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This is Hard

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THIS IS HARD By Douglas Jones

When I entered grade in the grammar school, the seventh grade, I was aware of Edward Rice Burroughs and his Tarzan stories. I had gotten these books, and others, at the library which was only a block from our house in Orange, Texas. While browsing the shelves and searching for titles that interested me not once did I ever see any of my school mates and the only person there was the lady who answered my questions and checked the book out for me. She would always smile but she didn't know what I had been doing. Her desk faced the first row of books and often I would get on my knees and look at her through the first shelf and often she would not have any panties on and that caused my peter to get hard and I would jack off while I looked at her hairy pussy.

That was the year that I first got cum out when I jacked off while I was looking at her pussy that was covered with dark hair. Then one day she got up and came to the aisle I was in and said come out here little boy and I will play with you.

When I got up my peter was still hard and was jerking back and forth. When she saw that she just grinned and once again she said that I should bring my book and come to her desk.

Do you know that you are one of the few people who come here, and when you come there is no one here but you and me and I know what you have been looking at.

I dropped my head embarrassed at what she had said. When she saw my red face she said that it was nothing to be afraid of and she would let me see her pussy closer if I wanted to do that.

Then I looked up at her face and she was smiling. Just how old are you anyway she asked.

So I lied and said I was ten years old.

Okay then I want you to sit down under my desk and I will show you my pussy up close, and you can touch it and play with it if you want to do that while I sit here to take care of anyone else who comes in. But before you sit down I want to feel your peter.

So I meekly stood there and she got down and placed my peter in her mouth and it felt so good I could hardly stand it as she moved her tongue around the head and then I shot my cum into her mouth which she swallowed making sure that she got it all.

Now, you know how good you felt when I sucked your peter, so I want you to put your lips on my pussy and make me feel as good as you did when I sucked on you. Just move your lips through the hair and when you get your tongue inside my pussy move it to the top and find the little nub that's there and suck on it.

I will scream when you make me cum and then I'll move your head away gently so it won't get hurt.

So I moved to the place she had told me to go to like a good little boy and found her legs spread apart and her pussy was staring right at my face. My peter was now jumping up and down and I wanted to jack off again but instead I moved my lips to her pussy, feeling the fine hair that was there and moved my lips through and into her pussy. All the guys at school had talked about this but, other than my mother, this was the only pussy I'd seen up close and I did want to play with it.

Oh, it feels so good with your lips where they are and it makes me excited that you are so young and that you like my pussy and I want to know how it tastes to you.

I raised my head a little and told her that I liked playing with her and that I would come back after I made her feel good like I did when I jack off and if you'll let me I will put my fingers in your pussy and I will suck you again so that you feel as good as I do.

Yes you can come back and look at the books and if no one is here but you and me then you can play with me and I'll suck on you again to make you feel good and you can suck on me again to make me feel good. I really like it when you do that.

Well if you will check this book out I'll go home and get naked and lay on my bed and jack off while I read it. Mother left for the grocery store when I came over here and she might catch me while I'm doing that.

If she likes to fuck as much as I do she might let you play with her pussy, and if she does, the next time you come over here I want you to tell me about it while we play with each other.

So when I got home I undressed and got my peter hard and lay on the bed to read the book while I waited on mommy to come home. Every now and then I would move my hand up and down to get it to stay hard. I wanted mama to see it and if she would let me play with her pussy I thought that would be fun too.

Then I heard her come in the door and stroked my peter more to keep it hard for her to see. Then when she came into the room she stopped and looked at me with wonder in her eyes.

My little boy has learned to jack off and your peter looks really good to me she said as she walked over to the bed and sat down beside me.

You're reading and jacking off at the same time she said so how do you do that?

If you would do it for me it would be easier and I know you too would like to feel good like I do when I get that good feeling and I would like to help you get that good feeling too.

Okay you're sticking up in the air she said as she took my peter in her hand and started moving up and down. It didn't take long before I had to stop her because I couldn't stand it any longer.

It would be a lot better if you would get naked like I am and show me your pussy.

You're only nine years old so how did you find out about the word pussy she wanted to know.

The guys at school talk about it and since I don't get to see the girls at school and I thought you would let me see yours and let me play with it. Then I wouldn't get in trouble at school.

