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Tied and Teased School Girl

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Tied and Teased School Girl

The following is a true story I have had. It is also one of the mildest bondage events I have done but also so much fun.

Allow me to set the scene for you before I begin the adventure. It was a cool autumn early evening, it had just rained, so the air was clean and crisp with the sent from the pine trees being carried in the breeze.

My sub at twenty six, was seven years younger than me and loved to be teased while restrained, yet always pleased me with a vigorous passion any time I wished. My travels as a DOM have taken me down several paths and restraining women and teasing women are two of my favorite areas.

She arrived at my door dressed in her school girl outfit, hair in a ponytail, which I often used like reigns. I grabbed her and we kissed, my hands roamed over her round firm ass. I closed the door and told her to to get on her knees and give me a little sucking before we entered the bedroom for the nights play. She said yes master and kneeled. I only had a pair of loose fitting shorts on, so she pulled them down and began to lick my balls and up to the tip of my cock. My cock was still soft so she had to hold it up at first. As I began to harden, my cock had the first of many precum drips. I told Jill to suck me but only take the head of my cock in her mouth. Jill obeyed by holding the head in her mouth by sucking and ran her tongue over and around the dripping tip, she did this for several minutes when I told her to slowly move down my shaft. Jill is a moaner and always kind of moaned/hummed as she sucked cock. She had taken about a minute to take me fully in her mouth deeply to her throat. I held her head so my cock was pressing against the back of her throat for a little bit, then pulled out almost all the way. Jill was squirming as she knelt before me and asked permission to touch her pussy, but I denied her. I then began to pump her mouth while holding her head so I could fill her with each stroke. When I released my hold on her head, she looked up at me puzzled, but kept sucking. Her mouth was like a liquid vice, warm and very wet. I allowed her to suck for a few minutes and then told her to stand. Jill knew what was about to come next as I had often started this way.

We moved into the bedroom where the fourposter bed was. I laid down on the bed and told her to stroke me before we got into our routine. Her hand wrapped around my cock at the tip so she could use the precum for lube. Jill then used the palm of her hand over the tip of my cock to coax more precum out, and then reached for the base of my cock and grasped tightly to milk more up and out. I told Jill to lick my shaved balls while she stroked. After a few minutes I told her to stop and move in front of the bed and slowly undress for me but she knew that that meant only down to her bra and panties. I told her that she was allowed to touch her breasts but not her pussy or nipples as she removed her top and skirt. Jill unbuttoned one button and then caressed her sides trying to get me to make her hurry and move to her being tied. I told her she was a bad girl and I moved towards her and had her bend over. I lifted her skirt and exposed her pantie clad ass for her spanking. I gave her 3 HARD spanks and told her to behave! Jill whimpered and moaned as I swatted her bottom. I then laid back on the bed and told her to continue removing her clothes. Jill teasingly opened the top button by button and removed it to expose a red and black lacey strapless bra. The bra matched the panties that covered the round ass I had just spanked. Jill threw the top on the chair and I told her to turn around with her ass towards me as she removed her skirt. She unbuttoned the skirt and then unzipped it, then slowly lowered it showing me her firm round ass in its tight sexy lace panties.

I had been stroking my cock as I had watched her but it was now time for her to get tied up. I got up, grabbed her and bit her neck. Jill was ready for what was about to come. While biting her neck I moved her towards the bed and grabbed the fur covered handcuffs and applied them. I had put them on in front of her this time which she had not expected. Jill looked puzzled that I had not used them behind her back as I usually do but she had also not noticed the new restraints attached to the bed posts, I pushed her onto the bed and told her not to move as I put a blindfold on her. After the blindfold was in place I took the rope from the headboard posts and tied her hands up in the air. I then moved down and tied her ankles to and tied them so she was now laying with her legs wide open. She is excited and tried to move but cant. I move up and grab her head then rub my dripping cock head over her lips. She licks the juice off the end and I tell her to open her mouth, she does and I enter her. She sucks madly as I pump her face several times then without notice I pull all the way out.

