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The first explosive, amazeing night with JD

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I had started of the year with a sense of new beginings and a desire to enjoy whatever life had to offer. I wanted adventure and excitement; all the things that I felt I'd been missing for a long time. I decided to put a profile on a dating site to see what would happen and much to my surprise I got a response that would be the most memorable meeting ever.

I'd gotten a ton of men and women responding to my add with pictures and interesting offers, but there was one that stood out. It was just a simple response of "How are you this eveing". After having every typical sexually charged on-liner possible, I thought it was a nice change to have been asked a genuine question. After viewing his pictures and reading a very nice profile I decided to respond. We went back and forth for a little while on chat before changing over to regular emails and then exchanging numbers. His name was JD and he was the most stunning man I'd ever seen with olive colored skin and deep, dark, sultry eyes that drew me in.

After several email and text exchanges we decided to meet after he finished work. I was beyond anxious and if there had been a way to make the clock spin faster I would have. I kept looking at the pictures he sent me. His eyes, his lips, such strong, sexy features and I couldn't wait to see what chemistry we had. I'd decided to talk in my car for a while and not invite him into my home right away just as a precausion. You never know how people are and it was just best to be safe.

My mind went through the typical questions, ?are we going to hit if off?? ?Is he going to look like he does in his pictures?? I?d been through that scenario before and it was really awkward when they don?t look like their picture does. I was hoping this wouldn?t be a replay of that. As I sat in my car trying to find a decent radio station that wouldn?t interfere with conversation, I saw the headlights coming down the driveway and was about to jump out of my skin. There was something different about meeting JD then there had been with the other dates I?d had. Maybe it was the similarities we had. Maybe it was the real conversations we had and not just some superficial banter before asking to have sex or entirely based on sex. I still can?t put my finger on it to this point, but there definitely was something about him that was special.

He parked his truck and it was really too dark to see him very well, but I will never forget when he got in my car and I looked at him for the first time in the flesh, I thought to myself, ?Oh my god he?s stunningly handsome?! He had dark hair in a crew cut style, olive toned skin, some very hot tattoos, and dark eyes that were almost hypnotic to look at. Since he?d just gotten off work, he had his uniform on, but took off the shirt leaving only his white t-shirt. Yes, a man in uniform is hot, but a man in half a uniform is still just as hot, ha ha. Amazingly I wasn?t as nervous as I half expected and said, ?Hey you, thanks for coming to see me?. JD responded with, ?I really wanted to see you?, and from there the conversation took off. We talked for quite some time about all sorts of things like, his job, military background, and foods we liked. I teased him for liking haggis and saying he?d eat grubs. We laughed quite a bit over that part of the conversation as he tried to convince me that I?d be able to eat a grub. Yeah, ok, ha ha ha, that might happen if there was some natural disaster that wiped out all food sources accept slimy creatures in my yard and even then the grass would be a first choice. Then I finally asked a more personal question trying to drive the conversation in the direction I wanted it to go. I said, ?How is it that a handsome guy like you is not taken?? He replied, ?There hasn?t been anyone for a while?. I asked, ?Did you just not want a relationship or did something happen with one?? As we spoke further he explained about how he was engaged while he was in the military, years before, and had gotten a ?Dear John? letter while he was stuck on a ship in the ocean. I felt so badly for him and expressed my lack of understanding for people who do that to other people, especially in those situations. I was enjoying this visit with him, the conversation was great, and I was comfortable.

Before even realizing it, almost 2 hrs had flown by through the conversation. He had made himself comfortable and laid the car seat back while we talked. I was sitting half Indian style with one knee up resting my cheek on it as we spoke. I remember my hair was slightly in my eyes and he reached over to gently push it out of my face. The lightness of his finger grazing the side of my face instantly caused a thousand butterflies in my stomach and a tingle went through my body. My most immediate thought was, ok this is it, this is the precursor to the physical action I?ve been curious about, and I was really excited for it. I had been curious about what it would be like to kiss him the entire time I had looked into his eyes while we spoke. Things got quiet and we just sat there looking at each other until I broke the silence by asking what he wanted. Of course he answered my question with the same question directed back at me. He still does that to this day, the stinker, and it drives me nuts. Finally I knew what needed to be done so I leaned over toward him as he met me half way, he held my face in his hand and our lips touched. BOOM! It was as if at stick of dynamite went off inside my head and I was disoriented, even stunned. Neither one of us closed our eyes while we kissed and it was the sexiest, most passionate kiss I?ve ever experienced in my life! Ladies, I kid you not and guarantee that most of you have never been kissed like that, EVER! I should have known at that point I was in big trouble with this man.

