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Thigh-highs and Massage Oil

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This is a repost of "Chatting in Vegas" with some changes and edits. I hope you enjoy it.


I was in Vegas working a convention, which translates into very long days on your feet, late dinners and even later partying. It was Wed. night when I came back to my suite after 2am and I turned my computer to check e-mail, as I was still a little wired from dancing. While online, I checked an erotic literature site that I belong to and noticed a woman who was also on-line in Vegas. I read her profile and she sounded very interesting. As you all know, after you read enough mindless profiles they all start sounding the same. For me, subtle cleverness is much more of a turn-on than, “I’ll suck your balls dry if you have an 8” cock.”

I invited her to a chat and she accepted.

“You’re up late,” I started.

“Yep, just got off work. My feet and calves are killing me. How come you’re up?” she asked.

“Just got back from “The Beach”,” I told her.

“The Beach … that flight must have sucked!” she said

“No,” I said, “the Beach nightclub. I was dancing until 2am. Just winding down.”

We clicked immediately and our minds wandered into a playful conversation of wit and charm that was so much fun, neither of us wanted to stop. We IM’d for the next 1-1/2 hrs until 4am.

But, something happens to the brain at 4am, where all the body’s forces are screaming SLEEP!! We both started to fade.

“I’ve really got to go now and get SOME sleep tonight … I have to be up at 6am!” she said.

“Yea, me too,” I replied.

“When are you leaving Vegas?” she asked.

“I’m on a plane tomorrow night .. bummer, eh? Sounds like we could have had a blast together,” I replied, “and you’re in BAD need of a GREAT foot massage <g>.”

“Yes, I think so too .. and YES I really could use a massage,” she replied. “How about tomorrow during the day? I’m free after I drop off my kids at school. Give me a call in the morning.”

I got her phone number and we both signed off. If I wasn’t so exhausted, I don’t think I would have gotten a stitch of sleep that night in anticipation of the next day.

I called her at about 9:30am. It was exciting to hear her voice. She had a normal, warm voice, not affected by smoking or “trying” to be sexy, just simply pleasant. I invited her over to my suite for the promised massage at 11am and she agreed to bring over some massage oil or baby oil. I called the front desk and arranged for a late check out at 1pm.

I told my coworkers that I had an off-site meeting from 11am-1pm. This wasn’t unusual and it didn’t raise even an eyebrow. I made it back to my room and awaited my “client”.

She arrived at my suite several minutes late. She apologized, saying that traffic was worse than she anticipated. I thought it was very sweet that she had the politeness to offer an apology and it was consistent with the mature, intelligent woman I got to know online just 7 hours ago.

She was very attractive, but not a raging beauty. She was taller than my wife and thicker all over at about 5’7” and probably 145 pounds. She had curly brown hair that stiffly flowed to her shoulders and very pleasant eyes and complexion. Her shape was proportionate and curvy in a classic sense. She wore a white silk, tailored, short sleeved button-down blouse, which was only unbuttoned 1 or 2 buttons from the top and one button from the bottom, much as a professional woman might loosen up after a hard day’s work. Her blouse was un-tucked and hug suspended off beautiful chest. Where her shirt left her chest, I could make out the delicate lacy pattern of her bra and where her breasts slightly overflowed the cups. On her bottom, she wore a tailored black slit skirt, which hugged her hips beautifully and ended tastefully above the knee. She wore stockings and as I noticed the faint outline of a garter belt through the silky skirt along the top of her thighs. She wore high healed shoes which raised her round ass out beyond her blouse and complemented the rest of her outfit perfectly. She held a small, dark purple velour bag in her hand that was closed by a golden drawl string at the top. She simply looked like a classy lady.

After her apology and my acceptance, we looked at each other directly. I took a deep breath as my heart pounded in my chest. As we maintained our gaze, smiles simultaneously grew on both our faces and then I saw her chest heave as took a deep breath too.

