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The workout

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My alarm goes off at 5am every morning. I want to hit snooze but know I can't. I swing my feet about of bed and stretch. Tight muscles strain and old bones creak just a bit. I grab some shorts and a t-shirt and throw them on. Finding my running shoes, I put them on as well. I look at the clock. It's approaching 5:15 and I know I have to get a move on if I am going to get to the gym in time. Grabbing a towel, my MP3 player and bottle of water, I drop them into a gym bag and walk out of my apartment. Fortunately for me, the fitness center is on the first floor of my apartment complex.

Bleary eyed, I keep wondering to myself why I even bother getting up this early for a workout. Then, I walk out of my apartment heading for the elevator and see her. She is about five and half feet tall. Her hair is up in a neat little braid. She is wearing a sports bra and a tank top. Her nice 36C breasts are barely contained within the top. Her shorts show off a nice round ass that was made for smacking. She turns towards me as I walk by her and gives a pleasant smile and wave. I wave and smile back not really knowing what to say at this early time of the morning. We both walk to the elevator wait for it in silence. I occasionally glance over in her direction to check her out more. The elevator arrives and we both hop on for the short ride to the first floor. I let her out first so that I can walk behind her and check her out. The short walk to the fitness center doesn't give me much time to check her out.

The fitness center is not very big. It has three treadmills and three cross trainers on the left side. On the right side is an assortment of weight lifting equipment. She heads for the cross trainer while I walk over to the treadmill. We both begin our stretching routine. She is so flexible that it hard for me to even concentrate on what I am supposed to be doing. She sits on the floor with her legs wide apart. She bends her upper body towards the left leg first to stretch and then the right one. Then, she bends forward in the middle to the point where her breasts are actually resting on the floor. I realize that I have stopped stretching to watch her and quickly change positions so that I am not too obvious. She stands up and places one of her legs on the arm of the cross trainer and stretches. I just about loose it right there. She switches legs and stretches the other one. She hops back on the floor and does some crunches. Her shorts ride up a bit and I can just see her panties. She knocks out quite a few of these and then does 50 push ups. Each time she goes down for a push up her breast scr*pe the floor. Not able to take it anymore, I get on the treadmill and started my 30 minute run. With fast paced music playing in the background I try and focus on my run.

We play out this ritual every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and then later in the mornings on Saturday. She has been my neighbor for the past six months and we barely speak. I don't even know her name. We acknowledge each other and then go work out. I want to look back at her and to watch her body move but I know I can't. It would be just too awkward and rude. I keep running and thinking about her and don't even notice the time pass by. The timer goes off and the treadmill slows to a walking pace for me to cool down. I do this for just a few minutes before hopping off the treadmill and wiping it down with cleaning wipes. Reaching into my gym bag for my water, I glance over in her direction. She is still going on the cross trainer. Sweat is running down her face a bit but she looks hot. I take several long pulls of water and then grab my weight lifting gloves.

Weight lifting is my fun time because I can continue to look at her while still getting in my workout. I start off with the dumb bells. Doing a few butterflys and then some curls, I knock out a few sets of each. I work my lats and pecks with some other exercises. Sweat poured off of me from my workout. I was just finishing a of pulls downs when I saw her looking over at me. Our eyes locked for a moment and she smiled and looked away as she continued on the elliptical machine. I had never seen her look over to me before and left me intrigued.

As usual, we finished our workout about the same time. She cleaned up the elliptical machine as I finished putting the weights away. Normally, I go into the sauna to sweat for 10 to 15 minutes and she heads towards the elevator. For some unknown reason, instead of heading off and me waving to her she followed me towards the sauna. I went into the men's locker room and grabbed a quick shower. As I was showering I started to think about her body and my dick started to get hard. I was tempted to take care of things right there but knew someone could walk in. I got out of the shower and dried off. I put on some swim trunks and flip-flops and headed for the sauna.

