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The old lady across the street

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I know this sounds like something you would maybe read in a porn mag, or see in a porn movie, but it's not! If I hadn't experienced it myself, I would think it was made up.

It wasn't long after I moved into my new place that the neighbors started coming over to say hi when they saw me. I think most were just friendly, welcoming the new neighbor, telling me what the neighborhood was like, what to expect, and of course their opinions of the other neighbors. Some, if not all, were also curious about me as well. My impression was just like anyone else's would be, thinking I'm glad to be in a neighborhood of such nice people who watch out for each other.

There was one neighbor lady who I hadn't met yet. She looked to be about late 60's, kinda like your typical grandmother type. Glasses,curly red short hair, about 5'4", Body type I couldn't say at first, because it was winter and when ever I saw her it was just for a brief moment coming or going with a big winter coat on. Everyone had told me how nice she was, and friendly. I was beginning to wonder why she never came over to meet me. I didn't feel right just going over to her place without meeting her first, thinking she might get scared and call the cops or something, not knowing me.

Then one day, about 3 weeks after I moved in, was sitting on the couch, leaning back having a beer, watching a porn, and stroking my hard cock. All of a sudden there's a knock at the door. I instantly shut off the movie, grabbed my robe that was close by, and went to answer the door. to my surprise, it was the little old lady from across the street, with a plate in her hands. I thought oh, how nice she brought me some cookies. I opened the door and she greeted me. "Hi, I'm Gladys. I live across the street. Sorry I haven't been over to meet you yet. But I brought you a welcome treat." I thanked her and asked her if she would like to come in, being the neighborly thing to do. "You sure I'm not interrupting anything? When I came to the door it sounded like you had company." "Oh, no," I replied. It was just watching a movie. I guess I had it turned up a little too high." And left it at that, hoping I wasn't blushing. So she comes walking in the door, and as she walks past me, she accidentally brushes up against my robe with her arm, and I feel the thump in my crotch. I look down, and to my embarrassment, I still have a raging hard on, sticking almost straight out! I quickly excused my self to go get dressed, and hopefully calm myself down, hoping she didn't notice. I went down the hallway to my bedroom to change, and as I drop my robe on the bed, I hear a voice behind me say "Excuse me, can I use your bath-". I turn around and there she is staring at my nakedness, me at full attention! No way to hide it now! I freeze like a deer in the headlights. And so does she for a second.

"Oh, my, that sure must have been a good porn. You left the case laying on the couch. Damn, I haven't seen a real live hard cock in years. And that is one beautiful piece of meat if you ask me." And before I could regain my composure, she swiftly dropped to her knees and swallowed about 6 of my 9 inches in one foul swoop! Talk about being caught by surprise! It made me stagger back against the bed, and about the third try, she had deep throated the whole thing! I literally felt her chin against my balls! And a moth like hot velvet! And at this point, since I hadn't been laid in a while, I didn't care who it was, as long as she could suck cock like that! Then she suddenly stopped, got up and took her coat off. She was dressed like your typical older lady in the pink cotton top and brown spandex pants. Nothing to look at, but at that point I didn't care.

Then bang! She quickly rips of her clothes and exposes one of the most beautiful sets of tits I've ever seen! I couldn't believe it. And they were real. Not all saggy and droopy, but standing up firm and full, about a D cup, and beautiful big pink hard nipples sticking out as big around as my pinky and as long as to the first knuckle. I couldn't resist. I had to latch on to them. Gladys started quivering and trembling, shoving them deep in my face. " OOHH!!! That's it! Suck my big titties! It's been so long! Oh, shit! FUCK! I'm coming just from you sucking my nipples! Suck harder!" I then reached down between her legs, and her crotch was soaked through her pants, and underwear, gushing so much. It looked like she had pissed on herself!

She then threw me back across the bed, ripped her pants off, and jumped on my cock. She buried it on the first shot. "OOHHH! OOOHHH!!! CUMMING!!! CUMMING!!! " I thought Niagara Falls had just flooded my bed! She threw her head back, eyes rolling in her head, gasping and screaming. I was getting scared, thinking she was having a seizure or something. Then she collapsed on top of me, barely breathing, OH SHIT! I thought, she died fucking me! I didn't know what to do. She was too big for me to pick up and roll over. As I said before, she was about 5'4", but went about 185 lbs. All I could think of was to slap her. So I smacked her ass good and hard. You would have thought I hit her with the heart paddles! She jumped up ready for her third round of orgasms. Mind you This has happened so fast I'm still working on my first.

At that point, she turns, looks in the mirror to her right, with a crazed, obsessed look in her eyes. She then proceeds to jump up and get on her hands and knees. "Fuck me from behind. I want to watch myself get fucked good and hard." Who am I to complain or object? So I get behind her, and that is the first time I actually got to see her pussy. Man, you talk about a sight! Here staring back at me is this big, sloppy wet swollen pink gash covered with long thick red and gray hair, all matted together from her gushing juices. I couldn't resist. I dove in face first. I wasn't gentle at this point, knowing how she went at it before. I started sucking her huge clit and swollen pussy lips. I then shoved 4 fingers in that big gash all at once. She came again. "MORE!!" was all she could say. So I proceeded to completely fist her. I couldn't believe it. Her pussy actually sucked my hand in up past the wrist! and I have big hands and wrists! I started pounding her pussy harder and harder with my fist. The harder I pounded, the harder and louder she came. we got into a rhythm. As I pounded forward, she would slam that big ass and pussy back against my arm. Before I knew it, I was in almost up to my elbow, and she had had 9 orgasms.

At that point, I thought, okay, my turn. I pulled out, shove my cock in, which was kind of useless the way she was stretched. So I look down, and take an alternate route.

Hey, her ass was already soaked with her juices, so without a word, I spread her big ass cheeks and buried my cock deep in her ass. She let out a scream like I had never heard before. " IT'S IN MY ASS!! IT'S IN MY ASS! OH FUCK!! I'VE NEVER HAD IT IN MY ASS BEFORE!! IT HURTS BUT FEELS SO GOOD! OH FUCK!!! FUCK MY ASS HARDER!!! OH SHIT!!! I"M CUMMING HARDER THAN I EVER HAVE IN MY LIFE!!! UUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!!" And with all that, I Pounded that ass about 3 or 4 more strokes, and came so hard deep in her ass that I swear she could have had my come shooting out of her mouth. I swear I felt my head cave in I came so hard! That was without a doubt one of the hottest fucks I have ever had. Which we repeat now and again, by the way...

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