She had a very pleasant face and her smile told me that she was at least satisfied, and maybe even pleased, with what she was seeing. I am 6’1”, 170 pounds and in good shape. I’m not muscle bound, but I’m not skinny either. I guess I would say I have an athletic build. At 42 and after 20 years of marriage, work and kids, I still have the majority of my hair, though I have gotten gray on the sides. I’ve been told that I am attractive and handsome, but I am definitely not male model material. Before she arrived, I had changed tight fitting plain white tee shirt and tailored, black dress pants.

“Madame,” I said in a really cheesy half continental, half French accent, “thank you for choosing our massage clinic today. As I see from the notes here, we are emphasizing the feet and legs today. Is that correct?”

Her grin grew into a full fledged smile at the sound of my affected accent. I knew from our chat the evening prior that she’d appreciate the humor and thoughtful playfulness that the role-play represented.

“Yes, that is correct. I was also told that this salon requests their clients bring their favorite massage oil. I have that here,” and with the slightest chuckle, she raised the hand holding the bag toward me.

“Of course, very good,” I replied as I reached forward in a faux professional manner and took the bag from her hand. I opened the bag and saw not only a bottle of massage oil, but also a pack of un-lubricated ultra-thin condoms and a small bottle of warming lubricant.

I looked back up at her with a smile, “Very good Madame, everything seems to be in order. Shall we get started?”

“Yes please,” she replied.

“First, we must get you out of those shoes,” I said as I motioned for her to sit down on the couch in the sitting area. I knelt down in front of her, placed both hands around her ankles and slid them firmly up to the top of her calf. Pausing there for a minute, I gave her calf a gentle kneading and slowly worked my way back down her leg to her ankle. When I reached her ankle I raised her foot off the floor, placing the heel and sole of her shoe on my thigh. As I unbuckled the strap of her shoe, I was able to get a glimpse up her skirt at the top of her thigh-high stockings. She had very nice and shapely legs. I placed that foot down and did the same on the other leg. She was leaning forward the entire time, watching my every move.

I motioned for her to stand and as we both did, I said, “Though we will be focusing on your feet and legs, it is a whole body massage that you have requested. Is that also correct?”

With a coy smile she said, “Yes, that is correct.”

“Well then, it will be necessary to shed as much of your clothing as you feel comfortable with,” I said. “Would you like me to assist you with that while we start the relaxation portion of the massage?”

“Yes, please do,” she replied.

With that, I slowly moved my body behind her. I started by gently raking my fingers in her scalp from the front to the back of her head and eventually drew my strokes down the back of her neck. Soon, she was moving her head slowly to the rhythm of my strokes. She bent her head back as I stroked forward and forward as I slowly scr*ped back. On a final stroke backwards, I allowed my touch to lighten, barely touching her skin on the back of her neck and shoulders. I felt her body shutter several times as I tantalized the fine, sensitive hairs on the back of her neck.

With my hands now massaging her shoulders, I took a hand full of her thick curly hair from her right shoulder and brought it back and behind her neck, exposing her right cheek and neck. I stepped a little closer and lowered my head next to hers so that I was now looking down over her shoulder and down the front of her blouse. I let out a slow exhale, making sure that she could feel my hot breath on her now bare neck. I allowed my hard-on, now pushing against the inside of my pants, to just barely brush her ass thru her skirt for a moment and then kept myself back and away as she tried to push her ass back against me. She let out a slight, “mmmmm,” filled with equal parts of excitement and frustration.

I turned my hands palms up so that I was just touching her with only my fingernails and I slowly and lightly scr*ped against her upper arms, down her inner forearm and into her palms. When I reached her hands, I intertwined my fingers with hers, squeezed her hands tight and pulled her momentarily back against me and then away. On the up stroke, I flipped my hand over so that only the pads of my fingertips touched her on the way back up. Her bare arms were filled with goose bumps immediately in response to the sensations and again I felt her whole body shiver. Then on a last upstroke up her forearms, I let my finger tips brush the side of her waist through her silk blouse and then the outside of her breasts, all the while being careful that the only place our bodies touched where the tips of my fingers and my breath on her neck. I brought my fingers to the front of her neck and then on the down stroke I slowly brushed over her collarbone and down to the first button of her blouse.

