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The first time

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Jack was a pleaser person, always had been. It made him much happier to give than to receive. This also had a big affect on his sex life. He loved to look at a beautiful woman and enjoy her. For him that is what sex was a chance to enjoy and give. More than that the ultimate chance for it. At what other time in life do you get such raw honest feed back on how well you are pleasing someone. He loved to do new exciting things to take a woman to a new height of pleasure. Each time he hoped to top the last time he made love to his woman. He could still remember the first time he laid down with her on a bed and enjoyed her.

They had removed their clothes and climbed on the bed. He had asked her to lay on her belly with her head down. Slowly and softly he began to rub her shoulders and back letting his fingers glide. Slowly learning the curves of her body. Letting his hand wander as he did it. Lower down her side to feel the curves of her breasts lower down her back to feel the curve of her ass. Gently getting firmer with his touch as he watched the small subtle affects it had on her. The deep breathing, goose bumps as he touched just the right spot, deep intake of breath as he hit a ticklish spot. Slowly learning what she enjoyed. Then he would let his lips touch her. A kiss in the small of the back as his hand wondered. A sucking kiss on the neck as he rubbed her ass.

He waited for the deep breathing tell tale signs of the effect he was having. Slowly after kissing her neck he whispers turn over. Then he would start at the neck again slowly letting his hand drop lower. Feeling the swell of her chest, working his way to her hard nipples. Slowly, softly feeling them enjoy his touch as he works back to the neck and too each beautiful nipple. Then lower he would go ever so slowly side to side feeling every inch of her body, feeling the need in her for him to go lower. As he gets to the hair line he slows even more in small circles feeling the outline of her hair. Letting his finger feel for the moisture he knew must be there. Then just as she is convinced he will finally touch her where she craves he slides his fingers up, cups her breast and kisses them. Slowly going back and forth.

Then he moves his hands to the side and lets his kissing move down her belly. Slowly tasting her with his lips as he moves lower and lower. His first soft lick on her lips sending tingles threw her body. Softly slowly licking feeling her legs open up to give him what he needs. Now he can search for that special spot. Slowly softly he lets his tongue explore. Looking for the jewel he knows is there. As he finds it he feels her sharp intake of breath. Now softly and slowly he teases it ever getting faster. He can feel her body begin to shiver and he increases speed and pressure. Slowly building to an explosion he knows must come, then it happens moisture runs down her lips and onto his tongue and face. He stops letting her catch her breath. Then slowly kisses the inside f her legs and works his way higher to her breasts with his kisses.

When he gets to her neck he slows and enjoys her need. Slowly lining his body up with hers he gently pushes the tip of his large manhood into her. A small gasp escapes her lips. His breathing on her neck and he slides himself in hot and steamy. Slowly he slides more of him into her watching her face as he does, making sure it is not too much. Then he pulls out and slowly begins to stroke in and out of her. Softly letting his hands feel her breasts and neck. Kissing her, watching her enjoy him. Now it is all for him he teases her faster, slower, deeper, shallow feeling her react learning what she like. The first orgasm is amazing she tenses and soaks him with her wonderful juices loosing on control. As she catches her breath he begins again stroking now slower and deeper letting her feel every inch of him. As she gets comfortable with all of him he gently reaches and slides her legs on his shoulders. Now he can control how deep he goes much better. He can take her places she never dreamed. Just a little quick and hard then slowly plunging all of him in her to feel her explode.

Time slows he feels himself getting closer and closer he looks at her face looking for a sign when she is ready, as he feels her orgasm he joins with her exploding slowly he moves off her beside her. It is an amazing memory.

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