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Together at last

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So there we were.....finally together, after the time on-line, the long, sexy phone calls. The first time together since that first time when we met at the convention. In that sunny hotel room, smiling and laughing together. At first, all we wanted to do was hold each other, kiss, those long, sexy, passionate kisses that get both our juices flowing. I could feel your breasts against me and I wanted to feel them, warm and naked, pressed against my bare chest. You sensed my need, and stood back. Your fingers went to the buttons on your sundress and you slowly, tantalizingly undid the top one...then the next...Now your black bra was visible and the cleavage between your firm breasts. I felt myself rising......I slid off my shirt and ran my fingers over the bulge in my tightening slacks.....You undid more buttons, letting the dress slip down. Now your panties were visible, then the top of your thighs.

You stepped out of the dress and gave me a long, lingering kiss, running your fingers over the bulge of my hard cock. Then you turned your back to me. You smiled back over your shoulder as you reached back to undo the faced me, holding it over your breasts, then slowly let it drop, exposing your naked breasts with the sexy nipples to my hungry eyes. You reached down and, very slowly, rolled down your lacy panties. Now you were completely naked, lovely and desirable. I undid my belt, pulled down the zip and you came to me and slid a hand inside my briefs, feeling my stiffness. I pulled everything off, my cock springing up to stand, thick and hard, for you. You ran your hand up it then bent your head to take it in your lips, running your tongue over the head, stroking the shaft, my balls....You moved your head up and down on it as my hands caressed your hair, your neck, then your breasts, feeling the hard nipples growing, stiffening.

Then I laid you on the bed, kissing you, stroking you...My hands dropped to the wetness between your legs, feeling the moist opening part to let my fingers explore. I stroked the soft skin as I lowered my head to your waiting thighs.....Then my tongue was on you, licking, teasing, loving the sweet taste of you. You parted your legs further as my tongue pushed into you then slowly moved up to caress your waiting clit...My lips closed over it, sucking gently, as my finger slid inside you....You arched your back and pressed against my mouth as my lips, my tongue and my thrusting finger worked together to bring you to the brink of orgasm....I felt you start to quiver, then lifted up...rubbed your clit with my hard cock, then THRUST it deep into you. As you felt its hardness and warmth enter you, you wrapped your legs around me and pulled me into you. I thrust hard, deep as you started to come...waves of delight washed over you as you orgasmed long and hard...the first of many......

As your body relaxed slowly after that first wild orgasm, we lay close, arms around each other, kissing, caressing..... .My hand dropped to your breasts and I stroked your nipples, enjoying their stiffness, the soft skin of your perfect breasts. I lowered my head and took a nipple in my mouth, licking, sucking. My hand stroked its twin, feeling them get harder and fuller as the stimulation made them grow and stiffen. I switched, taking the other one in my mouth, pulling harder now, running my teeth gently along the sensitive skin. I felt your hand on my erect cock, stroking, pulling in time to my attention to your nipples. I opened my mouth and took as much of your breast as I could into it, sucking, closing my lips over my teeth and pulling on you, feeling your breasts swell and grow against my face. I buried my face between them, loving the feel of you, the womanly scent of you. I licked and sucked, teasing your nipples, kissing your breasts, over and over, again and again........

Now I raised myself up the bed and stroked your nipples with my hard cock, outlining them with it. You lay on your back and I straddled you, rubbing my cock in the valley between your warm breasts, your hands pushing your breasts against it, trapping it in a warm, sensual prison. You lowered your head and licked the tip as it thrust out, then slowly took more in, sucking the head with your lips, running your tongue up and down the shaft. My hand was between your legs, my fingers opening you, feeling your wetness as first one, then two fingers slid inside you. Then my finger ran up to your clit, rolling it from side to side, rubbing it, stimulating it. My cock was thrusting harder now, in and out of the magic valley, me loving the feel of your breasts against me, your mouth on me. My fingers worked faster on you, moving in time to my thrusts into your willing mouth. I grew harder yet at the sexy sight of my cock between your breasts, then disappearing into your mouth. We moved faster now, moving together, your hips thrusting up against my hand, my cock moving in and out of your wonderful mouth. I could feel you start to quiver...feel your body shaking again....

I moved down, lifting your legs, and put my face between them. My tongue pushed inside you, my fingers slid back in as my lips closed on your clit. I sucked and licked hard on it, faster now, my fingers thrusting into you.. You pushed against my face as I took in the sweet juices, savoring the feel, the taste of you. Your legs were over my shoulders, your thighs were open to me, your sweetness overwhelmed me....My mouth moved faster now, sucking, licking as your orgasm grew...You shuddered as a finger stroked between your cheeks then slipped inside the tight opening as your hips pushed up and down against my started to come, shaking now, quivering as the sensation overtook you....... My fingers thrust into you in time to the movement of your hips......on and on, a series of little climaxes that rolled into one huge one until we collapsed together, still holding each other, in a mix of arms and legs.....

He awoke, relaxed and happy, knowing that he had been dreaming about her again. Then...............He looked at her curled up next to him, deeply asleep, with a smile on her face. He kissed her cheek and stroked her hair, gently, not to disturb her slumber. She moved against him, half waking, then turned over, still against him, touching him even in her sleep. Her body was pressed against his, her naked cheeks warm against his lower body. He felt himself stirring at the nearness of her, as he always did, and pulled her closer to him. His hand reached around her and his fingers traced the outline of her nipples, feeling them stiffen at his touch. She moaned something , still asleep, but he felt her firm breasts pressing against his hands as she responded automatically to his touch, as he did to hers.

His hands dropped lower, and found the soft hairs between her legs. He slid a finger between her legs and felt her moistness. He started to stroke her clit, softly, gently. He felt himself growing hard at the nearness of her, his cock rising against her warm cheeks, pressed against him. His finger was moving faster now, rolling her now stimulated clit from side to side as his other hand reached round and slid a finger into her welcoming opening, wet with her sweet juices........He stiffened more against her as she pressed back against him, then down on his urgent fingers. She gasped, half awake, still half asleep......His desire rose, and he held his erect cock tight, pushing it into the valley between her legs, savoring her warmth, the softness of her skin over the firm body.

He reached down and lifted her leg, feeling her now very wet and waiting opening ready for him. He felt the lips close over the head of his rock hard cock, and pushed slowly, deeply into her welcoming body. He started to thrust, slowly at first, then more urgently as his need overwhelmed him. She thrust herself back against him, still half asleep, but reacting in sleep as she did awake, squeezing him, milking him. His hands reached round her, one pulling on her erect nipples, each in turn, the other down on her exposed clit, rubbing it in time to his now urgent thrusts. He was moving fast now, thrusting deeply into her with each stroke as she sighed and pushed her cheeks back against him, taking him to higher delights.....

He felt her stirring as the first feeling of orgasm approached, and intensified his movements. He was pounding into her now, deeper and deeper, the two of them moving as one. He felt the feeling growing inside him, her vaginal muscles were squeezing him, delighting him to a point beyond intensity. He gasped as the climax neared, and held still for an endless, magical moment. Then the orgasm hit them both, exploding together as he shot jet after jet of hot juice into her writhing body.

Gasping, they lay motionless as their hearts pounded, bathed in moisture, holding tight, wrapped in each others arms..............and this time it was for real.

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