It was nice and hot in there. The light to the sauna was off so I didn't think anything until I walked in. She was laying down on her towel on the bench against the far wall. She had changed to a two-piece bikini that fit nicely and covered very little. He ample breast were spilling out of the top even as she laid down. Because it was so early it was only the two of us. I laid down my towel on the bench on the right wall. I climbed up and stretched out on one wooden bench. We both lay there quietly. I didn't know what to say. I finally got up enough courage and said,"Was it a good workout for you?" She said, "yeah it was good." I said, "I see you all the time and I don't even know your name. I'm Mike." "I'm Jules", she said. "Nice to meet you Jules." We sat there quietly for a while and then she said, "Wow. This feels nice in here. I should have been doing this all along." I said, "Yeah. I always come in here afterwards. It really loosens up the muscles after I lift weights." She sat up. "I should do some weight training but I don't want to look like a body builder." I laughed. "You can just tone your muscles. It easy and you already look like you are in very good shape so it won't take much." She smiled. "Thanks. I guess I need to hire a trainer to teach me." I sat up as well. "It's easy and you don't need to hire an expensive trainer. I can show you. I do it to stay in shape. I don't have any desire to become a body builder either." "Wow", she said. "You would do that for me." I smiled. "It would be my pleasure." We chatted some more as we sat there and sweated. I tried not to stare at the beads of sweat that built up and dripped between her breast. She had nice full lips that invited someone to kiss. I tried to think about baseball, the weather, or anything that would keep my dick from getting hard and providing her with a show she didn't ask for.

She looked at the clock and was about to get up when she grabbed her right calf and sat back down. I immediately moved over to her. "What's the matter?" "Bad cramp in my calf," she said. "It's probably from dehydration. Can you put any weight on it?" She tried to stand again and almost fell down to the floor before I could catch her. "Hang on," I said. I grabbed her towel and bag. Grabbed my stuff as well on put them on my shoulder. I then walked over to her and reach to pick her up. She looks at me. "What are you doing?" I reach for her again. "You can't walk. It's too hot in here for you to stay any longer. It will be easier if I just carry you to the elevator. She looked at me closely and stammered out an ok. Picking her up in my arms. I took her out of the sauna and walked around the corner towards the elevator. She might have felt self-conscious. She was in a bikini in my arms with her arms wrapped around my neck. I had no shirt on and carried her easily. We were sweaty in the sauna but the cool air conditioning in the building made us cool down very quickly. Her nipples began to poke through the material of her bikini. I tried to overt my eyes but they kept wondering back. My dick was getting hard again. If anyone saw me right now, they would see a massive bulge in my pants poking out as I walk. I took her around the corner to the elevator. She kept looking up at me not saying a word as we waited for the elevator. It was my lucky day and the elevator took forever to get to the first floor. It opened and I walked in. She reached down and pushed the button for our floor. The doors slowly closed and I stood there in silence with her in my arms. "Do you normally carry women who you just met?" I looked at her. "Only damsels in distress ma'am." She laughed at my comment and relaxed a bit. She adjusted herself so that her head rested against my chest. The elevator finally reached our floor. "This may sound odd but your place or mine?" She looked at me for a second and a mischievous smiled came on her face. "My place will do just fine mister." "Your place it is," I said. We arrived in front of her door and she reached into the bag I was carrying and found her key. She fumbled with the lock for a minute and finally got the door open. I carried her in. By this time, our once sweaty bodies had dried completely so I let her down on her couch.

