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Their First Encounter

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Their names were Brad and Julie and they had meet on line through a swingers site. They both are single and had posted profiles just looking for excitement. Neither of them knew what was in store for them as the on line relationship grew. Every night they would get home anxiously awaiting to get on line and chat with each other. Their relationship was blooming and both acted like excited teenagers in their first relationship. After a month or so of chatting every night, they made arrangements to meet at a hotel halfway between them. Brad had reserved a room with a king size bed and they agreed to meet first in the hotel bar. They had told each other what they would be wearing so they would recognize each other at first site. Brad paced as he awaited the time to meet his on line love in the bar. When the time had gotten close, Brad left the room and went downstairs to the hotel bar. As he entered his eyes began to survey the room looking for Julie. There eyes met at the same time and it seemed no one else was there but the two of them.

They both started across the room heading to greet each other on the side of the dance floor. They embraced each other in a long hug that turned into a passionate kiss. Brad could feel Julie?s nipples growing the longer their embrace lasted, which made Brad?s member start rising as well. They found a candle lit table in the back of the room and sat down. They were both very pleased with the other, up until now they had only seen pictures of each other on the profile?s. They ordered some drinks and began talking while holding hands. After a couple of drinks Julie slid her shoe off and started running her toes up and down Brad?s leg under his loose dress slacks and then to his crotch on the outside of his slacks. This made Brad jump just a little from the surprise it brought and made his body tingle all over from the excitement as well. They shared a few dances together which only heightened their sexual desires from the grinding that was being done against one another. Brad asked Julie if she would like to get her things from her car and go to his room and change so they could relax in the hot tub together.

Julie thought it sounded like a wonderful idea as well and they headed to the parking lot to gather her bags. Once on the elevator they could not keep their hands to themselves. They were kissing each other and gliding their hands all over each other sending chills through their sexy bodies. Once they reached their floor they headed to the room to change into their swimsuits. Julie had chosen a very skimpy suit for the occasion that she thought Brad would love. They both changed into their suits and headed downstairs to the hot tub. When they arrived no one else was around and they settled into the relaxing tub. Finally enjoying actually being together alone they cuddled up and started some innocent kissing. Julie was running her hands all over Brads muscular body, toying with his nipples and letting her hand fall down under the water gliding over his cock. Brad was caressing Julie?s nice firm tits making her nipples become erect and was toying with her clit through her thin bikini. Their tongues were now exploring each others hot mouths very passionately.

They looked around to make sure no one was looking and Brad slid his hand down inside Julie?s bikini. His fingers found her clit swollen from excitement and he slowly inserted a finger inside her just slightly as to toy with her. Julie was breathing very hard and started a slight moan as he eased his finger just inside her. Julie reached down and pulled Brad?s fully erect cock from his trunks and began working his hard 8 inch shaft up and down. Another couple had came down to relax in the hot tub and were standing back watching what was going on without Brad or Julie knowing of their presence. Brad eventually caught movement out of the corner of his eye and saw the young couple standing back from the hot tub. Brad and Julie felt really embarrassed by being caught and at the same time were turned on by the idea of it. Brad and Julie decided to retire back to Brad?s room where they could be alone. Once back to the room they decided to take a shower together. Brad got the shower set and Julie joined him in the bathroom. They kissed very passionate as the hot water ran all over their bodies. Julie broke the kiss and stated nibbling her way down Brad?s neck and then to his chest. Julie circled Brad?s nipples with her tongue flicking them and sucking them into her warm mouth. Brad could not get over how good it felt having Julie teasing him like she was doing. Julie got down on her knees and took Brad?s hard cock into her warm mouth sucking him the entire length of his shaft.

