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The deflowering

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This is a true story about an adventure that actually took place.............

My wife and I have been on again, off again swingers for the past twenty years. We didn't really pursue it, but when a swinging opportunity presented itself, we took full advange of it.

Mostly these opportunities were with male friends of ours and an occasional willing female. We even experienced a foursome with another couple a few times, but those were rare. So, mostly our play has consisted of threesomes with other others, and my wife giving a couple of guys blowjobs. There has always been more guys willing to play than there has been willing females, so our play has been mostly MFM.

Which is OK with me because I am Voyeuristic and love to watch my very hot wife doing other men. She is 48 but looks in her mid thirtys, with a very fit and shapely body. She sports 38D's with huge aereolas and is the kind of girl who will show her tits to anyone, almost anytime. She told me after we'd dated awhile that she had been kind of a slut, but was ready to settle down, etc........ I LOVE slutty women and we were a match made in heaven. Swinging was a natural for us............

Well, as the years went by we became more and more comfortable with our swinging. We tried separate room swinging with another couple and found it to be an exceptionally exciting addition to our play. It just seems so naughty and kinky and maybe for that reason we decided we wanted to do that somemore.

Well as always, it seems that the opportunities were with males alot more often than with females. Still no problem. We have a few male friends we've known and played with for years. Often times my schedule will get in the way of us all getting together, where otherwise his and my wife's would work.

One day my wife called at work and said that one of our friends was coming through town and wanted to stop by and play. I could not get off work and I told her to call him back on his cellphone and tell him to come by anyway. I then gave her my blessings to be just as hot and nasty acting with him and with me not there, as she always was with me there watching.........

That was our first time like that, it worked well, and they even videoed it for me. Now today, my wife has two regular lovers shes sees alone at their house or in a motel. They are trusted friends of ours and they like to video all the hot action also. With them, she also has my blessings to suck and fuck them BEFORE even telling me. I just want to hear all the juicy details afterwards and I love the videos she brings home. I am truly enjoying the voyeuristic aspect of it, and my wife stays hot from it for days.

Well, there have been opportunities that came up where she could meet the guy somewhere, but didn't have the camera handy and couldn't video it. Eventually, I told her don't miss out on an opportunity just because of that. Again, just tell me every nasty detail when you get home, but go for it. What the hell does it hurt anyway? It's all just good, clean, adult fun.

So, that takes us to this little story. My wife is a waitress and works with young busboys and dishwashers. A few years ago this kid went to work with her. He was 16 at the time. He always kidded and flirted around with my wife, but he had NO chance in hell because of his age, etc. He continued to work there and as time went on he became more and more bold with his suggestive remarks.

My wife told him one day when he turned 18 that she just might show him what a real woman was like. All of this was just harmless joking and kidding, she thought.

Well, he took another job for awhile, but came back to where she worked as a cook several months later. He was now 18+ years old and he reminded my wife of what she had said. "Yeah right", she told him "What would you want with an old lady like me for?" He told her that he has always thought she was hot and sexy and that he had a real fantasy about doing an older woman who would show him every trick in the book.

My wife and I discussed this and I asked her how she thought about it. She said she would never want trouble at work and she was afraid he wouldn't keep his mouth shut afterwards. I asked her if the thought of it turned her on and she told me the thought of it made her incredibly wet and horny. She has NEVER done anyone as young as 18. The idea of doing a much younger man and experiencing all of his young, hard eagerness fascianted her and she kept talking about it every day.........

FINALLY, I told her to approach him and ask him if he was serious. If he was, I told her to work out the details and to keep me informed. WOW, we were in for a bit of a surprise concerning his experience, or rather lack of it.

She came home from work, almost breathless with excitement. With flushed face she told me that she and this young guy had talked about it at work. They had decided that YES they were going to fuck and NO, it would NOT be a problem and no one would ever know. He even asked her if I was going to find out, and to ease his concerns a bit, she lied and said that I'd never know either.