I told her to just lie there while I get her some water. I walked into her kitchen and grab two bottles of water. She was trying to give me directions to where things were in the kitchen. I walked out and was standing in front of her. By this time my dick has not as hard but there was still a noticeable bulge there. As I handed her the water she kept staring at my crotch. She didn't take her eyes off of that area. Not even to take the water from me. I smiled to myself. She finally looked up and caught me smiling and started to blush. "I should rub your legs while you drink. That will help with the cramping and get the blood flowing in your legs. Trust me, it will help." She was hesitant at first. "I promise not to touch anything too vital without your permission." She laughed. "I will hold you to that." Moving her coffee table out of my way. I knelt down beside her. I took her left leg in my hands and began to massage it. In order to get the right leverage, I had to pull her left leg away from her right leg. Her legs were wide apart now. It was very hard for me to not look between her legs. I could just make out the lines of her pussy lips. I massaged her foot. Working my hands back and forth. I rubbed her ankle and toes. Moving higher. I rubbed her calf. She layed back and closed her eyes. I thought I heard her let out a quiet moan as I moved higher on her calve and let my strong hands move across her muscles. "How is that?" I asked. "Feels good but my thigh muscle hurts the worst." I finish her calf and move up to her thigh. She spreads her legs more to allow me access to her thigh. Moving in a nice slow motion, I knead her skin. Making small circles, I rub her thighs slowly working higher and higher. The motion was causing her bikini body to move. I could just make out the edge of her pussy lips was much more visible. It was clear that she shaved. I was staring at her pussy now as I rubbed her thigh. Her hand covered her face. She let out another moan as I continued to rub her thigh. I thought I felt her hips moving back and forth to my hands rubbing her thigh. I reached across and used my other hand to rub her other thigh at the same time. By rubbing and pulling on both thighs, her bikini bottoms road up even more. I could see her pussy lips. Her bikini bottom was rubbing against her clit. I think she forgot that I was one the doing this. She reached with her left and began to gently rub her nipples. I continued massaging her legs working higher and higher. I was just at the top of both thighs. I was rubbing and pulling causing her pussy to open and close. She began to move her hips in sync with my massaging. I began to see signs of pussy juice flowing as the sides of her pussy could be clearly seen and were clearly wet. I was enjoying my efforts and so was she. I couldn't resist any longer and ran both of my hands to the sides of her pussy. Still massaging, I was clearly massaging her pussy lips. Pulling them apart and together, I could feel her juices on the tips of my finger. She moaned even louder as my hands slid slightly under her bathing suit and bushed her clean shaven pussy. Seeing that she was completely turned on, I threw caution to the wind. Sliding my hands under bathing suit, my fingers found her clit. She let out a loud moan as I found the top of her pussy. She pinched her nipples more and moved her hips. I was slid a finger inside of her with my left hand while I massaged her clit with my right. She said, "Oh yes" in a loud voice. Taking her clit between my thumb and forefinger, I began to massage it slowly. Back and forth between my fingers, I moved her sensitive clit. I could feel it get more swollen as I rubbed it. At the same time, I slid a second finger into her pussy. She moaned more and began to bite her bottom lip. Her left hand was inside her bikini top rubbing her nipple. She was breathing heavy and squirming around madly. I could feel her pussy tightening up on my fingers and as I worked them inside of her. I continued to play with her clit. Her stomach muscles were contracting and she tightened up more. She was getting closer and closer to cumming. Wanting to taste her, I moved her bikini far enough aside to give myself clear access to he clit. With my fingers still inside of her, I began to run my tongue across her clit. Taking my tongue back and forth across her clit, I could taste her sweetness. As I fingered her faster, I took her clit into my mouth and sucked on it. Slight pressure at first, I slowly increased the speed that I sucked it in and out of my mouth. Her hips began to lift off the couch. She stopped touching her nipple and grabbed the back of my head with both hands. Holding my face against her pussy, she began to move her hips more. I sucked her clit with a fast rhythm in and out of my mouth. I slid a third finger inside of her and she let out an extremely loud moan. She kept saying "Oh yes, Oh yes. Right there." I could tell she was close now. I took my tongue and tongue fucked her for a bit before I licked from her hole to her clit. I then took her clit into my mouth one last time and held it. That last move did the trick. Her muscles tightened and she let out a loud wale before collapsing on the couch. My face and hands were covered with her pussy juices. She let go of my head and took my hands. She sucked on my fingers licking every drop off of them. I think she finally realized what she was doing and stopped and stared at me. All she could say was "Oh shit". I laughed. "I guess I gave you the deluxe massage." She continued to blush. "I can't believe I let you do that. I was so relaxed and it felt so good." I just smiled at her. "Glad to be of service ma'am." I moved from between her legs and got out of her way.