I have not told her about what was about to happen and I know she will squirm under my touch. I had an old fur lined glove that I had turned inside out, and applied it over my hand. I needed a towel to remove the drips from my cock before I used it on her. I dried my cock and moved to her with the glove. With the blindfold she has no idea what is about to happen. Jill is only a little bit ticklish and knew this would be shocking to her yet pleasant. I reached out and stroked her neck and down across the tops of her still covered breasts with the glove, she moaned and squirmed with this unfamiliar feeling. I kept rubbing across her breast tops and under her chin being careful not to let my hand go over her nipples. She gasped as I moved under her breasts to her belly and sides, the fur teasing her skin as it moved over it. I asked her what she wanted and she replied, please master touch my pussy. I refused! I continued rubbing over her belly and sides, then I lifted the glove. Jill moved trying to have it touch her again. I took the glove lower and places it just above her school girl socks on her knee. I stroked up and down along the outside of her leg to her hip and back, then across her belly to the other leg. She squirmed and I told her to lay still, she could not so I slapped her pussy and clit. Jill let out a small scream in the form of a very loud OH! I told her to keep still but she really could not yet tried her best. I rubbed her legs from knees to the hip and over to the other, down to her knee and repeated this for about 5 more minutes. I then used the glove on her inner thighs from the knee almost to her pussy. I reached to get my towel and dry some of my cock drippings. I then bent over and licked her belly as I stroked her inner thighs. Jill's hips bucked wanting to have the glove touch her dripping pussy. I reached up and undid her front clasp bra and let it fall open to expose her young perky breasts with hat hanger nipples. I used the glove to circle her nipples without touching them. The glove traced the outside of her breasts and between them, nipples poking so hard they could break off. I continued this pattern for a few minutes and then bent over to suck in a nipple, Jill was startled and let out a very loud gasp as my mouth sucked in her nipple. I then bit it and pulled on the hard nub with my teeth. The glove was sill roaming around her tits and belly and I bit and sucked the rock hard nipple in my mouth. I stopped sucking and biting and moved lower to lick her belly, she arched her back wanting more and harder touches. The gloved hand roamed over the upper part of her thighs and then the insides of them as I licked. Jill's hips bucked and lifted off the bed. I once again told her to be still and slapped her on the pussy and clit, she screamed and begged for me to touch her pussy. MASTER PLEASE TOUCH ME!!! Of course I did not touch her but teased her more, moving the glove so it just barely touched her now swollen pussy lips. I then lowered my mouth and licked above her clit as the glove glided over her inner thighs. Her back now arched up high, her clit begging to be licked.

I moved between her legs and rubbed the glove over her pussy, she jumped as the fur touched that spot between her pussy and uppermost thigh. I knelt between her legs and licked the swollen lips of her pussy, then with a flat tongue I gave it a cat lick from near her ass to her clit, this always drives her crazy. After several licks I move once again and since the blindfold is still in place she can only feel what is to come. She feels my weight near her head and turns her head as if she wants to see what is about to happen but she knows in her mind. I take my semi hard cock in hand and slap her lips with it. Jill once again gasps from shock. I order her to open her mouth and stick her tongue out, she obeys. I take my cock and rub her lips and then pull away so only the tip of my cock is in reach of her flicking tongue. It gets harder as she licks it. Almost back to full erection I tell her to open wide and slowly enter her mouth. Her lips surround my cock and she sucks wildly, knowing when I am good and hard I will fuck her face and then give her pussy what it has been waiting for. I stroke in her mouth faster and deeper for several minutes.

I move once again and Jill whimpers knowing I am about to enter her dripping pussy. I grab a pillow and lift her to place it under her ass for maximum penetration. I use my cock to slap her hard swollen clit several times, then rub in up and down her spread lips. At this point we are both dripping with anticipation and ready for a hard fucking. I tease her pussy a little more rubbing up and down then without warning I enter her fast, hard and deep. Jill screams loudly as I do. I pull out slowly and back in hard and fast, out slow and in fast. My shaved balls are now wet from our juices dripping down them and the place between her ass and pussy are soaked. My cock drives in her and the wetness from both of us makes the contact of balls and her makes a loud slapping sound. My cock and her pussy are also making lots of squishy sounds from all the juices. I pound her DEEP and HARD. I begin to start a steady pace, the bone above my cock hitting her clit and balls slapping her near her ass. I begin to pump faster and as hard as I can, listening to her moans and screams as I do, this heightens my pleasure. I begin to feel my balls filling and cock swell even more as I am getting close to shooting my load. I release her hands from their bondage and she grabs me and tries to pull me deeper in her. Jill knows from my sounds I am getting close and I tell her she may remove her blindfold. She watches as I get closer to shooting. She sees my face become distorted and my teeth clench. My load is almost ready for her. She is screaming because her legs are still bound and she can not move as she would if she was free. I pound hard and ask what she wants. She replies MASTER PLEASE cum and let me suck you dry. Her hips move as wildly as they can being tied. I shove in DEEP and tell her I am going to fill her pussy with my cum, my cock swells to its maximum, my load ready. I pump a few more times and fill her pussy, she knows I am cuming in her and feels the hot juice run down to the crack of her ass and bucks, then she releases her hot juice all over my cock. I pump a few more times and pull out. I release her one foot and roll her on her side. I then hold her head and shove my cum soaked cock in her mouth. Jill sucks wildly still writhing from her orgasm. I hold her head and pump a few times before letting her just suck me dry. Her cheeks hallow as she sucks trying to get the last drop of cum from me.

If you like this one, please let me know and I will post more and I will get into some harder areas. Ladies interested in similar events, I will be traveling again soon. hehehehe

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