her pussy. He then runs his hands all over her body while he kissed her mouth and the neck (she loves her neck kissed hard too). He then pulls her left breast out of her sundress and begins to suck on it like he was craving it for awhile. After sucking on her tit for a bit she runs his hand up her thigh straight to her awaiting pussy. She spreads her legs so he can get those fingers on her wet pussy. He is sucking her tit hard while he is rubbing her clit hard too; he then starts to kiss her passionately again while still rubbing her clit and pussy. He then goes back to sucking her tit while rubbing her pussy. He then decides to go down and put his mouth all over her pussy. He gives the camera to her so she can video it up and close. He starts to suck on her pussy and her clit while one hand is spreading her lips open and the other hand has a finger in her pussy fingering her. She is moaning and rocking her hips to his mouth and finger. She has two big orgasms right there in his passenger seat in a packed store parking lot. Amazing. The only reason they stop is because he gets a phone call but wait there are more videos.

The final video starts I guess when he was done on the phone because he goes back to sucking her pussy and he really gets into that pussy with his mouth and finger, he is good. He gets her to have an even larger orgasm then the other two, it was awesome to hear her moan and scream out like that knowing where they were. When she was done she compliments him on his skills and they start kissing again. He then gets into the driver?s seat, pulls down his shorts and out comes this even semi-hard cock it was long. She leans over and starts to suck this long cock; she says it is the longest she has had so far so it turns me on knowing that. She has no gag reflex so watching her suck a cock is amazing, she has skills. She hands him the camera this time so he can video his cock going in and out of my wife?s mouth, her head bobbing up and down, wow. He pulls her skirt up so it is exposing her ass to anyone that comes walking by, she is licking just his tip and sucking on the head-she mentioned he was a leaker and she loves the taste of cum. She then gets her mouth off his cock and begins to stroke it while she figures out how to fuck him in his truck.

Luckily he had a big SUV with three rows. They get into the second row and she sets the camera up on the door, she is already sitting on his cock riding it up and down. You can see her riding that cock well and both of them enjoying it. She really starts to get into and even screams for him to fuck her harder which he does and she has another huge orgasm all over his cock, she even hits her head on the roof. You can see her grip the back seat as she is having wave after wave of orgasm, it was that hard. Not even a minute later you can hear him get to his limit and she gets more excited and he begins to pump 6 weeks of cum into my wife?s pussy. She closes her eyes as she is enjoying him cumming still in her and her orgasm still going too. He is also slapping her ass multiple times as he unloads everything he has into her pussy. He was not wearing a condom because we are not worried about anything happening, so he was free to let it all out into her and he did. Trust me I did not know but that is what I tasted was the first guy besides me to cum inside her pussy, it was actually not that bad tasting. When they recovered a little from their huge orgasms they both had, they made sure they got the camera and gave me one bigger kiss.

She told me later after all this that they had made a mess in his truck because there was so much cum from not only him but her cum too. She also told me that they did not know but a tow truck had pulled into the spot next to them and they are pretty sure he watched everything that happened but they did not care because we like to be watched. So a ton of guys were happy that day. I talked to the guy later on messenger and he even said he was not expecting to fuck my wife but my wife had every intention of it.

She is a great wife and knows how to surprise me all time and keep me on my toes guessing what she will do next. Thank you for that. We had some incredible sex for days over that and still to this day it is one of my favorite videos she has made for me with someone else. Stay tuned I will write next about what she did the next day on our one year wedding anniversary with this same guy while I was out of town for the day???

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