Brad could feel Julie?s tongue against the bottom of his cock as she sucked him so wonderfully making him moan out loud from the pleasure he was feeling. Brad stood all he could then pulled away and started nibbling his way down Julie?s neck to her wonderful tits. Brad sucked her nipples into his mouth feeling them growing as his tongue circled them. He then lifted one of her long tan legs and placed it on the side of the tub so he cold gain access to her shaved pussy. He spread her lips apart and started licking her clit and sucking it in his mouth so he could flick it with his hot tongue. He inserted a finger deep inside her finding her G-spot which made cry out loud. Brad could feel Julie shaking all over knowing that a huge orgasm was building up inside her. He speeded up his movement with his finger and started sucking harder which sent Julie over the edge. Julie began jerking and moaning out loud ?oh God I?m cumming, it feels so good don?t stop?. Once Julie had regained herself from the orgasm they dried off and moved to the bed.

Julie had brought along one of her favorite toys, a small egg shaped vibrator called a bullet. Julie got her toy out of her luggage placing it on the nightstand and laid down on the bed with Brad. Julie started kissing Brad with a passion that she had never felt before with anyone. She worked her way back down to his hard cock which she began sucking and also toying with his balls very lightly with her finger nails. This made Brad that much harder as he had never had anyone run their finger nails over his balls before. Brad was almost ready to cum from this wonderful blow job but he made Julie stop before she got him off wanting to save it for their first time. Brad rolled over and started kissing Julie?s sexy tits sucking her erect nipples. Julie loved the feeling of having her tits sucked and the way Brad flicked them with his tongue ever so softly. He worked his way back and forth between them not forgetting to kiss every inch of flesh between them.

He then worked his way down kissing and licking her stomach until he reached her swollen clit.

She jumped slightly when his tongue reached her clit as he circled around it. She let out a moan from the pleasure she was feeling deep inside her hot body. Brad eased a finger inside Julie again finding her G-spot which almost sent her over the edge. He slowly increased his tempo both with his tongue and finger until Julie shuttered in a orgasm that shook the entire bed. She moaned out so loud that Brad knew whoever was in the next room heard what was going on, but neither of them cared at this point. Julie rolled Brad over and climbed on top and eased his large cock deep inside her hot wet pussy. He felt so good to her as he went in filling up every inch of her. She sat there for a brief moment just enjoying the feeling of finally having him inside of her before she started sliding up and down his cock. Brad could feel how hot Julie was inside and her tight pussy felt so good against his cock. She rode him like she had never been with man before rocking back and forth driving his cock deeper inside her. It was only moments after she started riding him that Julie had the biggest orgasm she has ever had. She was limp all over after it and rolled off Brad so she could lay on her back.

Brad reached over to the nightstand and got the bullet and ran it up and down Julie?s wet pussy getting it lubed up. Brad then inserted it into her firm young ass sending chills again throughout her body. He then turned it on and had it vibrating her deep inside while he inserted his hard cock deep into her wet pussy. He could feel the vibrations coming from the bullet that was only separated by a thin piece of skin from his hard cock. Brad drove his cock hard into Julie feeling it bottom out deep inside her making her scream out a loud moan of pleasure. He started off slowly pulling his cock almost out and then sliding it back in deep. Julie had never felt this good before and was moaning out loud and rolling her hard nipples between her thumb and index finger. Brad increased the rhythm of his cock inside her tight wet pussy. Julie started another orgasm that made her contract against Brad?s cock hard squeezing it so much he could hardly move it. Brad could feel his balls tightening up against him. He knew he could not last much longer and would fill her up with his huge load of cum. He was pounding her very hard now and his balls were slapping against her pussy lips making her scream out loud. Brad screamed out ?I?m fixing to cum? and Julie screamed ?I?m cumming? as she began to shake the bed again.

Brad shot his huge load of cum deep inside Julie?s soaking wet pussy hitting the back of her deep inside as they both screamed out loud during their orgasms. After their orgasms were over, Brad pulled the bullet out but left his hard cock deep inside her. They lay on the bed cuddled up to each other kissing and recovering from the night of ecstasy that they had finally shared with each other. They fell asleep in each other arms as he became limp inside her hot pussy. They woke up the next morning still exhausted from the hot night of passion they shared for the first time but not to be their last. They kissed each other goodbye in the parking lot saying they would plan another rendezvous with each other very soon as they talked on the computer at night.

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