BUT, he also admitted to my wife that he was still a virgin and had only done the teenage necking and petting thing and got his dick sucked on alittle by his young and inexperienced girlfriend once. She was freaking out about him being a virgin and was concerned that maybe she shouldn't be the one to take his innocence. I told her that I would've given my left nut to have someone like her to take my viginity. I told her to relax about that and to enjoy the experience. They set a date for the next week to talk [only] about it.

On The pre-arrnaged day they got off work at the same time and took a little drive. They parked in a semi-secluded place, talked, and made each other comfortable with how it would go. They even necked alittle and she let him suck on her big nipples while she rubbed his cock through his pants. He took it out. My wife is the kind of hot lady that if she even sees a cock, she wants it in her mouth, and she went down on him. She said he immediately moaned and commented on how much bettr at that than his little girlfriend was. No shit! Within two minutes she said, he let out a loud growl and then a yell as he shot quirt after squirt of hot cum down her throat. She swallowed it all in front of him as he shook and convulsed with pleasure........

Well, they set a date for the next week when they got off work at the same time again. The young guy gave her his apartment's address and they were to meet there after work.

Well, they did and the rest is history. The following is an excerpt from an actual e-mail that my wife sent to her close girlfriend who lives out of state. And yes, they do talk back and forth like this all of the time.

So without further ado, here is her e-mail describing that eventful day


Yesterday after work was awesome indeedy. I don't know what I was expecting, but it went better than I had anticipated. The young lad is now officially deflowered and is a by-gawd man.

I stayed alittle longer than I expected and we almost got busted by his room mate in the act......... I'm certain he knew what was going on though, and almost getting caught made it even hotter for some reason :)

Let me tell you all about it. I told Tony the same story when I got home and it made him so hot we fucked like Minks again.....

When I got to his place I went in to freshen up and to put on my hot leopard skin outfit. When I came out he was already in his bedroom. He had lit some candles for effect and was in bed under the sheet. He was obviously playing "Pup tent" judging by how his boner made the sheet stand up like a tent. Ah youth, eh?

So, I took off my lil robe and let it fall to the floor. I strutted around showing him my lingerie and giving him lil peeks at me. He began to rub his cock under the covers.... He asked me to slowly strip for him and I did. By the time I was bending over slowly removing my panties, I looked behind me and he had a glazed look in his eyes, he was breathing heavy, and he had his cock in his hand stroking it. He has a nice long dick, but it's alittle skinny.......

I slowly climbed onto the bed and started licking his cock. He moaned and again told me how he has jacked-off dozens of times thinking about when I sucked him off. His veins were straining the skin and he was throbbing and I could taste his precum oozing..... He pulled my head off of him and told me to lie back, which I did.

I spread my legs and my lips for him and he STARED at my wet pussy. He got down there close and told me I smelled good enough to eat. I said "Why dontcha then".

He kissed my pussy alittle and licked the entire slit one time, then told me he didn't know how to please a woman that way and would I show him. So, as he intently watched I opened myself up for his visual inspection and showed him where a clit is located and told him how to alternate licking and sucking and kissing my lips, my hole, my mound, etc....... I told him the MOST important thing was to be responsive to his partner. To do the things that obviously the woman liked and NOT do the things that she obviously didn't. I encouraged him to communicate with his partner and to ASK how she likes it...... I also told him that most women enjoy a little wandering tongue action with alittle light asshole play. He DID look at me like I was crazy on that part, but he dove in and started doing his best.....

He needs lotza practice, but he was so eager and so willing to learn..... I encouraged him to not be so shy. To open my pussy up, to finger me, to explore me, to look like he's never looked before..... He did and I came HARD!!!!!!!!! When I cum I am LOUD. I scream and I growl and he asked me if he had hurt me. I said Gawd no and pushed his head back down there.

