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The View

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Voyeur, couple, Swing

Dutch sat back in his office chair. He was as comfortable as he could be, but still more then a bit nervous. This was a first for him and Kit. An experiment, in their new sexual adventures. He stared at the computer screen on the desk in front of him. Waiting. He was as ready as he would ever be for this. The private chat room was set up, and Kit had already signed in. Now he waited for her to open up the camera view for him to watch.

Totally nude, Dutch idly stroked his already rock hard cock. He'd taken a dose of Levitra in anticipation of the up coming show, and it was already in full effect. Just then a window popped open asking him if he wanted to view Kit's cam. With a shaky hand on the mouse he quickly clicked 'yes'. Immediately the cam window opened up. He clicked it to full screen view. It was a good wide field of view of a nice looking hotel room, with a large king sized bed dominating the middle of the shot. Reclining on the bed was a handsome dark haired man wearing dark grey slacks, and a burgundy colored oxford style shirt. He was smiling at the camera, half laying/half sitting across the bed on one hip, propped up on one elbow. Then Kit appeared as she walked back to the bed from the laptop where she had just been to connect with Dutch. She was wearing a knee length grey pleated skirt, and a royal blue button up blouse. She kicked her shoes off and turned to look into the camera.

"Honey? Are you there?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'm here Kit." Dutch replied into the air, trying to keep his lust filled, nervous voice under control as the omni-directional mic picked it up clearly.

"Can you see ok. Is everything in view?" she asked next.

"Oh yeah, it looks good from here, baby. I'll let you know if there's any problems." He replied back.

"Good, well then sit back and enjoy the show my love." She said smiling into the cam as she climbed onto the bed, sat sideways on one hip, leaning on one arm, then leaning into the man next to her. They kissed softly, their lips meeting and parting as their heads tilted one way then the other. Dutch could hear the soft smacking sound of their kisses.

"You like this baby?" Kit asked as she broke the kiss, and looked over at the camera.

"Mmmmm.....definitely." Dutch said back as he made sure the shot was all being recorded onto the computer's hard drive.

Kit smiled again then turned back to the man. They kissed a bit more, then Kit sat up and began unbuttoning his shirt. As it opened she ran her hands over the smooth almost hairless skin of his chest. The man slipped the shirt off fully and dropped it to the floor, as Kit leaned in and began to softly kiss his chest. He ran one hand through Kit's long reddish brown hair. She flicked her tongue over his nipples and Dutch could easily see them hardened. The man obviously liked her oral attentions. She kissed her way back up his neck and back to his lips. Only this time as their lips met, there was noticeably more effort and passion put into their kissing. Their tongues darted out, twirling around one another's then trading back and forth between each other's mouths. Kit's hand went to his chest as she leaned in against him. She moaned softly as they kissed. She'd always appreciated a good kisser.

The man began to kiss around her face, to her ears which caused her to moan again, then down her neck. He stopped, then moved his hands up and started undoing the buttons of her blouse. As her blouse opened, she slipped it off her shoulders, and it too fell to the floor. Dutch could see that Kit was wearing a black lace open front shelf bra. It cupped her DD breasts only on the bottom. Holding them up and out. Her large bronze areolas were fully exposed as were the hard little nipples at their center. The man's hands moved up and he cupped them gently from the outside. His thumbs moved over the hard nipples back and forth. Kit shuddered, and moaned loudly. Then he leaned in, he planted kisses on the soft milky white swells of her breasts, Kit shuddered again.

Dutch could tell she was hot. Hot for this man.

The man's mouth moved down and his lips found her right nipple. Kit arched her back forcing her hard nipple into his mouth. Dutch could see the man's tongue flicking out and around the nipple. Kit moaned again, louder still. Her one hand moved up and ran through his hair. Her other hand pushed her left breast sideways into the right breast. Pressing her nipples together.

"Mmmmm....YES!!....Suck my nipples!....Suck em good!" She moaned as his mouth moved to her left nipple. Her hips gyrated, humping the air, and the bed.

Dutch slowly stroked his iron bar like cock. He knew how wet Kit got when her tits were sucked. How hot and ready she became. It was one of her favorite forms of foreplay.