Well you're right about that so I'll get undressed and you can explore my pussy before we put the groceries up.

My mom had me when she was barely seventeen years old so now she was 26 and was a living doll.

I watched as she took her clothes off and stood there showing me her tits and her hair covered pussy and I reached over to touch her while she was moving her hand up and down on me. All of a sudden I moved my hips up and down in frenzy as I got that good feeling and fell back on the bed with my body still shaking.

Now she said you come and lay down on top of me and you can suck on my tits like you did when you were a baby and that feels good to me. Then I will be able to feel your peter on my tummy and that makes me excited.

But I want you to show me how to get you to that good feeling too I said.

Okay she said, first you must put your fingers into my pussy and feel everything in there. After you do that I will tell you what to do next.

So I rose up so that I could get to her better and put my right hand on her pussy and moved my fingers into her. She was wet and she felt wonderful to my fingers and I moved them in and out as I felt all around.

Now since you came out of my pussy, I want you to put your lips on it and suck on my little spot right at the top. Can you do that? And I want you to tell me how my pussy tastes to you.

Mother how old were you when you first found out about this sex stuff and what did you do when that happened?

I was just like you in that the girls at school talked all the time about the boys and what they looked like without any clothes on. So one day while I was at home with daddy and mama had gone some where and when I asked daddy about it and he just grinned and got undressed just like we are now and showed me how to do every thing. I got to play with his peter and he played with my pussy and that's what started me on this road that let me enjoy sex and I want you to know all about it too so you to can enjoy all of it as much as I do.

What did it feel like to you when you took your dad's peter in your hand?

When I did that his peter got bigger and harder and he showed me how to jack him off and that was real interesting because when he climaxed I got his cum all over me and I tasted it for the first time. But what was really exciting was when he put his lips on my pussy and gave me my first time to cum.

After she told me that I got between her legs and lowered my head to her tummy and kissed her belly button running my tongue in and around that. Then I kissed her lower as I moved my head lower until my lips were in the hair on her pussy.

Did you enjoy it when your daddy put his lips on your pussy?

Oh it felt so good and when he helped me to cum I screamed with joy. Then, because of what he did for me, I sucked his peter until he shot his cum all into my mouth and that was fun too. I sucked his peter often after that and it was while the boys at school were trying to feel of my pussy but I wouldn't let them since my daddy knew exactly what to do and each time it made my 13 year old body feel wonderful. He was overjoyed when my tits started growing and he sucked my tits often while I played with his peter.

I bet that was a lot of fun when you were 13, 14 and 15.

It was all wonderful and when I started my periods he told me that I could fuck him and wouldn't get pregnant for three days after I stopped and that was wonderful too because his peter felt so good inside of me.

Well I think it's wonderful that you let me play with you and my peter is getting hard again.

Do you want me to suck it again?

Yes, but after I suck on you and make you feel good like I do when you suck on me but you'll have to show me how to do that.

But I want to suck your peter first so you'll be soft when I show you how my daddy put his lips on my pussy and I can still remember how big his peter was when I sucked on it. When you get to be 18 years old your peter will probably be as long as his was and you and I will be fucking more by that time. Now lay down on your back and I'll suck you off again.

Since I was nine, almost ten, I did what she said and laid on my back and she leaned down to take my peter in her mouth again and moved her tongue around the head and if felt so good. I wasn't long before she sucked me off again and I lay there with my eyes closed grinning because of the joy that I experienced.

That feels so good mama and I want to know if sucking me is as good as it was when you sucked your daddy's peter.

Your peter is very good and I'm going to let you suck my pussy when you are ten years old as a birthday present but you can put your fingers in there now if you want to do that and if you make me cum I'll suck you off again.

You will but right now I want to play with your pussy like your daddy did when you were 13 years old and that's only three years older than I am now.

You can look forward to that in another few days when you reach age ten.

Okay but in the morning lets go to the kitchen naked so I can see your body again.

Your wish will be granted and this will all be a thank you to my daddy. I wish he was still alive so he could be here to see what you are like and what you want to do with my pussy.

Tonight I want to sleep with you and with both of us naked. If you will grant that I will be grateful I told her.

Okay but you go take a shower now and get in my bed and when I get through here I'll do the same and join you under the covers and if you kiss my pussy tonight I'll let you continue to sleep with me.

