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The gentle wake-up

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As I awoke, you are cradled in my arms, nestled in front of me. Seeing that you are still asleep, I slowly caress your side with my arm. As is common when I awake, I am erect. Thus, I will be happily laying in the crack of your butt cheeks. As I begin to caress you, I snuggle in closer to you. Fitting very closely against your backside. My chest against your shoulder blades, stomach to the small of your back and our legs almost intertwined. My caressing continues from a light touch on your sides. I also begin lightly kissing the back of your neck, while my hand moves across your belly to your legs. I then continue back up your sides, noting your ribs as I lightly pass over them, then gently cupping and caressing your breast.

At this point, I begin to feel you're beginning to 'notice' my ministrations and are slowly coming out of your slumber, so I continue to kiss and lightly graze my teeth over your neck. My hand now gently slides down your body, cupping your inner thigh. With my 2nd arm, I hug you close, kissing your spine, as my fingers lightly tickle your thigh area.

You sigh, and snuggle back into me tighter. Noting my firm shaft behind you, you clench your 'cheeks' around me. I kiss the side of your neck and feel between your legs, ever so delicately. Almost involuntarily, you part your legs, inviting the attention of my fingers. With my middle finger, I trace the outline of your lips, sensing the slow development of warmth and anticipation. Your body, drawn to my touch, presses against my finger, trying to work me inside your dewy folds.

I pull my body back away from yours, allowing you to lay flat on your back on the bed. Moving back to you, I open your eyes with a warm and sensual kiss to your lips. My hand still at your nether region, but resisting entry. With me aside you, you reach down and caress my rod and my sac. Happy with the gretting your hand obtains, you attempt to 'pull' me on top of you.

While not desiring to resist your 'need', I first must be sure that you are properly 'prepared'. I kiss my way down your body, pulling free from your grip as I decend. Kissing your neck, shoulder, tracing my tongue down and across your breasts, lightly kissing each nipple as I lick circles around your aereola. Counting your ribs with kisses, I then move on to play with your belly button ring with my tongue. Moving on, the tip of my tongue greets your anxious clitoris.

I lightly flick over your 'button', then kiss it, sucking you firmly between my lips. Opening my mouth, my tongue wanders further, snaking his way to your anxiously awaiting pussy. Spreading your lips with my fingers, my tongue flicks inside of you, causing a gasp as you briefly lose your breath. You reward my tongue with your deliciously warm secretions, so I linger for a while, savoring and enjoying your gift.

Sensing your desperation, I cease my oral explorations. Moving back up your body, I kiss you deeply and you eagerly return my kiss. Reaching down between us, you grip the object of your desire and direct me to 'fill' your aching needs. Almost as if on cue, I flex my hips, completely penetrating you on the first try. Not wanting me to EVER leave, you wrap your legs around me, and hold me in tight. My tongue begins wresting with yours, as I begin to slowly move in and out within your warm and inviting sanctum.

You smile at me, saying, "Mmmm, I love waking up with you when we don't have to get up right away."

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