She took a deep breath in anticipation of what I was about to, which heaved her cleavage up into the heels of my hands. After I let them meet for a moment I kept my hands floating off just beyond her breath as I delicately undid the first button, then the next and the next. At this point she was starting to squirm, pushing back with her ass searching for contact with my still restrained cock, but I was able to frustrate her attempts with only fleeting brushes to reward her effort.

As the last button gave way, her blouse loosely fell open to reveal a delicate demi-cup lace bra, which allowed her full mounds to flow up and out of the top. Her belly was soft, but smooth and in fine proportion to her physique.

I slowly brought my fingers back up, allowing them to trace from the top of her skirt, over her belly and around the outside of her bra, until I was at her shoulders again. Then, I very slowly drew the 2 lapels of her shirt apart in each hand and brought her blouse back off her shoulders and down her arms, making sure she was getting every sensation of the soft silk and the soft touch of my fingers on her outer arms, shoulders, forearms and lower back. I took her blouse in my hands, turned and neatly folded it over the back of the couch.

“You’re driving me nuts!,” she exclaimed looking over her right shoulder, as she jumped up and down a little.

“Madame must learn to relax,” I said, as I repositioned myself behind her once again. This time she tried to reach back with both hands and grab my ass to pull me to hers. I took her wrists with my hands and directed them back to her sides. I took an audibly deep breath and said in a deep, calming voice, “Relax”.

I let my hands move from her wrists to her waist and in a circular motion I continued the same soft touching that I had done on her arms, but now I concentrated on the soft flesh of her sides and belly. I let the circles grow larger and larger and soon I was tingling the outside of her waist, up the outside of the bra and then down the middle of her cleavage and over her belly. I guided my hands back up her back and undid her bra and then slowly peeled it forward over her shoulders, letting my hands slide down the front of the upper chest and push the cups off of her breasts and letting the bra fall to the floor.

She had lovely, full, natural breasts and I allowed my fingers, finger tips and palms to feather touch both of her erect nipples as I continued the circular motion around the outside of her bare breast and then over the top, brushing her nipples each time. Her nipples were all goose bumps and I noticed that the goose bumps were starting to spread down all of her exposed skin.

I led my hands slowly down her belly until I reached her skirt. In a paced, deliberate motion, I undid her skirt and guided it down her legs while I let my hands trace the sides of the ass, her upper thighs, her knees and then calves. As I moved down on one knee behind her and I gently kissed her shoulders, the small of her back, her ass and then the back of her exposed thigh above her stocking. I could tell that my treatment so far was having the desired effect, as her thighs were already full of her sweat scent.

Without any mention, she looked down and stepped to the side and out of her skirt. As I stood back up, I replayed my path with kisses on her opposite leg and side. With the skirt still in my hands, I calmly turned and laid her skirt over the back of the couch next to her blouse.

There she stood before me in white garter, hipster panties and thigh-high stockings. I took one of her hands in mine and turned her facing me. We looked directly at each other for a moment, shifting our gaze back and forth from one eye to another.

“Now if Madame is quite ready, we can stop the relaxation portion and start the massage,” I said with a shit-eating grin.

“Relaxation you’ve got to be kidding me!” she protested and laughed.

With her still in my hand, I guided her to the bed. As she stood there, I drew the covers completely off onto the floor and placed a pillow in the middle of the bed and at the foot and directed her to lay face down with the pillow under her hips and under her ankles.

I then said to her, “As one of our preferred clients, you also have the option of determining how much clothing I shall wear during your massage.”

“Really?,” she said with a big smile, “we’ll I’d prefer you completely naked if that’s all right.”