As the man continued to suck her nipples back and forth first one then the other, then both together, he reached down and started to unbutton the buttons on her skirt, starting at the one at her waist. Then the next one down, then the last one. The pleated skirt parted fully as the last of the three buttons holding it closed came undone. Kit quickly lifted her hips, and neatly pulled the skirt from under her and threw it after her shirt. Under the skirt she was wearing black thigh high stockings, and a black Lycra thong with a mesh front panel. Immediately, Kit grabbed the man's one free and, and moved it to between her parted thighs. As his hand came to rest there, his fingers dipped in and pressed against the soft mesh covering Kit's pussy. Pressing it in against her labia, and clit.

"OH GOD!!" Kit moaned loudly. As his hand rubbed her there. "Make me cum baby, please make me cum!!" she breathed out between moans.

Dutch smiled, as he stroked himself.

The man smiled at Kit, mirroring Dutch's smile. Then slipped his finger past the elastic in her crotch, and pressed his fingers directly against the hot wet flesh of her pussy. Kit jumped, and started to grind her hips into his hand harder. Flexing them, and gyrating them faster.

"OH! YES! OH GOD YES!!!" she moaned. "FASTER BABY, YES, YES! I'M GONNA CUM!!" she wailed.

The man kept up his manual movements. Dipping a finger into her pussy, and rubbing his palm all around her clit.

"OH GOD!! YES!! FINGER MY PUSSY!! SUCK MY NIPPLES!! MAKE ME CUM!! She wailed as she held her large breasts pressed together from the outside, and the man resumed sucking her nipples together as he fingered her harder and faster.

Dutch could hear the wet sounds the man's fingers were making in Kit's crotch as she got wetter and wetter. He knew that any second she was going to cum, gushing and squirting fluids and juices out and all over the man's fingers, hand, wrist and the bed beneath. Cuz when Kit came, she flooded and soaked everything around her. And then it hit her. She gasped loudly, held her breath for a second, and then wailed the loudest so far.

"OH GOD!!!!!!!!!! I'M COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She screamed, as her hips thrashed on his hand hard and fast. The man kept his hand there, fingering her as fast as she was humping on it. A tidal wave of fluids poured out of her, splashing all over. Kit fell back flat on her back as she came again and again and again. It must have gone on for two full minutes before she finally settled her hips back down to the bed, and the man withdrew his hand which was soaked halfway up past his wrist, and dripping off his elbow.

"Ok....mmmmm....ok......easy now." Kit said breathlessly, panting and gasping for air. The man smiled down at her, then leaned down and kissed across her flat tummy, and around her wide hips. She lay a hand on his head, and gently stroked his thick dark hair as she tried to regain control of her breathing.

Dutch smiled proudly. His rock solid cock bobbing gently. He only held it by the base, and waved it back and forth.

A couple minutes passed and Kit finally sat up again. Her face and body were flushed. She was sweating slightly. And her eyes were wide and smiling.

"WOW!!" she exhaled. Then she leaned in and kissed the man. Their tongues swirled again, and she shuddered again slightly. The fingers of one hand traced light circles on the man's chest. And as they continued to kiss, her hand began to travel down his torso. Over his flat tummy to the waist of his slacks. Her hand passed over the dark material, and moved to between his legs. She rubbed his crotch, and moaned softly at what she felt there. She gripped his hardness through the material , and stroked him gently. He moaned this time, and lay his head back, still propped up on one elbow.

Kit moved up to a kneeling position and began to undo the front of his slacks with both hands. They trembled, but she was able to pop open the button at the waist, and then undo the zipper. As the material parted, the man lifted his hips, and Kit easily pulled his slacks down his legs to his feet, then off. He was wearing a pair of light grey boxer-briefs. The entire front of which appeared to be full of his hard cock. It stood up against the soft cotton of the briefs, tenting it in a long thick tunnel. Kits hand moved up to it, and she stroked it fully with both hands. The cotton of the briefs stretched and gathered under her hands as she moved it up and down. After a minute of this the man lay back, grabbed the elastic waistband of his boxer-briefs, and started to pull them down over his hips. Kit's hands let go of his bulge, and as the man lifted his hips again, Kit took over and pulled the boxer-briefs down his legs and off over his feet. She threw them to the floor, than turned back to the now naked man laying across the bed beneath her.

