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Too little time

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Her pulse raced as she signed in at the front desk. She knew their free time was precious. Their busy schedules never afforded them long relaxed evenings in each others arms. They only had stolen moments to share their passion. She put the extra room key into her coat pocket and headed towards the elevator. When the elevator doors opened on the third floor she quickly glanced around looking for a hiding place. She spotted the flower arrangement on the table and slid the key underneath. Her fingers fumbling with excitement she reached for her cell phone and entered the just to the left of the elevator door...and hit send. She knew he would know exactly what to do.

As she entered the hotel room she glanced around to exam where she would be spending the next few hours. She was please with her choice and hoped he would be as well. With no time to waste she put her coat away and unpacked her bag. She had chosen a black lace gown and matching robe for this visit. And had remembered the important play things...soft ropes, blindfold, rubber vibrators and flavored lubricant. She was almost ready for him.

As she started the water in the shower she turned to look in the bathroom mirror. She knew that soon enough he would be looking at her bare skin. His hands would be cradling her breasts and feeling her passion. She would feel her heart racing again just knowing that he was on his way to her. She stepped under the warm flow of water and began to relax. She ran her fingers over her wet skin and spread the silky soap across her body. She had shaved her pussy that morning and liked the way it felt when the water flowed across her lips. But she could also feel her own juices wetting them as well. She could not stop her hands as she slid her fingers all around her swollen clit. She began rubbing in a rhythm that she knew would bring her to climax. She began thrusting her hips in time with her fingers and she soon shuddered in a hard orgasm. She had wanted to wait for him to start but could not stand it any longer. It had been too long since she had felt a man's touch. And she could not stop yet. She continued to rub and thrust until her own moaning brought her back to reality. She quickly rinsed off, shot off the water and grabbed for a towel. It was then that she saw him. He was standing there watching her every move with a sly smile on his face. He didn't say a word but she knew what was in store for her.

He moved towards the bed and left her to dry herself and slip into the black lace gown and robe. Feeling slightly guilty she went to take her pleasure ...and pain. He thanked her for the clear text message and the easy hiding place for his key. He told her how much he liked the room choice. He told her how sexy the gown and robe were and that it pleased him to see her so prepared for him. But then he asked her why she did not wait for him. He asked why he was there if she was just as happy to pleasure herself. She gently knelt in front of him and slipped off his shoes and socks without saying a word. She loosened his tie and unbuttoned his short. As he stood to remove his pants she stared into his eyes and apologized for her impatience. She explained that in her excitement she lost control and was sorry she had cum without him. She would not do it again. As he stepped out of his boxers she could see that her words and her body had excited him. He was fully erect and full for her. She looked up into his eyes as she took hold of his stiff cock and slid it into her warm wet mouth. She licked and sucked and enjoyed every inch of him. She knew how things would work this day. She knew he always prepared for his time with her. She knew he had taken the pill that would keep him hard all day and would allow him to drain every ounce of his cum onto and into her. She was going to enjoy every moment of this day.

He began to thrust his cock deep into her mouth as he held that back of her head. He looked into her eyes as he unloaded his first load of cum. He watched as tiny drops ran from the sides of her mouth and as she licked her lips - not letting any of it escape. He helped her from her knees and had her sit next to him on the bed. He kissed her softly enjoying the taste of his cum on her lips. These would not be the only lips of hers that he would taste his cum on today.

