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The Trip Continues - Chapter 5

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After spending 45 minutes listening to the boys catch us up on their activities over the past 4 days and making them promise they would be good, we climbed back into the Suburban to finish up the trip. The ride south and through Green Bay was rather quiet as I think both you and I were reflecting on our nice mini vacation, well at least I was. Which is why when you told me you needed to stop at the wayside I felt a twinge below my waist line.

When you got back from peeing I was waiting outside of the building with a blanket under my arm, "Lets go into the woods" was all I said. You took me by the arm and off we went. About 75 yards into the woods we found a small clearing with some late summer wild flowers and some other small green vegetation that resembled grass. We spread the blanket and I helped you out of your clothes, taking my time to enjoy your body with my eyes, lips and hands. With my fingers I traced small circles all over your back and breasts, your eyes were telling me that I was doing something good. Kneeling down on the blanket I sucked your nipples while I took my time getting your jeans shorts unJone and then pushing them down along with your panties. Once your panties were pushed past your lovely pie I could smell the object of my desire at the moment. I allowed you to step out of those clothes that had been keeping me from goal. Once you did, I grabbed your beautiful ass and pulled you tightly into my face so that my nose didn't have to work so hard to smell your warming pussy, I knew it was warming because I could feel the heat on my nose. As I took several deep breaths through my nose I began to wonder to myself if I could get you to ride bottomless all the way home just so I could enjoy the fragrance of your womanly fruit.

I sat down and padded the blanket with my hand, "Get down here so I can have my pie and eat it too". You smiled and lay down telling me "Get your clothes off too". I was only too happy to oblige almost tearing my shirt, shorts and underwear off. Kneeling between your spread thighs I fisted my blood engorged dick, showing you what smelling your pussy had Jone to me. Then I lay down and began to enjoy the wonderful treat that lay before me. I gently kissed, licked and nibbled my way up the inside of your right thigh and when the hair surrounding your dick drowning pool tickled the side of my face I skipped over it, allowing my nose to pass through the hair as I took another deep breath and began my descent down your left thigh. Again, slowly kissing, licking and nibbling my way down and then working my way back up til again I was there. I slid my tongue past my lips and gently began to lick up and down, using it to massage your lady lips, but then I could not hold off any more, I had to taste you. My tongue pushed past your sweet fleshy barricade and soon I could taste your juices on my tongue. "Ahhhhhhhh" I moaned as I was truly in heaven; hot, sweet and sticky Lacey sauce finally hit my taste buds.

As I licked into the sweet love river that lie inside it's tight and moist valley I reached a finger up to your love button. Your ass wiggled as I began to massage it while still treating myself to your yummy flavor. Your movement was becoming a bit faster and I wanted to finish you with my tongue, so I quickly replaced my finger with it. Using my tongue I darted back and forth over your engorged clit before I began swirl around it. I liked the reaction I was getting from your body so I upped the anti and slid a finger into you as deep as it would go. It took me a few minutes but soon I had a rhythm going between using my finger to fuck you deep and my tongue to tease your love button. And true to form you resisted before finally giving in and allowing yourself to orgasm, nearly drowning me with your cunny honey.

I knew what was next as you said "I want you inside me". I begrudgingly gave up my position and positioned myself over you. Slowly I allowed the head of my leaking cum pipe slide into you; and I slid in with ease thanks to your natural lubricant. In short order we were kissing deeply as I worked my hips up and down, allowing my cock to feel the pleasure of your skin envelope. "You are soooooo tight and wet" I groaned as I continued to drive myself to the point of no return. You were now sucking hard on my neck as I told you I was close, "Cum in me, fill me up with your cream" you whispered in my ear. And away I went, shuddering as I clenched my ass cheeks and delivered what you requested. I wanted to yell my orgasm but it was so intense all I could manage was some deep guttural sounds from my throat.

After I had finished dirtying up your inner depths I lay my head on your breasts and told you how awesome you were. You whispered "I love you" as you stroked the top of my bald head. My cock shrunk back to it's pre-Lacey state and we wiped up and dressed before working our way back to the Suburban. An older couple watched as we emerged from the woods, they both smiled at us knowing full well what you and I had just been up to. We laughed about it all the way home and I would occasionally lick my mustache as I could still taste you there. I did have my pie and eat it too!

As we drove around the corner from Potter to 117th Street we saw our garage door open and Don's truck in the driveway…

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