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Tied, Teased, and Pleased. By: Trucker -- (a fantasy that I would love to live out one day)

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You park the car in the garage and wearily walk up to the door of our house. With a heavy sigh of relief, you close the front door behind you. Home. A haven where the cares of the world and demands of every day life just seem to disappear into the distance. You can smell dinner being prepared and there is soft music playing on the stereo.

Putting your briefcase on the chair and kicking off your shoes, you walk into the kitchen to find me hovering over a pot on the stove. While I continue to cook dinner, you come up behind me and give me a hug. I turn around and kiss you lovingly.

?Welcome home, sweetheart. Tough day??

?You have no idea.? you reply.

?Well, dinner is just about ready. How about you pour us some wine and have a seat and I?ll bring dinner to you.?

The meal is delicious and we talk about your day and the difficult things that goes on in your world. I listen intently as you speak, hoping to find some words to make life more bearable. With each passing moment, I can see the responsibilities just melt away and you relax in the knowledge that the outside world cannot bother us here. After dinner is completed, I let you relax for a minute while I clear the table of the dishes.

When the dishes have been cleared, I take you by the hand and bring you to your feet. Looking directly into your eyes, I ask if you are ready to free yourself of any responsibility for the next several hours? You wonder just what I have in mind, but the thought of not having to make any decisions for a few hours is so appealing that you immediately say yes.

I lead you into the bathroom and turn on the water in the shower. When the water is just the right temperature, I turn and start to remove your clothes. First, I unbutton your blouse and let it fall off your shoulders. Your skin starts to tingle as I gently kiss your neck and shoulders as the blouse hit?s the floor. My hands move to the zipper of your skirt. Above the noise of the running water, you hear the sound of the zipper as it is lowered. With a smile, you wiggle your hips slightly to let the skirt fall harmlessly to the floor around your ankles. I undo your bra and slowly pull it away from you. Your breasts fall gently and my fingers graze the nipples while I finish removing your bra. Kneeling before you, I put my fingers in the waistband of your pantyhose and slowly lower them. I take great care not to tear them since I know you will need them for the following business day. Now all that is left is your panties. Smiling to myself, I put my hands on your hips and turn you around so you are facing away from me. Your ass is only inches from my face and that thought sends shivers down your spine. With two fingers, I start to lower your panties. As the cheeks from your ass start to come into view, I gently kiss each one. I can also detect a faint aroma from your pussy and I smile at the thought of what is ahead. You are now gloriously naked, and I have you step into the shower.

Quickly getting undressed, I join you under the hot spray. You wrap your arms around me and the kiss we share is long and very passionate. As my tongue starts to roam the inside of your mouth, my hands move down your back to the curve of your ass. Spreading your ass cheeks apart, I begin to finger your puckered little asshole. Putting the tip of my finger in your ass, I feel you squirm with anticipation. You know just how much I love your ass and I can feel your body start to respond to my touch. Pulling you close to me, you can feel my hard cock pressing against your thigh. You squirm to try to get it closer to your pussy, but I move out of the way.

?Save that for later, my dear. For now, I want you to finish with your shower and in a few minutes, join me in the bedroom. I have a little surprise for you.?

You start to speak, but I immediately kiss your lips and tell you not to talk. I quickly get out of the shower and dry off, then leave you alone in the bathroom to ponder what lies ahead. You aren?t sure what I have planned, but you know it will be very sensuous and exciting. As you start to soap up your body, your mind searches for some idea of what I have planned. The water seems to wash more than just the dirt away from your body. It almost seems that it is cleansing the mind, as well. The hot water seems cold compared to the heat that is emanating from your pussy. Your heartbeat quickens as you finish the shower. Stepping out of the tub, you find a towel and dry yourself with great anticipation for the night ahead.

?Have a nice shower?? I ask as I greet you at the bathroom door.

?Yes, best one I?ve had in a long time. What?s this all about?? you inquire.

?Do you trust me??


?I?m glad to hear you say that. For the next several hours, you will be mine to do with as I wish. You don?t have a care in the world. I have taken care of everything. Now, give me your hands.?

You stretch out your arms and I a pair of fur-lined wrist cuffs and place them on your arms. You give me a very inquisitive look. You have never seen these before. We?ve never even talked about this before. You start to ask me a question, but I stop you.

?No questions. You said you trusted me.?