He spoke softly to her saying how well she had pleasured his cock. But he said she knew what would be coming next. She needed to be punished for starting without him. She nodded and got onto her knees on the bed. She raised her ass into the air readying herself for his response. He slid her gown up over her ass and rubbed his hand over her bare skin. He firmly planted his hand on her ass cheek. He repeated his action and slowly increased the pressure he put behind his smack. She slightly flinched at first but steadied herself knowing the pain would give way to pleasure. He continued to spank her...quietly telling her he was disappointed in her lack of patience. He said he should be worth the wait..He said next time she would not disappoint him. He alternated ass cheeks until they were both red and she was moving against his hand. He asked her if she was enjoying her punishment. She nodded without speaking a word. He slid his hand between her legs and felt her juices running down her thighs. He flipped her over and spread her legs so he could see her wet pussy. He grabbed one of the vibrators she had brought and began fucking her with it. He asked he if this is what she had wanted. He asked her if this is what she could not wait for. She nodded, tears rolling down her cheeks. He fucked her with the rubber cock and told her NOW she could cum. He told her to cum now for him. He told her to fuck that cock like she was fucking his cock. He told her to act like the horny little slut she was. And she came hard for him. She raised her ass off the bed and fucked that rubber cock like it was his. She came so hard and finally collapsed onto the bed.shuddering with pleasure. He leaned over and kissed her hard and said how proud he was of her. That now she could rest for a moment while he poured them a drink. He said they could talk for a while before they resumed their play time.

She spun herself around on the bed so that she could rest her head on the pillow and begin to catch her breath. She felt drained but knew that there would be more to come before she could completely rest. When he returned with her drink she sipped carefully even when she wanted to gulp it down to quench her thirst. She needed to show self control. She needed to believe she had self control.

He slid under the bed sheet as they made small talk. He discussed how he hated traveling so much for work. She spoke of her never ending work load. She laughed as he told a funny story of the chatty couple he sat next to on his last flight into town. She caught him up on the latest stories from the local news knowing he had been two time zones away the previous day. And then he began to focus on the next act in their afternoon play. He kept up the conversation as he went to the dresser and picked up the ropes. Without hesitation he tied slip knots into both ends of each rope. He slip one end over the four poster bed frame on his side of the bed and repeated the same on her side. She watched him as he moved with a purpose and the conversation seemed to stop. He then looked straight into her eyes as he slipped the other ends of rope onto her wrists. She knew the knots were not too tight for her to escape if she chose to. But she would not choose to. She relaxed, laid back on the bed and allowed her arms to spread from one side of the bed to the other. The ropes did not pull them tightly. There was enough slack to allow her to cross them if he wanted her to change position. But she knew what position to assume. She was on her back and her arms spread wide open. Ready to submit to his instruction.

He returned from the dresser with the blindfold and gently tied it over her eyes. Once he had her tied and blindfolded he was ready to proceed. With a quick snap he pulled the sheets off the bed and left her there completely exposed. Nothing to hide her bare nakedness. He walked around the edge of the bed not saying a word but making sure she could hear his movement. He left her wondering what would come next. He firmly took one ankle in his hands and pulled it to the edge of the bed. He pressed it into the mattress as if to tell her not to move it. He then moved to the other side of the bed and did the same with her other ankle. She lay there spread wide open for him to examine and enjoy. And that was exactly whet he intended to do. He ran his hands around her breasts gently touching each nipple just before giving them a pinch. She flinched slightly but did not make a sound. He touched her face softly and traced her lips just before sliding his finger inside her mouth. Instinctively she licked and sucked as if it was sugar coated. He slid his wet finger down her belly as she began to take deep breaths in anticipation of his next moves.

He then turned his attention to her legs. He started at her feet and traced lines to her knees. He enjoyed her soft skin and the fact that he was teasing her passion. Because she was spread so far open he could see the moisture starting to well up inside her swollen lips. He could not resist touching her gently and hearing her slight moan. Just one fingertip almost brought her to climax. But he was not ready for that yet. He withdrew his hand. By now she began to lift her hips off the bed when his hands drew close to her skin. It was as if they were magnets...he came close to her and she raised to his touch. She was breathing deeply and thrusting her hips blindly towards a lover she could not see. But his electricity was in the air and she could feel him.