I was almost asleep when I felt her crawl in bed beside me and my peter was limp as a dish rag. But I scooted over and placed my naked body next to her and fell asleep. But in the middle of the night I felt her hand on my peter and it was now hard. So I removed her hand and got on my knees so I could get between her legs and place my lips on her pussy. When I moved my head down she spread her legs for me and I then placed my lips in the hair on her pussy and moved my lips through to find the place I wanted to be and my tongue shot out and into her.

That's when her legs moved further apart and she groaned and reached down to take my head in her hands. Then, as my tongue continued to do her, she screamed like a banshee but I kept sucking on the little thing she had told me about.

You did that almost as well as my daddy did and thank you. When we wake up in the morning we will still be naked and I will let you put your peter in my pussy and you will like the way that feels to you.

But I need to finish the book I got at the library and go back for another one.

You can do that after your peter is in my pussy because I want to feel it there.

Okay, we can do that and then I'll go to the library.

• • •

When I got to the library I was the only one there beside the lady who let me play with her pussy. So when I entered I went right to her desk and stood there in front of her.

Okay little boy tell me what happened when your mother caught you in bed naked and with your peter standing up in the air.

You were right, she likes to fuck as much as you do and when she walked in and saw my peter standing in the air she sucked me off and let me sleep with her that night while both of us were naked and when I woke up this morning I put my lips on her pussy and gave her the good feeling I get when I jack off and she showed me how to do that.

Now get on your knees and come between my legs and do the same thing for me that you did for your mom.

So I moved to her under the table and put my mouth on her pussy where I found the little num at the top and sucked on it until she screamed with joy.

• • •

Nine years later I was about to graduate from high school and mama had been right in that my peter was now ten and a half inches long and she told me that now I was like her daddy because when we fucked she was overjoyed by the feeling of my peter inside of her pussy. It had been a joy to be able to fuck when my studies were over at home and that I could hardly wait for the day to end so we could fuck before we went to sleep and sometimes we slept with my peter inside of her while she laid on top of me and worked her hips up and down to get the good feeling we all like.

After she finished with me she said that she would tell me something at the breakfast table and that we would both be naked so that she could inspect his body and he could inspect her's too.

So when we got to the breakfast table the next morning she took my peter in her hand and sucked me off.

Now sit down and I'll fix us pancakes and we will talk then while we eat.

This may not be fair because you sucked the cum out of my peter and I didn't get to suck your pussy.

You can do that after you finish your pancakes. I looked in her eyes and stuffed the pancakes into my mouth and they were tasty with the stuff I poured on top. Then I got down and placed my lips on her pussy drawing in the little thing at the top and she began talking to me.

When you were three almost four years old I taught you how to put you socks on and your feet in the shoes and showed you how to tie a good knot to keep them on. Then when you reached six I gave you a bicycle and taught you how to ride it. Much to your pleasure when you were nine, almost ten years old I walked in and saw your peter standing up in the air and when I sucked you off then I taught you how to eat my pussy and you liked that. But I also told you then about my daddy and what he did for me and told you that your peter would grow to be like daddy's peter and it really did. I want you to know that I have really enjoyed sucking your peter and best of all you felt oh so good when you slid it into my pussy especially now that you are big. This will be the last time we do this because when you graduate you will go to college and when you find someone you especially like you can fuck but always remember that what you study on is the most important thing you will be doing while you are there besides eating, and I don't mean pussy either.

• • •

After all the parties we had attended after high school graduation I was now walking up to the registration office at college. My high school counselor had helped me to select a major which she said could be changed later if I wanted to do that but it would be about one or two years before I could make a change and she told me to study hard.

Then with my registration and room number in my hand I went to find my dorm room. When I got there I walked in the door and found a good looking girl sitting at the desk. May I help you she said.

I bet you could really help me because before I left home I had all the pussy I could handle and still graduate. I then handed her my room number and told her that she should act like she was going to the bathroom and come up there an I'll show you what I have that would really please you.

Now listen young man do you realize that I'm on the faculty and that you should never have a woman in your room.

That's even better because I don't really like to fiddle around with young girls and if you are on the faculty it would be nice to know you better and when I show you what I have you would feel a lot better.

