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Thriving businessman

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His was a thriving businessman an up-and-coming BioTech firm ready to go public, but Dave had a problem he couldn't find a personal secretary with the drive and ambition to excel at her job.

The problem was that they only did what was required and no more. He had a test, let them get comfortable with their responsibilities then give them the employee manual and see their reaction after getting to the seventh page. Page seven contained a clever joke which would provoke an audible laugh from anyone unless they were comatose or dead. After thirteen temps came and went in walks the one, stunning, face and figure were perfect, the kind of woman a man dreams of being with, funny, and very intelligent, he could only hope that she would be ambitious and excel in her position. There is nothing like disarming those who enter the office and making them almost forget why they came in to see him, he would have the upper hand even with the most prudish clients. She was very efficient at her position she seemed to have a sixth sense being able to read his subtle gestures with difficult clients making herself a distraction in the middle of tense negotiations. So when he gave her the "manual" she devoured it. He left his office door open and listened as she read page seven she tried to choke back her delight in reading the joke to no avail, not being able to hold back her laughter Dave walks into the front office and gently removes the literature and promptly throws it into the trash and proclaims to her 'your hired' surprised she asks why. After his explanation she gets up from her chair and gives him a light hug and thanks him.

Dave is surprised at his body, smelling her sweet perfume and feeling her soft skin makes his cock twitch, so he gently breaks the embrace and returns to his office. As he thinks about her his cock starts to grow and becomes fully erect, embarrassed he hides his lap under his desk, then the unthinkable happens,.... there is a problem in the front office that needs his immediate attention. Reluctantly he goes doing his best to hide the full on erection inside his pants. As he enters the front office she looks up into his eyes and asks if she can help, he declines and proceeds to address the issue at hand. For some reason his erect cock doesn't want to behave and only gets harder, so stiff that it starts to hurt straining against his pants. He tries to make small talk trying to take his mind off of her but it doesn't help. As he finishes his duties the unthinkable happens, she asks him a direct question about a client that will be in the office and he is forced to address her directly, as he turns to face her she starts to talk and then, all at once she averts her glance slightly downward and sees the throbbing erection in his pants. Her voice starts to crack and she stumbles over her words, knowing that he should explain he apologizes, her reaction caught him off guard, she winked at him, flushed and embarrassed he continued to explain the circumstances of the meeting tomorrow, all-the-while she would steal a glance at his hard cock and smile.

When he was able to return to his desk he hoped she would be okay, she was so right for the job, but his mind raced and his erection did not subside. He called her into his office to take some notes, as she sat in front of him listening to his sultry voice dictate she seemed to squirm, never getting quite comfortable in her seat. After they concluded their meeting she got up and walked out, as he watched her leave he noticed a small wet spot on the back of her tan skirt. Knowing that this was a business only arrangement and not wanting to lose her he kept his yearnings in check, and so did she. As she excused herself to take a break he smiled and told her not to worry about how long the break was, she smiled and left the office and went straight to the bathroom. As she removed her panties in the stall she was shocked to see them soaking wet, always having a spare pair she quickly changed and tried to clean herself up stuffing the wet panties into her purse she addressed the stain on her skirt and waited for it to dry. She questioned why she got so wet, and as she stood there she felt her juices start to flow once again. Not wanting to be so obvious she put a pad between her legs and just as she was pulling her hand out she rubbed her clit, knowing that she needed to take care of this she sat down in a stall and had an explosive orgasm sitting there thinking about what had just occurred knowing that she had no emotional feelings for him she chalked it up to pure animal attraction and left it at that.

When she returned to the office his door was closed and locked, she thought it was unusual but went back to work. When the office door opened she saw that his face was flushed and he looked exhuasted, making his way to her desk he almost stumbled. As he started laying out the agenda for tomorrow he came around the desk to look at her day planner, as he got close she smelled the fimiliar smell of cum, as it filled her nostils she began to get wet, unfimlar with this sensation she was feeling she blushed and began to stumble over her words and thought,.....was she That attracted to this man? she couldn't answer herself, so when four o'clock came she quickly exited to her car and drove home. When she arrived she went straight to the bathroom to shower and found that the pad she was wearing was filled with her juices, so she laid on her bed and masturbated for what seemed hours trying to get him out of her head. After several explosive orgasms she fell asleep and woke up in a pool of her own cum. Thinking about the days events she went about her duties at the office hoping that there wouldn't be a recurrence of the previous days events, but she had to excuse herself several times to masturbate. She also noticed that after the morning meeting with 'the client' he would have his door closed, and when it opened his face was again flushed. As time progressed this became a pattern until one night as they were working late he came on to her. As he spoke her juices started to flow and as she squirmed in her seat he asked if she would like him to rub her shoulders she agreed. As he started to touch her she felt her clit swell and then when he moved gently across her shoulders and down her back she let out an audible moan he knew that she wanted him, as he started to move to her ample breasts she didn't resist.

Wearing a low cut blouse it was eay to get access to her mountains, rubbing them made them both moan, feeling her hardened nipples drove them both over the top, she turned and removed her top then her brazieer alowing them to spill out for him to behold as he took her nipple into his mouth she gasp in pleasure. Unzipping his pants and exposing his hard throbbing cock she took it into her mouth and sucked it slowly, removing his shirt and exposing his chest and tight stomach made her juices flow. As he stood her up to remove her skirt and revealing her wet pussy she gazed into his eyes with a hunger that she knew was purely lust. David sat her onto her desk and lay her down exposing her wet diamond and quickly started to devour her juices, licking her pussy lips sucking them into his mouth one at a time tickling her clit with his tongue, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm. Putting her hand at the top of her wet pussy pulling her lips apart as far as they would spread he sucked her clit into his mouth and started to suck it feeling it pulsate in his mouth bringing her to another orgasm, she started to shake uncontrollably her juices gushing out of her, he could not wait any longer he had to put his hard throbbing cock inside her hungry cunt. He grabbed his stiff cock an rubbed her clit with it until she started to cum again, then all at once crammed it into her tight pussy, stroking it with vigor he started to feel his own orgasm starting to reveal itself, slowing down to savor the moment she objected and put her hands on his ass and pumped her pussy with his cock. Knowing that she wanted his cum inside her he pumped faster and faster until he spewed his cum all over the inside of her pussy.

Cumming inside her was exhilarating for him so much so that he stayed hard inside her fucking her giving her his stiff cock until she came again. As he pulled her off of the desk and bent her over plunging his cock inside her she started to moan as he thrust his cock in and out of her, 'fuck me baby fuck me' she said as he gave her every inch of his manhood her juices running down her legs and his both soaking wet. Using their juices as lube they fucked and suck each other and over again her desk bent over taking his throbbing cock inside her tightness.

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