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Thinking about you.....

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Thinking of you

I have quite often had you on my mind. The chemistry we could share is rare and shouldn?t be wasted. You are amazing and are hard to keep out of my mind. The trouble is?you see, every time I get near you...I want you. And every time I want you, my mind starts imagining all sorts of things. The way you smell, and your touch and the way you feel in my arms are hard to resist. The thought you is burning in my mind and hope that we will be to be together, soon! The thought of having you to myself for the afternoon, quiet often has me lost in the passion of what could be.

I can imagine me having been in the room waiting for you. Have the temperature set just right, so that it?s not to hot or cold for us to enjoy being together. The blinds pulled so that it is dark in the room. You knock on the door to the room?I let you in and before your eyes can adjust to the dark, I blindfold you with the silk scarf that you are wearing. I slowly walk you over to the foot of the bed, take your coat and purse and set them aside. You stand there and can hear me move around you as you stand there. You hear me pour something into a glass and put it to your mouth. You can smell the red wine as it draws near to your lips. You take a taste of the wine and as the glass leaves your lips?. I kiss you softly on the mouth, as if to taste the wine from your lips. You smell so good and the taste of the wine on you is intoxicating. I put the glass of wine in your hands in order to free my own. As you continue to sip the wine from the glass, I begin to kiss the side of your neck from behind you. As I do, I reach around and begin to undo your top exposing and your tan breasts as they lay in your lacy bra. I run my hands across you stomach and pull you to me. You can feel how hard you are making me as our bodies come together. I can feel the warmth of your body against me. I slip your top off your shoulders and off your arms. I can hear your breathing getting deeper as you try to keep from dropping the glass of wine on the floor. I undo your pretty lace bra and let it fall of your shoulder to the floor. I move from behind you, take the glass of wine and set it on the dresser. I move in front of you and kiss you fully on the mouth as I pull you tight to my chest. With your eyes still blind folded, you wrap your arms around me and begin to pull my shirt off. As you pull it over me head; I kneel down and take your breasts into my hands, put them to my mouth and softly suck on one nipple then the other. I undo you skirt and slide it off your hips exposing your freshly shaven pussy barely hiding behind your tiny thong. Still kissing and sucking your breasts?I slip my finger under the edge of your thong and run them over your wet lips. You grab my head and push me to my knees and my mouth to your waiting?wet lips. I pull your thong off and begin to run my tongue over your clit and lips, as I slip two fingers in to your waiting pussy. You are standing there, naked and blind folded, with a firm hold of my head?guiding my tongue to just the spot that takes you to the edge of a mind blowing climax. Your knees buckle and you fall back onto the bed, never letting go of my head. I fall to the bed with you?riding your orgasm?wave after wave of sensation rage through your body as you submit to the feeling of complete relief. As your orgasm fades, I stand at the foot of the bed as you sit up. I undo my pants, let them fall to the floor, pull out my very hard cock and hold it inches from your mouth. Even with the blind fold you can sense that it is there and with out a word you open your mouth and lean forward, take me into your mouth. Your hands join your mouth?stroking as you suck me deep into your mouth. You are so good at this; I am completely at your control. Taking me in to and back out of your willing hands and mouth. Each time you release me from your mouth?you run your tongue down the out side of my throbbing cock and suck my smooth aching balls into your mouth. I can feel you breath on my skin as you pleasure me like I have never been. Then as if the heat of the sun has coming over me for the first time, I can feel the ache of passion turn to complete ecstasy as an orgasm washes over me. I cum into you mouth with such a force I have never experienced before. You take me all into your mouth and down your throat. I can feel your throat contracting around me cock as I cum. The heat of your mouth and the touch of your hands have been more then I could bare?I begin to soften as you keep my in your mouth and begin to softly and slowly bring my cock back to life. Just as I have been brought back to my full potential, you spin around on the bed facing away from me and get on your hands and knees. With you still in the dark of the blind fold you reach between your lags and guide my cock into your waiting pussy, and just as the tip touches your lips I hear you begin to moan. Slowly you back onto me and take me into you as if to embrace every part of me in you and the pleasure it brings you. I firmly grab your hips as and help guide me in and out of you, until you have taken me completely and I can feel the heat of your ass as it is firmly pressed against me. We begin to grind into each other slowly at first until the passion builds and we are building up steam between us and can?t help but start to fuck harder and harder. I reach around you to cup your hanging breasts and as I do pinch your nipples between my fingers as I feel them thrusting from the force of our passion. By now I am convinced that everyone on the floor can hear us. Your arms collapse as your face and shoulders fall to the bed, aiming your ass up at me. I wet my fingers and rub them over your ass until it is as wet and slick as your pussy is. Your reach back and pull your cheeks open for me to have an unrestricted view and access of your ass as we fuck. We being to slow the pace and wind down enough that we begin to find just that rhythm that will allow you to relax. You turn your head back, as if to look at me through your blind fold and ask me if I would like to be in your ass. The thought of this almost sends me over the edge again, but I manage to hold it all back and pull out of you. I begin to run my cock between your cheeks as you hold them open. I take me into my hands as I aim for the opening. I put the tip firmly against your ass and just hold it there. After a moment you begin to grind your ass back against me?ever so slowly. Suddenly the tip enters you and you slow your efforts until you are barely moving. As you begin to get used to the pressure of my cock being in you?you lean back into me to ease more of me into your willing ass and after what feels like an eternity I feel your ass against the front of me. We realize that you have taken all of me. You become so excited that you start to grind against my buried cock with everything you have. It isn?t long before we I am fucking your ass with all that I have. The site and feeling of me buried in your ass and you moans are more then I can take. A massive orgasm washes over me, just as you reach another mind-blowing orgasm of your own. As we cum together, the passion sweeps over us as we fall to the bed. With me still buried deep in your ass. I pull the blind fold off and the look your eyes, tells me that YES?you have found the passion you have been looking for! We fall asleep with me still completely inside your ass. I find myself being awakened by you lying next to me, some time later ready to watch the video of what we had done. You had found the camcorder I had recording the days events. You?re first look, having been blindfolded the entire time?and as you begin to watch, you begin to slide your fingers over your wet lips and into yourself as I watch you. I can feel that familiar feeling in my boys as my cock starts to come back to life. I find myself stroking my swelling cock as I watch you play with your self?with your eyes glued to the screen. You pause long enough to reach into your purse to get your vibrator and begin to use where your fingers had been. With it turned on to the lowest setting, I can almost feel the vibrations quacking through your body as it slips completely in side you. I am so turned on by watching you that I completely forget about the video of what we had done earlier and couldn?t take my eyes off of what you were doing to yourself. I am stroking my cock steadily with one hand and playing with my balls with the other as I am watching you. You notice that I am not watching the movie and am masturbating while watching you. You pull the vibrator from your wet pussy and crawl between my legs. You take my balls into your mouth as I stroke myself. Suddenly I feel your tongue on my ass and it sends quakes of sensations through my body! I close my eyes and begin to moan. Just as I though I was going to lose it, you climb up beside me at blindfold me with the same silk scarf I had blindfolded you with earlier. Then me with out sight, I saw reduced to use only my remaining senses. I could feel you crawl back between my legs and begin to suck my balls again. You are running your fingers over my ass, when I hear you vibrator turn on. I can feel the vibrations resonate through me and you haven?t even touched me with it?yet! Tell me, how you would like to see the rest of the afternoon play out?

My beautifully passionate friend and playmate, I miss, need and must have you!

Which one of you is willing to be this woman?

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