He was rock hard even though she could not see him. He enjoyed this game but wanted to plunge his stiff cock deep inside of her. He wanted to feel her wetness as he drilled deep. With almost one fluid movement he flipped her over face down on the bed. That was the reason for the slack in the ropes. He liked to change things up on a whim. She gasped with surprise but knew what to do. She spread herself again and raised her ass up to received whatever he was give her today. He grabbed a small vibrator off the dresser and moved to the bed to explore her more closely. He dipped the vibrator deep inside her pussy to lube it up and then slowly slid it into her ass. She raised her ass to meet him and relaxed and let it inside. He fucked her ass just a and out a few times. It was really just to tease himself. He then pulled her hips off the bed a little more and moved into position to fuck her. He wanted full access to her and he would get it. On his knees he thrust his cock into her pussy with one hard push. She moaned but not in pain. It was more in excitement. She was ready for him. He began to fuck her pussy with his rock hard cock as he continued to fuck her ass with the vibrator. Her juices were flowing full on. She pushed back against him...taking every inch of much as he would give her. She moaned with pleasure and solemnly asked if he would permit her to cum. She said she would cum all over his cock if it would please him. She said she would continue to pump him if it would please him. She almost begged him to allow her to relieve her pressure. He never stopped him rhythm as he said she had been a good slut and he gave her permission. But he said she could not stop until he had unloaded all him cum inside of her. He had barely finished his sentence when she screamed and came so hard that she shook the bed. She continued to pump his cock for what seemed like hours until he yelled with pleasure and unloaded what seemed like gallons of cum inside of her. It was so intense he could not stop for a few minutes. He plunged deep inside until he fell on top of her - both of then in a heap on the bed. Neither one said a word as they both closed their eyes and fell fast asleep.

She awoke after what seemed like a lifetime wrapped in the arms of the man she trusted more than anyone she had ever known. She felt comfort in his strength. She felt safety in his control. No one else has ever had power like this in her life. But she did not fear him at all. She knew he would never abuse his power over her.

She laid there enjoying the last few moments of stillness. He began to rustle and stretch. And he kissed her forehead as his eyes opened. This kiss was different from the ones before. This kiss was soft and sweet. This kiss said he felt more than just passion for her. This kiss was how he truly felt about her. She knew she was special to him. No matter how many others there were in his life she knew she held a special place.

Without a word he began to caress her body. He kissed her mouth. He kissed her neck. He cupped her breasts in his hands and kissed them. He sucked her nipples - holding them in his mouth and tickling the tips with his tongue. He began to make love to her. He moved her body into place with his strong hands. Not forceful like before. He looked into her eyes with desire from deep inside. His hands touched her body gently but with a purpose. He knew what he wanted and was going to have it. But there was no need to take it this time. She willingly gave into his touch. She wanted the same thing. The submission and fierceness was not there. There was love and kindness...passion and feelings that had not been allowed out earlier in the afternoon. Their eyes directed their hands. No words were needed. Their bodies moved in rhythm as if scripted. In a matter of moments his cock was rock hard and her pussy dripping wet. And no hands or fingers had touched either place. Just kissing and touching each others' chests and shoulders. But their desire knew the next movements in this play. They made passionate love for the next half hour. She took control and rode him for a while. He lay her back and enjoyed her softer side. After so long they both climaxed in unison spending every last ounce of energy for the day.

Neither one of them wanted to leave the bed but they both knew their time was up for now. They showered together stealing kisses every chance they got. Their hands gently soaped each other off and enjoyed watching the water wash the suds away. They shared small talk as they toweled off and dressed. She quickly packed the toys in her bag. He wrapped her in his arms one last time and kissed her. He didn't want to let go. She whispered in his ear that they would see each other again soon. She promised. After one more quick kiss he left for his car. All the way home he kept running his tongue over his lips trying to get one more taste of her. As she walked out from the hotel she dabbed a tear from her eye. She already missed him. And she knew it would be too long before she would feel his touch again. But she would take what she could have of him. And she would enjoy every moment.

Tonight she would have sweet dreams.

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