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The Workout

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I had a week-long business trip in Tampa so I decided to stay at Caliente Clothing Optional Resort at the recommendation of my friends. It was a good choice indeed. Not only is the place gorgeous and you can be naked but, the members and guest there are really friendly.

I arrived late Sunday night, got my things in my hotel room and found my way to the hot tub. I had never been to a nudist resort before. But after a few minutes in the water with my dick and balls floating freely in the hot water, I knew it wouldn?t be my last visit to one. For a while, I had the hot tub to myself then a couple and a single woman got in. The three of them were real friendly and we got to talking.

The single gal, Kim, and I hit it off great. We started talking and eventually we got around to setting a date to meet at the gym there the next afternoon when I got back from my meetings. I could hardly wait for the next day to come and my day of meetings to be over. I was really looking forward to getting to know Kim better. She is a hot, little redhead in her mid thirties. Her body is slim and toned yet curvy in the right places. Like me, she makes sure she is at the gym at least five days a week. Not only is she pretty to look at, she is really friendly and has a great personality. She?s a Caliente member and lives a couple miles from the resort.

The next morning I woke up about an hour before my alarm was due to go off. So I decided to take a stroll around the property on the walking trail before breakfast. I can?t tell you how great it felt to be walking outside naked. The freedom is fantastic. On my walk, I passed by other people walking, jogging and riding their bikes. Most were nude, some were wearing just shorts or shirts, only a couple were wearing shorts and a shirt. When I completed the lap around, I grabbed my shower stuff, clothes and padlock and headed to the locker room and showers in the club area. I took my shower, got dressed and put my stuff in the locker for later. I walked up to the restaurant and had myself a good breakfast before heading out to the meetings in town. It was a great start to an even better day.

When I arrived back at Caliente that afternoon, I changed into my workout clothes and headed over to Caliente?s gym. The gym is great with a good selection of machines and free weights. I was there a few minutes early and acclimated myself to the gym arrangement. Right on time, Kim walked in. Boy, did she look cute as hell in her little short shorts and tank top with her long red hair tied up in a pony tail. She jumped on the treadmill and I started with the free weights. During my rest periods, I couldn?t help but glance over her way and take a look at the tight little ass of hers as she walked on the treadmill. After her warm up, she went over to the free weights and started doing some arm exercises. From where I was at, I could watch her in the mirror. She was beginning to flush and sweat from the workout. There is nothing hotter than a woman in the middle of a workout. I started to feel a twinge in my crotch as I watched her. I would have loved to have bent her over the bench right then and there. Our eyes met through the mirror, and she smiled and winked at me. I had been caught and it seemed she was pleased I was paying attention.

I finished my strength training and hopped on the elliptical. Again, I had a good view of Kim through the mirror. A girl that keeps herself in shape and knows her way around the gym is a real turn-on for me. At this point, she was flushing more and her hair was mused and man, was she ever sexy. Caliente is a lifestyle friendly resort. Things can heat up in the public areas but, any overt sexual activity has to be kept out of the public areas. Damn, did I want to get really overt with her right then and there. I would?ve never thought it possible but, I actually started to get a hard on while on the elliptical. Good thing my shorts weren?t tight. After about 10 minutes, Kim hopped on the other elliptical next to me. She looked at me, smiled and said, ?How?re ya doing there, sexy?? I responded, ?Getting better every second, how are you doing?? ?Fantastic and hoping we can take this workout elsewhere pretty soon?, she said, winking at me. Instantly, my dick jumped in excitement. ?You tell me when you?re ready, and we can go back to my hotel room?, I said. ?Sounds like a plan?, she said. We stayed on the elliptical for another 20 minutes.

By the time we were done, we were both covered in sweat. She suggested showering there in the showers next to the locker room. ?Let?s skip the shower, I want to smell you and taste the salt as I lick the sweat off your body?, I said. ?Oooo, okay then, lead the way!? she said. I took her hand and we made our way to my hotel room. Once inside, I took her head in my hands, pressed my lips to hers and kissed her passionately. As she started kissing me back she started aggressively sucking my tongue as if it were a cock. My cock was throbbing at this point. I sat her down on the bed, knelt down and removed her shoes and socks. I gently started kissing and licking the top of her feet, her ankles, and continued upward all the way up to the bottom of her shorts. Her scent was intoxicating and her sweaty skin delicious. I was dying to taste her pussy. I pulled off her shorts and then her panties, slowly, building anticipation.

I was on the floor on my knees at the edge of the bed. I scooted her to the edge of the bed, positioned her legs over my shoulders and buried my face in Kim?s crotch. I kissed the outside of her pussy and then slid my tongue up and down her slit. My tongue found its way to her tiny clit, flicking and sucking it until she started moaning and wiggling. I dipped my tongue in her hole and tasted her sweet, hot juice. As I had imagined, it was sweet as nectar. She pressed down onto my face, forcing my tongue deep inside her pussy. As I fucked her with my tongue, she started to cum, her juice flowing onto my face and running down my neck and chest. After she had a few explosive orgasms, I thought I would come up for air. But as soon as I started to back my face away from her pussy, she locked her muscular legs around me and grabbed my head with her hands, forcing me back to her soaking wet pussy. She started grinding her crotch in my face so much so that I had to take in quick breaths of air any slight chance I could. I remember thinking that if I had to die of suffocation; this would be the way to go.

When Kim finally had her fill of my tongue lashing and released me, I stood up and took my shoes and clothes off. Then I took off her shirt and sports bra, revealing her lovely breasts. They are just the perfect handful. I took them in my hands, massaged them and then rolled her hard nipples between my fingers. As I did this, Kim grabbed my cock and started slowly jerking it. I took a breast in my mouth, suckling the nipple as if to nurse it. The harder I suckled, the harder she squeezed my cock and the faster she jerked it. I moved to the other breast and then Kim started massaging my balls with her other hand. I love that. It drives me wild.

I lay on the bed and told her I wanted to feel her mouth on my cock. She immediately took position, sitting in between my legs, bent forward and started licking up and down and around my rock hard shaft. Then she wrapped her lips around my cock and started sucking away. She is such a good little cock sucker. I had to have her slow down a couple of times so that I didn?t cum to soon, especially before I had the chance to fuck her.

I finally told her to lie down. She did right away and playfully spread her legs wide open, smacking her pussy. I positioned myself between her legs, put a condom on and started smacking her pussy with my cock. ?Harder? she exclaimed. So I started smacking her as hard as I could, the tip of my cock bouncing off her clit. I felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter with each strike of my cock. Eventually, I couldn?t take it anymore and I shoved my cock up her hole. Even though her pussy was really tight, it was so wet that my cock just slid right in with no resistance. I fucked her hard until she screamed and came so hard that her pussy almost squeezed my cock out. I positioned Kim on all fours and started fucking her doggy-style. I was pounding her so hard that my balls were slapping up against her clit with every thrust. After a good long pounding I lay on the bed and told her to get on top. She hopped on top of me and impaled herself with my cock and started bouncing up and down as if we were on a trampoline. She was wild! She rode my cock like there was no tomorrow. Before I was about to cum, I grabbed her, flipped us over, pulled out, removed the condom and then shot a huge load of cum all over her tits. She then proceeded to rub it in and then lick it off her fingers. ?Now, that was a workout?, she exclaimed.

This was my first adventure at Caliente. There are a few more I?ll be writing about another time. I received a great deal on my stay there from visiting EroticResorts dot net. You can even sign up to win a free vacation there. Be sure to check it out.

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