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The Trip

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The Trip Today is the special day we have been planning for, for the last several weeks. I have gotten the tickets and the reservations and everything is planned. We are headed to NYC for a 3 day vacation and to explore many aspects of the city and ourselves. This is not just any vacation. This is the vacation for us to truly explorer and makes real many of the fantasies we have discussed over the time we have spent together. We arrive via limo to the airport with you wearing just a very sexy miniskirt and a very low cut top. You know that is it driving me absolutely crazy. You can see the large bulge in my pants on a constant basis. We get on the plane and order a couple of drinks and have some romantic conversation while we drink. You order a blank and spread it over our legs. You then proceed to take my hand and place it under the blanket and place it under your skirt and show me you aren?t wearing any panties. Your pussy is as wet as you have been dying to show me this all day and let me feel you. But you then take my hand away and tell me to wait. You tell me to wait 5 minutes then come back to the restroom. You get up and head back. I am dying waiting those 5 minutes but when the clock ticks 5 I jump of course trying to hide the erection I have. I walk back in to the restroom and crack the door open and go in. There you are in a white garter and stockings sitting on the counter with one leg up sliding your finger up and down your slit. I can just look and tell how turned you are by how swollen your lips and clit have become already. You slowly insert your index finger inside yourself and pull it out and ask me do I want to taste you. I say yes please more than anything. You start to stick your finger in my mouth but say I don?t know I think you need to beg for it. I then say I will do anything please just let me taste you. This agrees with you and you put your finger into my mouth and I taste your womanhood juices which I just savor. You take my head push me down and stick my face into your groin. I begin to lick you up and down and around your soft swollen lips. Then slowly tracing the crevice that parts your lips and slowly up to your clit. This makes you just jump in anticipation of what is next to come. I proceed to open my mouth and cover your whole sweetness with my mouth. Sucking you in and then splitting your lips with my tongue and slowly flicking your clit. This drives you insane and you can't hold out and cum very hard just shivering with pleasure. You tell me to stand up that you want to feel me inside of you now. I pull my cock out that is already dripping with precum and stick the head up to your dripping hole. Ever so slowly I stick the head into you so you feel every inch as I insert it till it is buried all the way into. I then lean in and press my lips to yours and we just sit that way for several minutes kissing passionately. But it feels like an eternity of pleasure for us both. Slowly I start stroking in and out of you know I won?t last very long at all. While doing so we are both watching my cock spread and violate your inner self. I can tell you are very close again and I increase the rate. Which throws you overboard and sets off the chain reaction of me cumming deep inside you also. We sit there nuzzled up against each other for many minutes more till we catch our breath and get dressed and BOTH leave at the same time thus anyone seeing us knows what we just did in there. We return to our seats enjoy our drinks and snuggle taking blissful naps till the plane lands.

Having arrived the airport we gather our luggage and head for the limo that is waiting to pick us up and whisk us to the hotel for us to check in. We arrive at the hotel and I surprise you by telling you I have arranged for us to get a suite with a Jacuzzi and living area also. We head up to the room and unpack its late so you start unpacking as I head to the bathroom that I tell you I am going to take a shower. I have in my bag some tricks up my sleeve. I take out the candles and bottle of champagne and start setting up the bathroom. The candles are lit the champagne is ready and I turn the music on. You hear it and wonder what is going on so you enter and see the lights off but the candles are burning and the whole setup with the tub filled with bubble bath. You are so excited and run and embrace me and give me the most passionate kiss I have ever had. We both enter the tub and relax with you lying back against me. We sip champagne and discuss what the next day holds for us. This starts to arouse me and you even more. I ask you to standup and bend over that I want you now. You stand up and bend over but you expect me to take you I crawl up and part your cheeks and bury my tongue into your ass and start to lick back and forth from your pussy to your ass. This is just driving you insane with pleasure. You cum at least twice that I can tell and then ask you if you are ready for me? You beg me to be inside you. I happily stand up and slowly enter you from behind. I grab your wonderful sexy hips and start a slow motion in and out. But this isn't what you want I can tell as you push back against me trying to make me go faster. Each time I slowly pull my dick to the end leaving just the head inside you and make you wait never knowing when I am going to slide back in. When I reach all the way inside I wait each time longer or shorter so you can?t tell when I am going to pull back out. This is making you just crazy. You it and you want it harder and faster the intensity of not knowing when and how fast or far I am going to enter is you is driving you so close to the edge. I can tell this and grab your hips tighter and start giving it to you faster and harder till you just explodes and I do mean explode. Your cum is just gushing out of you. I pull out and bend down to clean all you?re sweet cum up from you off your ass and pussy. I then proceed to enter you again and get into a steady rhythm and finally tell you I am about to cum. thinking that I would just cum inside you. You pull out and flip around before I know what is happening you have swallowed me whole and I explode into your mouth with you drinking down all of it. We both just about fall over from exhaustion and get out and get into bed with you resting on my chest with your head as I play with your hair. This is how we fall asleep.