Once the cuffs are in place, I lead you to the bedroom. The lights are out and the room is lit with the glow of candle light. Once again, soft music is playing on the stereo and the mood is very sensual. You relax totally as I lay you down in the center of the bed. Raising your hands to the corners of the headboard, I attach your cuffs to the chains that I have placed there. Your arms are now secured. Next is your legs. I put on a similar pair of ankle cuffs on your legs. Spreading your legs wide, I chain them to the bed as well. You are now totally helpless and under my control.

I stand back and survey my handiwork. You tug on the chains briefly to test them. This gains you nothing, as you are firmly held in place. Your breasts jiggle slightly as you struggle and you realize there is no escape. Finally, you give up and lie silently.

Standing next to the bed, I lean over and whisper in your ear, ?Relax, my love. This is a night you will want to relive again and again.?

I see a smile spread across your lips and they are to tempting for me to resist. I lean over and kiss you deeply. My tongue begins probing your mouth and you strain against your bonds to put your arms around me. The tug of the chains return you to reality. Moving a hand to your breast, I caress it and run my fingers along its curves. When my fingers find your nipple, I pinch it lightly and I feel a soft moan escape your lips as our kiss is broken. Your nipple grows hard as I roll it between my fingers and watch as it grows under my touch. I lean over put my mouth on it. Your nipple feels so good against my tongue. My mouth closes down on it and sucks it deep in my mouth. Getting your nipple wet with my saliva, you can feel it running down the sides of your breast and dripping onto the sheet. With one nipple hard, I do the same to the other one. I love to have a matching set. I climb up on the bed and kneel between your spread legs. Your mind is flooded with images of what I might have planned, but the bonds keep you helpless to do anything about it.

?What a beautiful little pussy we have here.? I say to no one in particular. ?Let me see, what can I do with it first??

Placing my hands on either side of your hips, I move my face very close to your pussy. I inhale quickly and the sweet aroma that greets me is to wonderful to describe. I pucker my lips and gently blow on your pussy sending a breeze to your pussy that is felt all over your body. I feel you squirm, but the chains are keeping you under my control. I lean forward and kiss your navel. I hear you take a deep breath at the contact of my lips. I smile to myself knowing how much you are enjoying this sweet torture. Sitting back, I run both hands along your legs and I feel your body response as they move across your inner thighs. Running a finger across the crease along the tops of your thighs, your body jerks in anticipation. Your breathing is definitely faster now and I can tell your heart is about to pound it?s way out of your chest.

?Oh Please. Don?t tease me like this.? you beg. ?I need to feel you touching my pussy. I?m gonna die if you don?t.?

?What would you do for me if I licked your pussy right now?? I teased.

?ANYTHING. I?d do anything you asked me to. Please, just let me cum, Please.?

I move my mouth to the tops of your thighs. I know how sensitive they are and my tongue does a dance on them. I tease you mercilessly as my lips and tongue alternate between the inner thigh of each leg. Your pleading has been just what I wanted to hear. I can see the juices flow out of your pussy and down to your ass. The smell of your sex is filling the room. Finally, after a little more pleading, I bring my face next to your pussy and look directly into your eyes.

?Is this what you really want?? I ask with a devilish grin.

?Please, I?m yours whenever you want me, just let me cum.?

With those words, I clamp my mouth directly on your pussy. The sudden sensation sends you over the edge and you have a crashing orgasm. My mouth is held tightly on your pussy and I can taste every ounce of your cum as you skyrocket out of control. My tongue plays with your clit and the waves of pleasure keep washing over your body. As your body is rocked by each orgasm, the bonds that hold you are tested to their limits. My tongue is busy working its way deeper and deeper inside your pussy until, finally, after what seems like hours, your body begins to relax. Your breathing is slower now and my mouth releases your pussy.

Moving my way up your body, I lie next to you. Raising myself up on one elbow, I watch you as you are slowly getting back to normal. You open your eyes to see me looking directly at you. I smile down at you gently kiss your lips. The taste of your own pussy is still on my tongue and the kiss lingers for a moment.

?Are we finished?? you ask.

?Absolutely not.? is my reply. My hand once again finds your pussy and my nimble little fingers caress your pussy lips and play in the wetness that is there. You are my sexual toy till I let you go. The night is just started and I have plenty of things left that I want to do to you.?

I kiss you again you lose yourself in the sensations of giving yourself to me. I remind you that you did promise to do anything that I wanted. Before the night is over, you will see just what ?anything? might be. .

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