“Of course,” is all I said and with that I calmly stripped in front of her while she rolled on her side watching me. As you can imagine, by this time I had a hard-on that you could have been used as a tuning fork and as I removed my shorts, it sprang straight up with the head just ½” from my belly. I’m of average size, but I’ve been told my cock is nice looking as it is smooth with a large head and I keep it and my balls shaved.

She looked at it for a moment and then looked up at me, smiled and said, “Nice.”

“You’re too kind, Madame,” I said with a smile and a slight bow of my head as I took my place kneeling at the foot of the bed. I started rubbing her feet through her stockings and worked my way up to her calves and thighs. Due to sports injuries (and just getting older), I’ve had a lot of ther*peutic massages over the years and have absorbed a lot about giving a good massage. As I arrived at the top of her stockings I let my fingers extend to the bare skin above where started the light touching again. She shifted slightly on the pillow, opened her legs slightly as her breath deepened. After a several minutes of this, I unfastened the garter and slowly rolled each stocking down. Then I likewise removed her garter and panties.

There we were finally, on the bed, naked; her face down with her ass slightly raised and squirming on a pillow, and me positioned between her legs at her heels.

Taking some massage oil into the palm of my hands, I rubbed my hands together to warm it and started on her feet and calves. Then some more oil and up to the back of the lower thighs and then slowly I worked my way up to her upper and inner thighs. As I made this progression, she was slowly opening her knees a little more and a little more, making room for me between her legs as I moved my body closer to her.

When I reached the top of her thighs, I made sure that I only occasionally glanced her pussy. She was fully shaven (which drives me CRAZY). As my hands passed close, I could feel the steam of her pussy against my fingers. She started slowly grinding into the pillow beneath her hips.

I love the feeling of a shaved pussy in my hand. There is no softer skin on a woman’s body than the skin between her lips and her inner thigh. All the urges in my body were guiding my hand to the soft, swollen skin of her pussy, but I told myself ‘not yet’ and held back.

I left her inner thighs and proceeded north. I wanted to apply a lot of oil now, so I surprised her by dripping the oil directly from the bottle onto her fleshy, round ass. She jumped a little as the cold oil hit her skin. I put the bottle down and started massaging her ass, paying close attention to the crack of her ass as well as her buns. I repositioned myself a little higher on her by taking my knees to the outside of her legs, straddling her, and bringing her knees and legs together. As I worked higher and higher on her back and then shoulders, I allowed by cock to glance her fleshy, well-oiled ass and periodically ride along the crack of her ass. Each time she knew I was close; she squeezed her ass cheeks together and pushed up a couple inches, as if she was trying to grab a hold of cock with her ass cheeks.

Next, I repositioned myself at the top of the bed, so that I could do a better job on her shoulders. Without warning, she surprised me and rolled over on her back and said, “God Damn it, that’s all I can take.”


With that, she rubbed her hands on her ass to get a little oil on them and grabbed my cock. I took the cue and repositioned myself so that I was beside her on my knees facing her. The roll play was over and FINALLY I was going to get my hands on that beautiful shaved pussy. As she started giving me a great 2-handed hand-job, I took my right hand and moved down between her legs. She scooted down a little so that the pillow was now in the small of her back and she arched backward slightly as I let my middle finger glide over her clit and down over her slit and while my other fingers were enjoying the feeling of her soft, smooth skin on either side. As I worked my hand and fingers over her pussy, I would let her clit slide up inside the slot between 2 of my fingers and then on the down stroke, I would ride her clit with my middle finger which would end up buried inside her swollen pussy on each stroke.

Now, the tempo starting was really hot and heavy. She was working on my cock and I was bringing her to orgasms with my hand and fingers. She squeezed her legs together around my hand and I was enjoying feeling her smooth thighs press against my hand, wrist and forearm as I worked her harder and faster until she rolled on her side and came uncontrollably.

