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The ride to the Office

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I just pulled into the driveway of her house and she comes running out to the car. I reach across and open the door for Michelle and she slides in. ?I?m sorry you had to go out of your way to pick me up,? she says ?but, my car won?t start.? I nod and just stare at her for a second.

Michelle is the secretary at my office and is about 21-22. She nice really nice breasts and today it looks like her nipples are little pencil erasers on her chest. Her blouse is white and a deep vee that shows lots of cleavage. She?s wearing a short red skirt that has ridden up her thighs as she slid into my car. I can barely see a little white vee of her panties under the front edge of her skirt.

I have an instant hard-on because this little girl just turns me on. I have teased her at the office several times and know she is open to flirting. A couple of times, I have unsnapped her bra when I have bent over talking to her in the office and every time she giggles and just reaches up and holds it in place. She then reaches around and rehooks it.

To say the least I have wanted to fuck her for a long time.

I reach over to check to make sure the door is securely shut, letting my hand brush her thighs. Michelle doesn?t flinch, but I know she hasn?t the faintest idea about my intentions. As it is we are going into the office early today, because I made up some excuse, saying I had something I had to do so I had to pick her up early.

I get ready to back out of her driveway and tease her, a little, saying ?Are you sure you can trust me in the office with you, this early??

Michelle just grins up at me and doesn?t say anything.

As we drive I keep looking over at those beautiful legs of hers, hoping she will spread them open just a little more to enhance my view.

We are about two minutes from the office, and Michelle turns in her seat just slightly, but enough for me to get a good view of those bright white panties. I know too, she isn?t wearing pantyhose, that?s a big plus! She asks me if I would mind stopping somewhere for a coffee before we get there. Good Idea, I want to spend as much time with her as I can. I know we are both married but I would like to spend time with her anyway.

I stop and order two mochas and we sit in the car and drink them. Michelle has turned in her seat now and is facing me, with one leg curled under her and the other on the floor. I have a perfect view up her skirt, I?m in heaven.

?Bill, is there something wrong??

?No, no, nothings wrong I just like what I am looking at.? I stammer with my tongue in my throat. ?You have such beautiful legs and they go all the way up.?

Michelle giggles and reaches down and adjusts her skirt. Almost like she is embarrassed, but she didn?t move to cover herself, just adjust the skirt a bit and actually she is giving me a better view.

I reach over and touch her thigh just above the knee and she flinches, a bit.

I reach up a little further and lightly touch her thigh just below her panties and start to lightly pet the soft white skin. She doesn?t say anything, just lets her head go back against the window and inhales deeply. Her pelvis moves forward toward my fingers and I know she is just enjoying my hand at the moment.

I take this as permission and reach up to her panties and massage her pussy through them.

Her panties are getting wet and I can see the wetness start to grow. I keep rubbing that beautiful slit and stealthily stick a finger inside. As I do this, her hand comes down and she almost whispers for me to stop.

I pull my hand back and bring it to my nose and smell the wonderful aroma of Michelle?s now sopping wet pussy. I put my hand and finger under her nose and let her smell the glorious aroma of herself.

She takes my hand and puts it in her mouth and sucks my finger, tasting the sweetness of her body.

With that I take it and put it back beneath her skirt and reinsert it into that lovely pussy I have not seen yet. Her hand follows and again she is breathing the word, ?Stop.? But I ignore it this time and just keep on rubbing those outer lips and feeling the wetness that is continuing to grow.

She pulls her leg from beneath her and turns in the seat, which forces me to stop for the moment. My hand is still beneath her skirt and is resting on her thigh. I have set my coffee down by this time and I reach over and push her skirt all the way up as far as I can, exposing two beautiful thighs and a very wet panty. I reach around her and grab the elastic waist band and give it a tug.

As I do, she raises her hips to let me remove them. I continue to slide them down her legs and pull them off completely. I stick them in my pocket for the moment. Now I am bending down to kiss her where my fingers were just massaging. I see that she is completely shaven and completely wet. Her breathing is becoming more ragged so I know she is enjoying my ministrations.

I reach over a take her hand and put it on my engorged cock. She grabs it and traces the size and length of it as I again start to work my fingers into the ever sopping cunt.

Michelle reaches up and unzips my slacks and reaches inside to free my hard penis. As she does I reach and start unbuttoning her blouse. I pinch each nipple to hardness and play with her breasts through her bra for the moment.

I put my hand behind her head and pull it do to my penis. She is sucking it and sucking like there is no tomorrow or it is something she will never have again. I just sit back and enjoy the moment.

While she has my cock deep in her throat I unhook my slacks and start to push them down. She stops and helps me get my penis out of my jockeys and immediately goes back to it, taking it deep in her throat again. I have never had that happen before and the feeling has me ready to cum.

I stop her because I don?t want to cum in her mouth, but she hungrily goes right back to it and again takes it into her throat. Too late, I can?t stop myself now as I spew all of the cum I have into that hungry mouth. She continues to suck and lick me until there is nothing left. I am just laying there looking at this young girl smiling up at me with her blouse open and her skirt around her waist.

Believe me, I wanted to fuck her not just get a fantastic blow job, but I am afraid I am done for now. I can do nothing but just lay back and enjoy the warmth she has bestowed on me.

I reach down and pull her up to my chest and she is resting there for the moment and gently teasing my cock. I in turn, am teasing her pussy with my finger and I love the aroma of the car at the moment. Wait, I am starting to get hard again, and Michelle starts playing with me harder and faster to see if she can get this old cock of mine hard once more.

She climbs over my lap and starts to put my cock into that fiery furnace of hers. Slowly she lowers herself onto my shaft and slowly rides it up and down, up and down. I can feel the velvety softness of the inside of her pussy and I am once again in total nirvana.

Her breath is getting more ragged, as is mine. I know I am nearing a second climax and I think she is nearing her first. Harder, faster she is riding me and all of a sudden she screams in my ear. ?Oh, God, I am cumming!? and with that I erupt again this time inside of her and we both can only moan in the emotion of the moment.

?Thank you, Michelle, that was that absolute best!? I whispered into her ear. ?I want to do that again, soon.?

?I loved every minute and yes, we have to do this again. And again, and again, and, would you like to come over for dinner tonight. My husband is out of town for the weekend and we could try it in better circumstances.?

?My wife isn?t gone, but wait until I tell her and we will probably have you over to our house. Have you ever been with another woman?? ?We swing and usually it isn?t a problem, but I do need to check with her.? ?I?ll call her in a bit and see what she has planned, okay??

?I would love to if it is alright with your wife>?

As Michelle started to put herself together, hook her bra, button her blouse and straighten her skirt, I reached into my pocket and pulled out those panties and held them to my nose and inhaled that beautiful woman aroma. Michelle grabbed them from me and put them on.

?Think we should get to the office now??

?I hope you enjoyed your coffee.?

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