The next morning We awake the next morning with a very passionate kissing and excited about the day. We get dressed and head down to go to breakfast. Which we eat fast due to us being famished but also excited about the plans we have for the day. We head out and the 1st stop is to buy clothing for me so we head too many of the men?s stores with fine fashion till we find all we are looking for letting you decide what I am to be wearing for that night. Next it is your turn to go shopping. We head too many of the stores and find many things till we find a very beautiful black dress that you are to die for. We purchase that along with some beautiful high heeled shoes. The rest of the day is uneventful as we shop eat take in the sites and just hold hands and are together.

That evening We are now back into the hotel room getting dressed for the night out. We have reservations at The Tavern on the Green in Central Park and have a limo taking us there. As we get dressed I bring out another of my bag of tricks. A remote controlled egg vibrator. You know I have had fantasies before using this but wasn?t sure I had bought it yet. I then lay you on the bed and lick you till you are very close to cumming but leave you there, close. I then insert the egg which you put in the tiniest of thongs panties. These do not even come close to covering your beautiful lips and you know that it will just drive me absolutely bananas knowing this. We had down to the limo and get in. We share a drink and close the privacy window. I am sitting across from you and you spread your legs giving me a wonderful view and begin to play with yourself. I start to get up to help you tell me to sit down and play with myself also. That you want us to watch each other get off solo. I pull out my already engorged member and begin to stroke it up and down. The rules are that we masturbate together but that we have to cum in each others mouths. You get close first and I jump down and place my mouth over all of you and you begin just cumming everywhere which I just can't get enough of. I proceed then to get back up and get myself to that stage also. You come over and place just your mouth over my head and tell me to jerk off into your mouth. I explode one of the best I have ever had and you just drink my essence all in. And slowly suck my member up and down driving me crazy.

The Restaurant We reach the restaurant and get out and enter and are seated. By now you have almost forgotten the egg inside as I have yet to turn it on. The waiter finally comes to take the order and when he looks at you I flip it on about midway making you jump. He is a bit confused but takes the orders and leaves. You give me an evil look and we laugh. While we wait I play with the speed of the egg and its making you squirm in your seat. Knowing you have very little cloth covering you I know there is going to be a huge wet spot in the chair when you get up and smile naughtily at you. Dinner is all about teasing and playing and talking and enjoying the wine and food.

Afterwards The next surprise is after dinner I tell you I have a horse and carriage ride reserved for a trip through Central Park at night. We take a wonderful romantic trip through the park with me holding you tight and just feeling and kissing and touching hands.

The limo ride 2 We get back and jump in the limo. The next order of business is to go dancing at one of the many hot spots for it in NYC. We get in the limo and I ask you to open the sunroof and lookout so you standup and stick your head out. I tell you don?t come back down and proceed to give you oral and playing with the vibrator egg. We are driving slowly through the night areas of NYC and you are seeing people next to the limo walking and in cars you are getting sucked and licked on and they cant see that. It is driving you crazy and you start cumming and cumming and I just don?t stop licking and sucking you are just exhausted from this and finally we come to the night spot. We need to rest a bit so we get a drink and no playing allowed as we take the drink get into the mood and head to the dance floor. We dance for hours with lots of bumping and grinding and touching and just being into each other. It?s just you and me and the music vibe nothing else seems to be there with us just our eyes locked together. You have told me a fantasy of yours is to go at it in a pseudo public place so I lead you by your hand and tell you to follow me. We go outside and around to the alley. We go about midway back just enough to slightly be seen but not noticed. I push you slightly bent forward against the wall. I tell you to stick your ass out and to pull your cheeks apart. You do this I bend down and start to tongue you all over. Lightly tracing from your clit to your ass and back. You?re just in heaven I then take out my swollen cock again and just stick it in hard. I reach around and grab your breasts and squeeze them roughly and pull you back onto my cock and begin fucking you hard and harder. I alternate between pulling you head back and making you tell me what I am doing to you and making you watch the people just a 100 yards away walking by. This throws you over the edge multiple times. I tell you I am not done with you yet. I pull my cock out and press it against your ass. You are so turned on you don?t care you just are in animalistic mode and push back against me and I enter you. I start fucking you in the ass hard and harder while grabbing your hair and asking you want it is I am doing to you, where you want me to come, what do you like. You hit a string of orgasisms that seem to last for 10 minutes straight(and yes I have seen this happen before :) ). I of course I can?t take it for much longer and you can feel my cock swell and finally explode inside you. You feel the warmth flood into your body. I pull out and straighten up as do you. We then proceed to walk back to the limo hand in hand. Worn completely out with the knowledge we have just lived 2 days of pure sexual bliss that 99% of the people on this planet will never experience due to fear and lack of action to make things happen. We snuggle in the car and get back to the hotel and you fall asleep with me holding you tight knowing I will always be yours.

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