She cooed softly. His cock was big. He was a good 9" long, and nice and thick. The shaft was about as big around as a Red Bull can, with thick ropelike veins, and a noticeable upward curve. The circumcised head looked like the cap of a large shitake mushroom. It lay heavily and at a slight angle against his lower abdomen, pointed up his torso. It pulsed noticeably. His balls were large as well and shaved as smooth as the rest of his crotch. It was easily almost twice as long as and nearly two and a half times thicker than Dutch's cock.

Kit's hands trembled as she took hold of it, this time flesh to flesh. It was an amazing specimen. She stroked it fully with both hands. Then held it at its base with one hand while the other continued to stroke it up and down, from the base up until her knuckles hit the underside of the thick ridge around the head. The man moaned softly as she did this. Several drops of clear pre-cum leaked from the tip and Kit used this to make the shaft slicker. As her hand moved more easily while stroking, she released the base, and moved her other hand down to his balls. She cupped them, and massaged them gently as she continued to stroke his big cock. More clear fluid leaked out of the tip, and Kit's hand smeared it around the large head. The cock jumped several times, and the man started moaning with every stroke she made.

After a couple minutes of this, Kit moved up and leaned over him. Still stroking his cock she started to kiss him on the mouth again. Their tongues twirling and swirling. Then she broke the kiss, and leaned her chest over his mouth. His lips hungrily attacked her hanging nipples. He sucked them and nipped at them, eliciting squeals and moans of pleasure from Kit. Then after a bit, she moved down again and kissed his lips. The entire time she continued to stroke his huge cock with one hand. They kissed for several minutes, before Kit broke away again. She moved her lips down, kissing his neck, and then his chest. The man moaned again as she licked his nipples, then her kissing moved down over his flat, muscled tummy. It quivered as she flicked her tongue over his navel. Then her mouth moved past his waist. She stopped stroking him, and held his thick cock out straight. Her mouth moved over the head, and her tongue darted out and around the thick ridge.

"OH!" the man moaned.

Kit smiled. Then she took the head into her mouth, stretching her lips wide around it. She held it in her mouth moving it around, and obviously playing her tongue over the tip.

"OH MY GOD!!" the man moaned again louder. His one hand coming up and resting on her shoulder, the other clenched into a fist at his side. Gripping a handful of bedspread.

Kit settled down onto one hip, then lay her long legs out straight behind her so she was partially prone on her tummy. She angled the cock flat, pointing it towards the man's chest, then while holding the base steady, began to suck and lick all over the head. She'd take it in her mouth sucking and licking for a minute, then pop it out and run her tongue up and down the shaft, then up and around the ridge before taking it in her mouth again.

The man's hips began to flex. And he began to moan with every lick or suck.

Dutch knew that it was a rarity for Kit to give head, and that she only did it when she was totally hot and horny. But when she did do it, she was undeniably the best Dutch had ever had. Dutch stroked his cock harder and faster now. Keeping time with Kit's sucking, wishing it was his cock in her mouth right then, rather then the stranger's. He too was leaking clear pre-cum which was mixing with the sheen of Silk lube he'd spread over his cock.

Kit was now taking several inches of the man's cock into her mouth, and was bobbing her head up and down over the man's crotch. Her one hand was following her mouth stroking and twisting and wringing the shaft as her other hand had a hold of the man's balls, and was massaging them gently, tugging now and then ever so slightly.

The man was moaning constantly now, panting and grunting as her mouth moved up and down on his cock. His hips were thrusting and flexing into her mouth, and Kit was pulling out all the stops.

"OH GOD, BABY!!! OH GOD!! I'M GONNA CUM!!!! YES! YES! YES! OH GOD!! SUCK THAT COCK!!!" he moaned loudly. He was now propped up on his elbows, watching Kit bobbing on his cock, sucking and licking him to ecstasy. Kit appeared to be in her own world. Filled with nothing but his cock and her mouth and hands.

"NOW BABY!! NOW! I'M GONNA.......CUM!!!" he wailed as his hips flexed up hard suddenly. Kit stopped her head bobbing, and just held the head in her mouth sucking as her one hand stroked him up and down hard, and the other hand squeezed his balls tightly, tugging them at the same time.

"UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH................!!!" The man moaned and closed his eyes. Still propped up on his elbows, his head fell back. His hips flexed again and again. His cock pulsed and swelled. Kit stroked and sucked and tugged. Then her mouth popped off, and she turned away with a sour look on her face. She gagged several times, then turned her head back to face his cock. She'd obviously gotten the first shot or two in her mouth and down her throat as she'd instinctively swallowed. She hated the taste of semen.

Kit's hand continued to jerk and twist and stroke the man's cock shaft, the other still pulling hard on his balls as huge, thick, ropes of white cum shot out of his cock. Again and again and again. At least half a dozen thick streams launched out a foot or more, to come down on his thighs, and tummy. On her hands, and the bed to either side of him. Slowly it stopped shooting, and just gushed out like lava. Over her stroking hand, and pooling at the base of his cock. Finally even that too lessened, until it just quivered and pulsed a few times, then remained still. Kit let go of the cock, which fell heavily against the man's abdomen, still almost fully hard and erect. She leaned over and reached for a cloth on the bedside table. She wiped her hands clean, and then started wiping him off as well. The man lay back fully. He was panting and gasping for air similarly to the way Kit had been after her string of multiple orgasms.

Dutch couldn't hold his off any longer either. His orgasm washed over him hard and fast. He held his breath, and tensed his muscles. Then relaxed and sent a thick stream of cum out, and onto the desk. He tensed again, and again, as the intense pleasure washed over him and through him. Lights flashed, and his ears hummed as he sent three or four more thick streams of cum jetting out as he came. It landed on the floor between him and his desk, and then started to dribble out over his fingers. He never took his eyes off the camera's view, and the action it showed. He finessed the last of his orgasm out, and felt his cum run down over his balls and gather on the towel he had put down under himself on the desk chair. Panting he lay back against the chair, and let himself calm back down a bit.

When he'd regained some strength, Dutch took a second to clean up his orgasmic mess as well. Thanks to the Levitra he too was still hard as a rock. After he wiped up, he sat back in the chair and resumed his voyeuristic viewing as he lightly ran his finger tips up and down his hard cock.

Kit had finished wiping off the man, and was now laying next to him on her side, one leg dr*ped over his, one hand tracing on his chest. She lightly kissed his neck and chin. He had calmed his breathing, and opened his eyes. He smiled at her, then turned his head and kissed her lips. It was soft and gentle. He turned onto his side facing her, and they hugged and kissed. Then Kit raised her free leg, and laid it over the top of his thigh. His thick, erect cock slipped between her parted thighs, and she flexed her hips, rubbing the big head against the mesh crotch of her thong.

The man smiled at her, then looked down between their bodies. He flexed his hips forward, and the head of his cock rammed into her crotch a bit harder. She moaned loudly. Then with no effort, they rolled over so that Kit was now on her back, and the man was on top of her. Kit's legs spread wide, and his hips settled against her between her parted thighs. Their hips flex and gyrated several times, then the man began kissing his way down her torso. She moaned as he licked her nipples as he passed them. Then again as his tongue ran over her tummy. At her waist, his hands caught the elastic waistband of her thong, and gently pulled it down her long legs. It dropped off over her feet, and his mouth returned to her waistline. He kissed her hips, and around the tops of her thighs. Kit's hips flexed and she moaned again and again.

The man's kisses progressed up her torso, flicking over her nipples causing her to jump visibly, and then coming to rest on her lips. Again their tongues and lips mashed and lashed together. Kit's legs were bent at the knees, and the man's hips were nested snuggly between them. As they kissed, the man lifted himself up onto his arms. He pulled his lips away from her, then looking down between their bodies, he maneuvered his hips, and Dutch could easily see the head of his cock push against the wet, swollen lips of Kit's pussy. He pushed in steadily and Kit gasped loudly. She lifted her hips, and flexed them back against his pushing. Finally the head popped in, and Kit yelped. The man held it still there for several seconds, and then started to push into her more. Kit reached down between them, and using both hands, parted her swollen labia. The man sat up and back on his heels, his hands on her knees, holding him up and her legs apart.