Alright go to your room and get ready and I'll be there.

When I got to my room I got undressed and got my peter hard as I waited for her to arrive. If I could get some steady pussy that wasn't in the student population I would be overjoyed.

It was only a short time before there was a knock on the door so I opened it for her to enter and when she walked in she stood there looking at my peter as it waved back and forth in the air.

Oh, she said, I really would like to have that in me as she lowered her panties and approached him.

But when I fuck you I want to suck on your tits.

We'll figure something out on that but I have to stay dressed in case someone wants me at the desk but my panties are off so you can kiss me there if you want to while I try to get that thing you have in my mouth. And you should know that I know a married woman who will love your peter.

Who is she?

I'm not going to tell you until you attend a study session with me and you can see what she looks like. She has a doctorate in Physics and it will be to your advantage to stay on her good side whether or not you fuck her and physics is a good field to be in.

Now I'll tell you that I'm going to lay on my back and you can straddle me to put my peter in you. I really don't know how much of me you can take so you be the judge of how much of me you want in your pussy.

So the lady turned and locked the door then moved to the bed where she took his peter in her hand and smiled. The next time I come up here she said as she guided my peter to her pussy, I will have a replacement and I'll get naked and you can suck on my tits to your hearts content. Then I felt my peter enter her pussy and she began lowering her body to get as much inside as she could and moved her body up and down as fast as she could, and finally he felt her cum and his peter moved easier and was covered with her cum. But she didn't stop and every time she lowered herself on me I felt my peter touch the very back of her womb and she seemed to love that feeling.

Finally I came and it was a good one as I filled her pussy with my cum and she felt it to as she screamed with another climax and she was still moving up and down on my peter as she reached a third climax.

When she was completely satisfied after reaching three orgasms she got up and put her panties back on and told me that my peter was just what she had been looking for the past ten years and I want to thank you for asking me to come up here because I really didn't believe what you told me at the desk. Now get a good nights sleep and be ready for your classes tomorrow.

The next morning I attended three classes and when I walked out of the last one the lady I fucked last night took my hand and said we were going to a study class. When she turned my hand loose I meekly followed her out of the building and we got into her car.

Do you mean that we are going off campus?

Yes and you might want to pay attention to the route I take. But if she likes what you have then she will send a car to pick you up when ever she wants to fuck.

Don't you think it would be nicer if you sucked my peter and then led me to her door so she could see me on a hard?

That's a good idea but we won't do that because she is the wife of the guy who runs the University and we have to be more decorous than that.

Okay and I'll be nice when you introduce me to her. We got out and when we got on the porch she punched the door bell.

It was opened immediately by a uniformed butler who let us enter and showed us to the den where a tray was set on the coffee table. The woman sitting there was smiling and she said for us to sit down after I was introduced to Grace and she poured us coffee and served us cakes.

Madam you generosity overwhelms me; I'm just a plain freshman at this institution and you are so nice to invite us here.

She grinned and said that I should go upstairs with the butler and take a bath. You've been studying all morning and walking around the campus and it will be nice for you to be fresh and clean and I'm anxious to see what you have.

I felt uncomfortable doing it but I marched up the stairs and the butler was waiting for me so he could show me the bath room where he had drawn a nice bath of water for me. Then he said that he had to go to the kitchen to prepare sandwiches for everyone and would not be back.

So before he left I told him to send his mistress up so she could wash his back and he said he would tell her. When he left the bath room I got the soap and soaped up my peter which was still soft but was beginning to get a little harder as I moved my hand on it. So I sat down in the water again to get the soap off and stepped out again and started jacking off so I would be hard when she got here.

His peter was now on a full hard and that's when there was a knock on the door. Come in I said.

When she walked in Grace stopped and just stared at my peter that was hard and was jerking back and forth. I got this hard Grace, just so you could see it before we go to bed.

Oh, she said, she described it perfectly and I can hardly wait to test it out. Then she began to take her clothes off and stood before me naked and said I will take you to my bed and then see what happens. When we got to her bed she told me to lay down and she would tell me about what she did but first I what to hold your peter in my hand.

