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The air conditioner needs fixed

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This story will be called THE AIR CONDITIONER NEEDS was a hot day in July when i woke up from a long nights sleep and it was already hot in the it was hot because i was hot or just hot i was not i got a toy and laid back in bed and relaxed for a while playing with my toys going in and out of my hot wet pussy...then i realized that it was hot in the house i got up with my sexy white teddy with garter straps and white nylons on and my white thong and went and called the repair man...they said that they could come right over so i went and found a robe to put on cause they said that they were only a few blocks from my house and it was too hot in there to get any clothes that time they were knocking on the i went and answered the door and the repair man came in and he was all hot and sweaty with a white beater on and tight jeans...he came in carrying his box of tools...and i showed him to the basement so he could fix the air conditioner and he turned to me and said you are right it is hot in i turned my back to him and i said i think it is very hot in i untied my robe and dropped it to the floor as i bent over with my legs spread so that he could see my thong...and of course he looked over and said yeah i guess you are hot...then i turned around and sat down on the sofa that was right beside me and i asked him if he cared if i laid down on the sofa while he fixed the air conditioner...he said no go he stood up to go around the other side of the air conditioner i could see there was a hard throbbing bulge in his i laid back on the sofa and bent my one knee and put the other leg over the back of the sofa as i seen him take a quick look around the side of the air conditioner i started to play with my pussy thru my thong...rubbing my pussy with my fingers...i said to him maybe you should try the switch that i turned off...and so he found that switch and turned it back on and the air started right up...i said i did not want you to waste too much time trying to figure out what was wrong with that when i know that you want to be over here with me getting all hot and sweaty...then i stood up and walked over to him with just my teddy and thong on and he kinda studdered and said what about your husband coming home and i said that he was out of town for the i run my hands over his cock thru his pants and leaned up to take his open mouth against mine...twirling my tongue around in his mouth and over his lips...i had my hands on his chest and grabbed both his nipples and with a squeeze he grabbed both side of my arms and pulled me tigher to his body...he then grabbed the back of my hair and pulled my head back and started kissing me passionately as our hands went up and down each others bodies...mine stopping at his cock and his ass and his stopping at my ass, pussy and breasts...he leaned down and took one of my hard nipples in his mouth nibbling on it and sucking on i moaned with excitement...i run my hands down his body and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants taking out his cock and rubbing it in my hand...and then i squatted down in front of him...taking his head of his cock in my mouth making it wet...then i took the whole thing in my mouth so that he could feel the head of his cock squeezing down my throat and he pushes on the back of my head and thrusts his hips so that i can take the whole i gag i pull up to the tip of his cock running my teeth over the head of his cock...looking up to see the expression on his face...looking into his eyes i twist my mouth around on his cock taking it deep and back to the tip...i slide my hand around him to slip his pants off to the i take my hand and start to stroke his cock i take each of his balls in my mouth one at a time and run my tounge around on them...watching his face knowing that he is enjoying it...then i start to suck his cock again and reach around behind him and start to play with his ass rubbing my finger over his ass hole...watching and knowing that he likes it i inset just the tip of my finger just inside his ass hole...then take his cock all the way deep in my he moans and so do i from the feel of his cock in my mouth and his hands on the back of my head pushing my head down on his cock...i tell him lets go to my bedroom so that we can have a bed...when we get there i take his pants and his boxers all the way off spanking his ass lightly...then he tells me to lay down on the bed as i do he says to lay on my back and close to the edge of the i lay down and spead my legs leaning back on my elbows so that i can see his face...he pulls my thong to the side and licks his finger and starts to rub my excited as i am my clit is hard...he makes that comment about how hard my clit is already and how much he loves my shaved pussy...he leans down and takes my hard clit in his mouth sucking on it like a baby on a nipple...he reachs up and plays with my nipples pinching them as he sucks on my clit and licks some of the juice up that is now making my pussy really glisten in the light from the window...then he takes one of his hands and starts to play with my ass taking his tongue and licking over my ass...all the way up to my clit...over top of my pussy lips making me shake...then he inserts his fingers into my pussy and starts fucking me with his fingers hitting my g spot and sucking on my body starts to shake with excitement as i cum all over his hand and it runs down the he leans down and licks up my juice that is now running out of my pussy and with it still on his toungue he leans up and french kisses me so that we both taste the juice...i tell him it is now my turn so i tell him to get on his back on the bed...and to bend his knees...he lays on the bed and i lick over top of his ass hole sticking my tounge into his ass just inside his ass hole...and work my way over top of his balls and up to the tip of his cock while my hand is now playing with his ass inserting it a little ways in his ass rubbing his prostrate gland...while i am taking his cock in my mouth and twisting my head up and down on his cock...taking my tongue and rubbing it up and down the shaft as i am sucking on it...he can feel it gag me when i take the head of his cock squeezing it in my throat...i will keep sucking up and down on his cock as i am telling him i want him to cum in my mouth so that i can taste his cum...rubbing his prostrate gland making him squirm when he says he is going to cum i lay down on the bed and he straddles my stomach and slides his cock between my tits a few times while i am sucking on the head of his cock...then he backs up and starts to stroke his cock and he shoots it all over my tits and face making most of it in my mouth shooting it down my throat...then he leans down and we both kiss so that we can both taste what we taste we both lay down on the bed and caress each others bodies i get out the oil and we start massaging all parts of each others bodies...making each other hot i start to suck on his cock that is standing up there waiting for me to climb on and he say he wants to make sure my pussy is wet so i stand over top of him and squat up and down on his face so that he can suck on my clit and fuck me with his tongue and fingers...once it is really wet i slide back down his body and slide his cock right into my hot, tight, wet, pussy as he feels my pussy squeezing his cock as he feels the head pop thru my pussy lips stretching them out for his big cock...nice and tight and wet so that his cock slides in and out pretty i get his cock all the way in my pussy and i grind my hips around on his cock so that i can feel it hitting me inside my body...making his cock hit my g spot...then i get off his cock and put on a cock ring that has a clit ball in it...and i get right back on his cock going all the way down on his cock with one thrust as i feel that clit ball rubbing on my clit and his cock sliding in and out of my then i turn around and take his cock back in my pussy leaning forward so that he can see my pussy stretching out to accept his cock in and i lean back against his chest a little riding your cock then i will take my toy and rub it on my clit and he can feel my pussy pulsate around his cock when i hit the right spot on my i am moaning and he is saying how great that feels...i cum and squirt cum all over his cock and balls...then i let his cock fall out of me and he is still hard so i take a few min to lick his cock clean tasting all the juice that him and i created...licking his balls clean...but his cock does not go too limp cause i am still sucking on we head to the bathroom where there is a hot tub...i take off my teddy and my thong and nylons and lean in front of him over the hot tub so that my ass is pointing towards him...and he slide up behind me and place your cock between my lips again...and it is still wet so he slides in and i moan with joy...feeling his hard cock stretching my tight wet i scream as he hits my g spot and he fucks me faster and faster grabbing my hips and pounding his cock in my pussy as i am on my tip toes and my body is shaking as him and i both cum at the same time and our bodies shake from the exhaustion...i turn around and clean off his cock by licking it clean and we both climb in the hot tub kissing and relaxing...then he says he better get back to work and we both thank each other and climb out of the hot tub all wet as i slip my robe back on and he gets dressed and we both say that it is actually getting cool in the house now...and he leaves and goes back to work and we say that we both would like for this to happen again until next time...Babe

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