The kissing went on for quite a while, from deep, passionate French kisses to light nibbling of his bottom lip or just barely caressing his lips with mine. Never once did we take our eyes off each other which I found to be very intense. I was drawn in and almost felt as though I wanted him to look at me; something I?d not normally have cared for. Finally we gave our lips a break and I lay with my head on his chest as he held me close. His body was warm and solid and comfortable. Slowly he began to caress my arm, commenting on how soft my skin was, and then before I realized it, his hands were under my shirt caressing my back and I was lost in his touch. There is no way for me to make you understand this part, but the way he caressed me and somehow hugged me close at the same time made my heart want to jump out of my chest. It was beating so hard and my entire body was tingling, especially the private places. I could feel his heartbeat through his chest and hear his breathing as I lay there lost in this incredibly sensual experience. The caresses became more intense, more deliberate, with a firmer touch, and longer strokes of his hands over my stomach and sides. As natural instinct I started to moan quietly as you would just after a bite of the most delicious dessert ever. I never dreamt it even possible, but on my life, I swear to you, between his breathing and mine, and the way he was touching me I had to sit up and pull away as I thought I?d climax if I didn?t!

Again he took my face in his hands and just looked at me for a moment before kissing me and I knew I was going to have a hard time resisting anything he did. Not that I wanted to resist, but if I had it would have been a lost cause. It was sometime that the passionate kissing and caresses continued and before we knew it I was out of my pants and he was out of his. I was now straddling his lap with his hard shaft in my hand stroking it slowly. His hands ran through my long hair in the most sensual way, slowly, letting each piece fall from his fingers as he said, ?Your eyes are so beautiful?, then he ran his tongue across my lips. ?Holy Crap?! My head was screaming, ?Where did you come from and nobody better fricken pinch me right now, because if this isn?t real, I don?t wanna know?! I was lost in the most exciting sexual encounter I?d ever had before and we hadn?t even gotten to the actual ?sex? yet. Picture if you can the most seductive, romantic, love scene you?ve ever seen before. The type of scene that has you on the edge of your seat and maybe even makes you squirm a little with anticipation for the main act. That is the exact moment I was lost in with JD and I do mean totally lost. Forget the fact we were in my car, in my driveway, forget that it was now pouring rain, forget it, because I did. There was no existence of anything or anyone, but him and me at that moment and I was anxious for whatever would come next.

I was so aroused by then that I couldn?t wait for the next moment and slowly slid myself down over his shaft letting out a slight moan and closed my eyes as he filled me. His hands firmly took hold of my hips to guide me slowly back and forth and he watched me so intently that I felt he could almost see straight through me. He pushed my hair away from my face and said, ?Let me see your eyes baby?. It was amazing and at no point did it even cross my mind that I?d just officially met him only hours before. Our bodies moved in perfect rhythm together and I rode him hard while he moaned and watched me as if not to miss a single expression or movement. It was the most deliciously, seductive act I think anyone could experience. (Well, one of them anyway) He kissed me just as hard and deep as he was inside of me and as we moved faster he held me tighter. I thought there would be an explosion at any moment, but suddenly he stopped. I just looked at him as if to ask what he was doing and he opened the car door and helped me out.

There I stood bare-assed in the rain with him as he pushed me up against the car and kissed me for the fiftieth time. I could feel his manhood flex as he pushed against me. Then all of a sudden he picked me up and laid me across the hood of my car. He stood there looking at me as if admiring his work and ran his hands over my body while the rain poured over me. Normally I?d have felt funny and blushed, but not this time. He said, ?You are so incredibly sexy?, and then buried his face between my thighs. My head was spinning and all I could do was close my eyes and enjoy every stroke of his tongue as my body twitched with each deliberate pass. I can?t even tell you how long I was there, because I was completely engrossed in the ecstasy he was delivering. After some time of my trying not to explode he grabbed me from my perch on the hood, turned me around, bent me over and entered me from behind. ?Oh my god?! I thought my entire body would explode! It was a feverish pounding that seemed endless and all I could do was beg for more. ?Deeper baby?! ?Don?t stop?! He pulled me up, wrapped his arms around me and held me tightly to him. I could feel his grip get tighter, our muscles got more rigid, and the moaning got much louder and finally the explosion hit both of us at the same time and we fell forward onto the car hood trying to catch our breath. After a minute or two I kind of chuckled quietly and said, ?That was amazing?. He said, ?You are amazing?. He lightly kissed my shoulder and neck and as I turned to face him I received another round of his special brand of French kiss.

We stood in the rain for a bit longer embracing each other. Finally I looked at my watch and was stunned. I looked at him and smiled as I said, ?Holy crap, it?s been 5 hours since you first got here?. He smiled and just stood there holding me and looking at my eyes. I complained that the rain had to have me looking like a raccoon with my make-up running off me. He smiled and said, ?No your beautiful?. I kind of think that was the first moment I lost just a tiny piece of my heart to JD. I?d just had the most exciting sexual encounter of my life and this unbelievably sexy creature is now saying I?m beautiful as I stand there with rain soaked hair and make-up running. I dare anyone to try and tell me that is not the sweetest, most endearing thing a man could tell a woman. I could tell he didn?t want to leave, but had to as it was late and he?d worked until midnight as it was. He lingered a little pulling away from holding me and I was completely jelly-kneed as I watched him walk away and get in his truck to leave. He smiled one last smile through the window and headed out the driveway.

I have not and never will forget that first night and it has been just as exciteing and sensual almost a year later. I love my sexy, sensual, Adonis of a man...JD you are amazing!

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