BUT, he crawled up and slid his cock into my mouth instead. He either had a tremendous amount of precum, or he had already shot alittle cum, 'cause I could taste it's sweetness. I sucked him good for just a few seconds before he grabbed his cock hard and squeezed it. I could see cum on the tip and tried to lick it, but he kept his cock away from my mouth.

He then mounted me and poked around at my kitty with his dick. I grabbed his cock and slid it in and told him "Like that". He kissed me like I was a schoogirl and fucked me like I was a whore and he blew a HUGE load inside of me and I came HARD with him.

When he pulled out he was still raging hard and I could feel his cum running down the crack of my ass and making a BIG wetspot under my butt. He acted like it was all over [for some reason] and I made eye contact as I licked all of our juices off of his slick and shiny cock. Then, without a word I mounted him and rode him on top. We fucked for a few minutes and I could tell he was ready to cum again.

So, I climbed off and got on my knees and told him to fuck me like that. He tried to stick his cock in my ass and I told him not there, and not now..... I really don't think he knew what to do, but he got it inside of me and started fucking me hard and fast. His second load was even bigger than his first and we both screamed and hollered and whooped when we came together............... He got up to go pee and I had him throw me my panties so I didn't have to stand up and have all his cum leak out.

I got dressed and he put on a pair of pants and we went out into the livingroom. We were talking on the couch and I assured him that Tony would NEVER know about this and neither would anyone else. He told me that his lil GF wants him to eat her pussy and NOW he's ready to try, now that he KNOWS he can do it and can make a woman cum like that.

I started rubbing his crotch as we talked and he was STILL hard. So, I took it out, leaned over and sucked him til he blew yet another big load in my mouth. But, this time I didn't swallow it all. I showed it to him in my mouth and let some run down my face and hang off of my chin. He LOVED that and asked if I could stay alittle longer so we could fuck again. I was really tempted, but I needed to get home anyway, so I told him I'd better go home so my hubby won't be suspicious.

THEN................... with his cock hanging out and with his cum hanging off my chin and still wet in my mouth, we heard the door open. It was his roomate. He jumped up and tucked his cock in and I wiped my chin and tried to act as innocent as possible. His roommate smiled at us and went into his room and as he passed he said "Take it in the bedroom" with a wink. It was then I realized that I hadn't gotten all of his cum off my face and there was a big dab of goo on the side of my face and my chin was all shiny and wet........

When I got home Tony was all excited and wanted me to tell him everything. I had a HUGE wetspot in the crotch of my pants from his cum oozing out of me and I told him that it even left a damp spot on the seat of the truck. THAT really turned him on and he said "Tell me EVERY detail".

So, I pulled my top off [I hadn't put my bra back on] and pulled my pants off. I sat in my chair in the livingroom and put my feet up on the armrests. I told Tony to get down there and smell my panties and to feel how wet they were as I started telling him what I've now told you.

He was really getting worked up and I already was... I took off my panties and spread my pussy and contracted my muscles and made some cum pour out of me as he looked. He really likes to see the "Evidence" of my sex and it turns me on for him to get turned on like that..... I told him if he licked my clit I'd continue with the story...............

So, he's down there licking me and I am talking and all the while I keep squirming and angling my pussy trying to get him to stick his tongue inside me and to EAT that young man's cum out of me. He HAS done it before with other guys and I wanted him to then, but he didn't..... I WANTED him to taste how sweet that young cum is.

So, We go into the bedroom and I lay him back alternating talking to him and slowly sucking his big stiff cock. Then, without a word I climbed up, got over the top of his face and sat down on his mouth. I ground my pussy into his mouth and squeezed my muscles for all they were worth and squeezed some cum into him mouth. He greedily lapped it up and I came hard again......... Gawd, I love that. It's sooooooo naughty and kinky and it fucking gets me HOTTER N HELL. So, we sucked and we fucked and this morning I STILL have tons of cum oozing out of me............. I LOVE that feeling.

Well, I work with the Kid today and I am curious to see how he acts. I'm also curious about what his room mate had to say after I left :) Will I do it again? You bet, if he wants to........

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