"Oh God! Easy baby! You're too big!" Kit moaned. A grimace of pleasured pain on her face. The man stopped and pulled back, sliding himself part way back out of her. As the head approached the opening, he slowly started to push back into her again. Kit was stretched very, very widely by the massive thickness of his cock. Dutch could see her labia thinned out and opened wide. Kit moaned this time as he slid more in to her. Then he pulled back some again.

"Oh yes......that's going in now.....God you're so fucking huge....!" She grunted out in a hoarse moan. Her lower lip held tightly between her teeth.

Finally with a last thrust, he was in her fully. Their hips pressed tightly together, his large hairless balls resting against her asshole. The man let himself forward back down onto his arms, as Kit's legs wrapped around his waist and hips. Her heels dug into the small of his back above his ass. Then they started to move against and with one another. Kit's hips flexing into him, her heels driving into the hollows of his ass, as he thrust into her in a long, slow, steady rhythm. Kit's hands were above her head, her palms pressed flat against the headboard. His thrusting driving her upwards at it, her arms straining to push back against the force of him fucking her.

"UNGH!........ UNGH!....... UNGH!" Kit was grunting with his every thrust. Her head was turned to the side, and she had her eyes closed and her mouth hung part way open. She was getting the fucking of a lifetime from the guy. Dutch had no doubt that she was having an almost continuous orgasm. There was no way this guy wasn't plowing into her G-spot every time he drove that monster into her. And that's was exactly what Kit loved best. Her legs began to shake. And her arms were soon shaking as well. Then her head arched back unnaturally, and although her mouth opened fully, she didn't make a single sound. However, as the guy drew his hips back again, a torrent of Kit's fluids poured out over it, and flooded down over his balls. Kits back arched further and further, gushing again and again and again. The guy plunged into her with renewed speed and vigor. A wet sucking/sloshing sound resonated from their joined pelvises. The guy lifted himself onto his arms fully, holding himself over her twisted from. His hips working fast and steady. He was driving the entire length and breadth into her now. His balls slapping against her fluid soaked ass. Kit continued to stay in that arched position. Her whole body was shaking and convulsing.

Finally the strange guy slowed his thrusting, and then slowly slid himself out of her. Kit relaxed as the large head of his cock popped out of her. Her body straightened, and she closed her mouth. Although she was still shaking noticeably, she opened her eyes, and licked her lips.

"Oh my God!" She breathed. "That was the most intense orgasm I've ever had." The man looked down at her, then leaned in and kissed her softly. She kissed him back.

"Roll over and get on your hands and knees please." He said to her. Kit smiled, and as he moved off her, she pulled her long legs around, then rolled to the side, and up onto her knees. Her wide, sexy ass glistened with sweat and her climax fluids. She set her knees apart, and pulling a pillow to her, laying her head on it, her arms tucked under it.

The guy straightened up, and moved forward on his knees. His immense cock standing straight out from him, also covered and wet looking from her juices. He leaned his hips in, and holding one of her ass cheeks apart, pressed the head against her red swollen pussy. Kit gasped, and then moaned. She pressed back against him as he leaned his hips in more. The head of his cock slowly slipped inside her again. Kit tensed visibly. Then the guy slid the rest of his long, thick, hard shaft into her. His abdomen pressed against Kit's ass, and his balls nudged against her clitoris. He held himself there for several seconds, and then started sliding in and out of her again. He grabbed her hips in his hands, and pulled them back against him with his every thrust. Kit's body started to shake again, and her hands shot out to grip the bedspread in talon-like claws.

"OOOOOHHHHHH GGGGGOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!!" Kit wailed, as the guy started sawing himself in and out of her again, slowly picking up speed, and force. Her ass bounced and waved with the power of his thrusts. Her fingers tore at the bedspread. Her face turned to the side again, and her back started to arch again after a minute of this fucking. She was cumming again. Coming in a long string one after the other in a continuous spasm of pleasure. But this time a hi-pitched sound escaped her in a tortured wail.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" She yowled, and her pussy started running and gushing fluids again. They poured off and over the man's cock as he continued to pound her forcefully. They ran down both their legs, and streamed off his balls, which were slapping against her clitoris again and again. The man appeared to have no end to his stamina.