When I was ten, almost 11 years old, I would sneak in and watch mama and daddy fuck. His peter was not nearly as long as yours but it was the first one I had seen. When that happened I felt my pussy getting wet and I reached down to feel thinking that I had peed, but that wasn't the case because when i touched my pussy my finger got the wetness on it and I tasted it.

As I watched closely I say my daddy take his peter and guide it to my mother's pussy. When he moved inside of her my mother moaned with pleasure and moved her legs around his back. I watched as he moved his hips and caused his peter to go back and forth in mama's pussy and that really got my attention because when he moved out his peter was all shiny and looked hard. I wanted to reach over and touch it but I didn't but I was moving my finger in and out of my own pussy in a frenzy playing like it was daddy's peter.

Three weeks later they caught me as I stood right next to the bed watch-ing them fuck. My head was right down there watching his peter as it slid in and out of her pussy and I had strange feelings in my own body and my pussy was dripping. And it made me think how it would feel for his peter to be sliding in and out of my own pussy and my body shook.

They both looked at me with a twinkle in their eyes and told me to go to my room and get dressed for breakfast and that they would see me in the kitchen.

I had worn a blouse with no bra and I didn't have any panties on either. Mother was the only one there except me and she placed a glass of milk on the table along with her coffee and sat down with me.

Well darling we both know that you saw your dad's peter sliding in and out of my pussy and he told me to ask you what you thought of his peter and how your body felt while you had your head down there looking closely while we were fucking.

Mama while I watched his peter going in and out of you I wanted to reach over there and touch it but I was afraid to do that and I wanted to avoid getting a whipping.

Why don't we get on the bed so we can be next to each other while you finish your story and when you finish I will put my peter in you and give you a telephone number to call.

You want me to call another woman and ask about you?

That woman taught me everything I know about what we will be doing and she also taught me how to ride a bicycle. And I want you to tell her how you like my peter and that you will tutor me in physics.

Okay I'll do that after I tell you what happened at the breakfast table because my mother told me that my daddy would let me jack him off if I wanted to do that and that he would play with my pussy if I did that. In the meantime my mother told me that she was going to show me how to masturbate and get the feeling that we had while we fucked.

I was astounded that daddy would let me feel his peter and my pussy immediately got wet while I thought about doing that. That's when mother told me to get on the bed naked and she undressed too. When she got on the bed with me she spread her legs and showed me her pussy.

Now get down close so you can see what I show you as she spread her legs apart and moved her hand down to spread the lips of her pussy. Right at the top there is a little thing that gives extreme joy when it is touched, especially if it's someone else doing the touching. Can you see it?

I think so but I'm not sure.

Move your finger up there and I'll tell you when you touch it, but if my body jerks you'll know it anyway. And if you play with it with your finger I'll get the same feeling I did when daddy put his peter in me.

I kept on moving my finger on her and finally she screamed with joy and hugged her body to my naked body.

Now, would you like to feel the way I did just now?

Yes, if you'll just show me how to do it.

You've got the same thing in your pussy that you felt in mine so put your finger on it and play until you scream.

I will but I can hardly wait for daddy to come home. Are you going to watch my when I jack him off?

Yes and we'll do it right in the living room. When he gets here ask him to take his pants off along with his underwear and then his peter will pop out and it may even be hard and you can play with it.

Did you jack him off Grace?

Yes and cum got all over both of us.

After that did he put his lips on your pussy?

Yes again he did that and mama watched while I had a great climax.

Okay let me put my peter in you and then while we fuck I'll give you the telephone number I want you to call. Tell her what we are doing and that you will tutor me in physics and then ask her how I learned to do what we are doing now.

When he got between her legs and put his 10½"peter into her she said it feels wonderful. Now give me the telephone and the number you want me to call.

Hello, his mother said, I know this is not my son so who is it?

I'm going to tutor your son in physics and guess what he has in me and I'm supposed to ask you how he learned to do this.

Well I taught him how to tie his shoe laces, then taught him how to ride a bicycle. Then one day I came home and he was jacking off so I decided to teach him how to fuck at age eleven. I was not pleased when he gradu-ated from high school because his peter felt so good in me that I really hated to see him leave for college and I hope you enjoy his peter as much as I did from age eleven to age 18. and I taught him how to do it.

He started to move his peter in and out and Grace was absolutely ecstatic about the feeling she had in her pussy.

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