I stood up and my hard dick was readily apparent as it poked out of my shorts. She adjusted her bikini bottom back in place and looked up. She could see the bulge in my pants and smiled more. "Looks like someone is awake". She gestured at my shorts. "Yeah. Well someone got his attention." She laughed at my comments and moved her legs over to get up. She thanked me and tried to stand up. Her leg instantly gave way. In her attempt to stabilize herself, she reached for and grabbed me. Her momentum was taking her down and I with her. She landed on the couch and I landed on top of her. I didn't move. Our bodies were pressed against each other. I lips were only a couple of inches apart. I looked in her eyes and felt her body against mine. At that very instant. She got a pointed reminder that I was of the male species. My hard dick was pressing against her. Call it luck or just good timing but our bodies were lined up so that I was between her legs and my dick was pressing against her mound. The more I thought of this, the harder my dick. She realized this too and her eyes went wide for a minute. Then she said, "I guess he is happy to see?" The taste of her pussy was still on my lips. She reached up and kissed me. I returned her kiss with power and passion. Our mouths opened and our tongues found each other. Our tongues worked in and out of each other mouths. I then moved to her earlobe and then down her neck. She was rubbing and grabbing my back. Her hands moved down my back to my shorts and started pushing them off of me. I pulled her bikini top aside and sucked on her nipple. Taking it in and out of my mouth. I moved back up to her lips and kissed her deeply. I fumbled and eventually found the strings that kept her bikini in place. With a slight tug, the bows were undone and I pulled her bikini bottom away. Helping her out, I pulled my shorts off quickly. She reached between us and grabbed my dick. Taking it in hand she rubbed it against her wet slit. Adjusting the angle, she put my dick against her pussy and I slid right in.

She felt so tight as I slid my in and out of her. She was so wet that I moved effortlessly. I continued to kiss her lips. My hips moved back and with my dick digging deep into her pussy. She was moaning again and enjoying the feeling. "We need to change this up", she said. Sliding her around, she was able to maneuver so that she went from laying underneath me to sitting on top of me. My back was against the couch and she was kneeling. She held my dick up and slid herself down onto my dick until it was buried deeply within her. She began to rock back and forth. To help her, I grab her ass and lifted up and down. She was in a good motion as she bounced up and down on my dick. Her nipples were in my face so I continued to suck on them. She had her arms around me and began to dig into my back a bit with her fingernails. She felt so good to me. All I could think about was having more of her as she continues to gyrate on my dick. She would rock back and forth and then bounce for a while. The entire time, I was either kissing her deeply or sucking on her nipples. My hands cupped her ass and helped her bounce. I knew I couldn't take much more of this. I felt my balls tightening as cum started to rise. She must have sense that I was close because she intensified her efforts. I told her to slow down or I was going to cum in her. That just got her more hot. She bounced even high up and down on my dick. She grabbed the back of the couch and began to bounce and grind her pussy on my dick. She then reached between us and rubbed her clit with her right hand. Her pussy was tightening again and I could tell that she was close too cumming. I grabbed her hips and began to ram her tight pussy more. She was so excited. She was riding me hard. She had finally reached the point where she was about to have an orgasm. She arched her back and continued to bounce. Her pussy came with a flood of energy and juices. She dribbled down by balls. She smiled at me and climbed off of me. Lowering herself, she licked her juices off my dick. She continued with a blowjob. Taking in as much dick as possible, she licked and sucked my dick. I was already close to the edge, so the blowjob just put me over the edge. She could feel how close I was to cumming. I finally let go and came all in her mouth. She sucked up every drop of it. When she had finally finished sucking me dry, She glanced at the clock. "Oh shit. I'm late for work." I looked at the clock too. "Yeah, you're right." Maybe we can do this sometime when we are less busy."

I reached over and grabbed my shorts. I slide them back on. She began to adjust herself and put her bikini bottom on first. She had to stand to do it. That's when I noticed her limp was no longer there. She just smiled at me as I stood in front of her. She rubbed my dick through the material. "That was nice", I said. "Thank you", she said. She just turned and walked away. I followed her to the door. That's when it hit me. She was walking normally. She was walking on her bad leg with no problems. I commented about it. She said, "I wasn't as hurt as I let on. I hope you don't mind. You seemed like the shy type and I couldn't wait any longer to fuck you. I like working out but getting up every morning this early was getting old. I had to move you along." I just smiled more. "It's fine babe. I will see you on Wednesday." She let me out but not before she gave me a long deep kiss. Our tongues played for a bit. "I'll see you on Wednesday but we should try an evening workout followed by the Jacuzzi by the pool." That thought got my dick stirring again. "You're on. Wednesday night it is."

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