Dutch stroked himself fully, rapidly nearing his second orgasm. His own cock was swollen, and red and thicker then he'd seen it in a long time. And the head of his cock was a large smooth dome. He stared at the camera view, shaking, and sweating as he watched his beautiful wife get the fucking of a lifetime. It was only a matter of a few more seconds until he would come again. He stared at the huge cock pounding his wife's spasming pussy on the computer screen.

Kit was arched fully again, and the man was started to really fuck her in and out fast. He must have been getting close to cumming as well.

"OH FUCK BABY!!!" He moaned. "I'M GONNA CUM SOON!" Kit just moaned a distorted acknowledgement. And turned her head to the other side. Her ass still high in the air, but the arch in back relaxed some.

"TURN OVER BABY!! HERE I CUM!" He said next, then pulled his huge cock out of her, and held it with both hands tightly. Kit fell over onto her side, then rolled onto her back. Her long reddish-brown hair was soaked with sweat, and matted to her face. As she pulled it away from her face, the guy moved up, and while still holding his cock in both hands started to jerk it hard and fast. A second later, and huge long thick stream of white cum rocketed out of the tip and shot Kit across both breasts. "UNGHHHH!!!" The guy grunted heavily, and then started stroking it in time to the spasms of his own orgasm. Stream after stream of thick white cum shot out of him and fell onto Kit's tits, and belly.

"OH!!!!!" Dutch moaned, and his own orgasm erupted in him. His cum shot out and landed on his own chest and tummy. Half a dozen long thick streams. Then as he stroked it slowly it tapered off and ran down over his fingers. He shook, and gasped for air at the intensity of his climax.

On the computer screen, the guy finally released his now half erect cock, which hung down at an angle from his torso. Kit lay there, still shaking slightly, and breathing heavily. The man lay down next to her, and leaned in to kiss her. Kit kissed him back, then looked down at all the cum on her tits, tummy, waist, abdomen and thighs. Slowly she sat up then rolled out of the bed and onto her feet. She almost fell, as her shaky legs almost weren't able to support her. But she leaned on the desk, and steadied herself. After a few seconds she walked out of the frame. The guy just continued to lay there panting and shaking. His huge cock now only a quarter of its erect size lay against his sweaty thigh.

Kit returned a minute later with a large white bath towel. She handed it to him. "I'm going to take a shower. Thank you for an intense and pleasurable time." She said to the guy indicating that their time was now over. She then leaned over and kissed him long and deep. He returned her kiss with the same tired passion. She then straightened again, and arched her legs and back in a long stretch like she had just had a twelve hour nap. Her large breasts bounced as she settled to her feet again, and Dutch could clearly see how red and swollen her pussy was.

The guy smiled then sat up and after wiping himself clean with the towel got dressed. Dutch sat back in his chair, and cleaned himself up with his own towel. As the man finished dressing, Kit wrapped in another large white bath towel walked the man to the door of the room, and after kissing him again softly, let him out. She closed and locked the door behind him. Then walked back over to the desk where the computer was sitting. She dropped the towel on the bed, and sat down next to it looking into the camera.

"You still there, baby?" she asked in a voice that croaked with thirst and exertion.

"Oh yes, Kitten. I didn't go anywhere." Dutch replied. His cock still semi hard due to the Levitra.

"You like the show?" Kit said more as a statement then as a question. She wiped the towel over herself, cleaning the bits of cum she had missed with the towel.

"You know I did. I came twice watching you two." Dutch said. "Did you enjoy that, It sure seemed like you were." He asked.

"Oh my god! I've never felt anything like that ever before. I came in one long solid climax." She said smiling.

"Yes, I thought you were. You certainly looked like you were." Dutch said nodding as if she could see him. His cock began to harden again.

"I'm gonna grab a quick shower, then I'll be right home to you, lover." Kit said blowing him a kiss.

"Okay. Love you. Miss you. Hurry home." Dutch said happily. Kit smiled at the camera again, blew him another kiss, then leaned in and the view went black.

Dutch leaned back in his chair and looked down at his once again fully erect cock as he idly stroked it in one hand. He smiled, and then laughed a short laugh. He loved Kit. And he was so lucky to have her. <END>

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