I told her I was about to cum. She said, “I want you in my mouth.”

I told her “Oh, yea” and in one swift motion she sucked in my aching cock.

She was obviously enjoying sucking my cock and she started letting out soft moans and slurps as she followed her mouth with her fist up and down me. The feeling was FANTASTIC and in no time at all I started helping her out with a little humping motion of my own. I reached back down to find that smooth soft skin of her pussy again and went back to work, curling my finger inside her and massaging her spongy and aroused g-spot, which only increased her moaning and her frequency.

She came a couple more times and then I finally filled her mouth with my hot cum.

We both lay there for a moment, and then I went to the bathroom freshen up. When I came back, there she was lying on her side. Her little extra weight only accentuated her curves when on her side. Looking at her beautiful, ample breasts, I realized I haven’t paid much attention to them at all yet. I rolled her on her back and started kissing her neck and nibbling on her ears. I led my kisses down her neck and then onto her breasts. I teased her breasts with kisses along the bottom and outside and then slowly moved closer and closer to her nipples, which were already hardening in anticipation. I then licked circles around her nipples ending each time gently sucking them into my mouth.

Nothing is more exciting to me than a woman excited, and soon I was getting erect again too. After a while on her breasts, I worked my way down to her stomach and licked her belly button.

At this moment, she grabbed me by the shoulders and said, “My turn” and flipped me over on my back. She then proceeded to do to me what I had been doing to her. Slowly she started teasing me with very soft touches up and down my chest and belly. She dropped her head forward, letting her firm, curly hair drag across my chest and belly. She would get close, but never actually touched my now hard cock. Every time she got close, my cock would stiffen trying to reach out and touch her hand or face, but she just smiled and kept it out of reach.

She was now tantalizing me as I tantalized her and enjoying every second of it. She got up and got a rubber. She placed a little warming lube on the inside and applied it with her mouth. She kept sucking my cock until she was sure I was good and hard and then positioned herself on her elbows and knees. I didn’t need any instruction.

I put a large glob of warming lube in the palm of my right hand and spread it on her engorged cunt and between her ass cheeks from behind. I rubbed my hand up and down for a several minutes working my hand up her lower belly and then back through her legs and then teasing her asshole with the tip of my middle finger. She came again as she thrust her ass in the air in rhythm to my movements. Clit, cunt, ass, I had all 3 covered and I was getting very hot with her excitement.

I stopped, removed my hand and positioned my self behind her. I waited a couple moments to enjoy the view of her round ass in the air, her shaved pussy puffy and wet, while she slightly gyrated in the air still enjoying the sensation my hand left behind and anticipating what was to come next.

I moved forward and took my right hand and gave her right ass cheek a little slap as I brought it down and grabbed a handful of her hip. I moved my pelvis forward and let my cock rest flat against and between her ass cheeks. I slowly started to pump my hips as my cock slide up and down along the top of her ass. She responded by relaxing her ass muscles when I pulled back, which allowed by cock to fall deep between her cheeks and then as I trust forward she tightened. While this was happening, she reached down and started playing with her clit and she let her fingers go beyond and touch my balls on my forward strokes. She was now making her own rhythm as she took herself to orgasm and I followed her lead.

“I want to feel you inside me.” she said between gasps and with that I pulled back a little further on the next stroke and slid inside her wet and well lubricated pussy in one smooth motion. She let out a deep, soft moan and kept her hand busy on her clit. Now she was feeling my cock slide in and out of her with her hand as she massaged her pussy.

I love feeling a woman’s hand feel me go in and out of her and soon we let ourselves fall into a deep and satisfying orgasm. After we came, I just laid there on top of her from behind, still inside her, slowly moving in and out and kissing the back of her neck and shoulders until I felt myself starting to go a little limp.

We both got up and took a shower together, taking pleasure in soaping and rinsing each other from top to bottom.

I hope if I ever get to Vegas again, I hope I will be able to reopen up the clinic!

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