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The Trip to the ER was OK

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Last month my brother and I were doing some bike trail outside San Antonio when I wiped out. I was going too fast, couldn't avoid the tree root and I woke up on my back. My brother got me to his Jeep, loaded our bikes and we headed to the ER.

The ER was surprisingly unoccupied and I got right in. They got me in the exam room and the nurse, who was fucking hot, was taking my vitals and asking questions from some form. My brother left to take care of a few things and the nurse and I had just talked, we really hit it off. We looked at each other and we just connected. Her name was Bridgette and she had beautiful long black hair, luscious full lips with amazing red lipstick, and a sexy voice. I couldn't tell much about her form under her scrubs; but we had a connection.

In examining my wounds she rubbed her pubic area against my hand and I moved my hand suddenly, thinking it was an honest mistake. She repositioned herself so that her pubic area was again rubbing up against my hand; I knew it was no mistake this time.

I laughed and told her it wasn't fair because I was pretty incapacitated; she just laughed and said she didn't know what I was talking about. She called in another nurse and told me that my bike shorts had to come off because of the bruising on my legs and hips. I thought to myself, "Yes!!!", but in walked a big black dude. It was awkward but they very professionally removed my shorts and covered me up. (I'm not bragging because it causes me more grief than good, but I've got a 10" dick, about 6" soft. I?d always thought that if someone ever made hardcore porn on the life of John Holmes, they could use my cock as a cock double.) The male nurse didn't say anything as he left and pulled the curtain closed.

As she examined my wounds and taking careful notes, she would let her slide under the cover and up my leg and start massaging my cock, and I started to get stiff. It felt great but I was also in a good deal of pain. She finally grabbed my cock and started jacking it off, and ever so slowly and I touched her waist; she didn't move. We looked at each other and were virtually "eye fucking" so I slid my hand up her scrubs until I felt her fully round, firm tit through her sport's bra. She pulled my hand down and got some gauze and started cleaning my wounds. I thought, "That was fun and I guess it's over." As she leaned over to clean my hip she gently put the head of my cock in her mouth. I just laid back and enjoyed. My cock was so fucking hard that she put the gauze down and used two hands to stroke my cock and then gently suck on the head. I did manage to slide my hands up and down the outside of her ass, the best I could through scrubs.

I was really getting into it, breathing harder, starting to moan a little- too loudly. She told me to keep it down or she had to quit. But then she stopped. I figured she got scared or heard her page for another emergency. So I'm laying in this hospital bed, 10" hard cock (which is hard to hide under a hospital sheet), bleeding, sore, and turned on.

A few minutes later Bridgette returned with a tube of something that I thought she was going to put on my gaping wounds but instead she lubed her hands, grabbed my cock and started to jack me off with her left hand while caressing my big heavy balls with her right. She purposely got close enough so that I could slide my hand up her scrubs, but this time there was no bra, and my balls started to tingle.

Her left tit felt magnificent. It had a great hang, her areola was swollen, and her nipple was getting very stiff. She started jerking me hard and harder, but then she would slow down to take the head of my cock on her mouth. I wanted to explode. Then she ran her fingers up and down the veins of my cock, kept rubbing my balls with her well lubricated right hand and still sliding the head in her mouth. I wondered if she had a shaved pussy and a nice black patch, and my balls got even more turned on. I told her I couldn?t hang on much longer and so she grabbed some sort of napkin from the tray, jerked my cock faster and faster, while her tongue was all over my head. I started to cum, which she tasted, so she aimed the head of my dick at the napkin. I closed my eyes, held on to her tit and tried not to scream. I don't know how much I came but I heard her say, "Wow, I need another napkin."

Bridgette neatly disposed of "my guys" but then she grabbed the base of my cock and squeezed all the way to the top, getting out every ounce of sperm and she sucked it clean. I was convulsing because the head of my dick was SO sensitive, but at least I was clean.

We both laughed a little, she finished cleaning me up and she said she was going to get the ER doc, and I never saw her again. The doc saw me, pronounced we well enough to go home, and the black dude came in to do the closing paper work; and help me get dressed.

It seemed like he knew something happened, but we were all cool. I told my brother about it, he said I was full of shit. Whatever-

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