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The Trench Coat

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As we are driving to my place, you put your hand between my legs and I moan. I am so wet and hot for you. You lick your fingers like you are eating an ice cream cone and I am having a difficult time focusing on driving. I reach over and you are hard. I can not take it anymore. . .we are on a small country road and I pull over. I feel like a savage beast. . .having difficulty concentrating, as I am so consumed with desire. I finally slip my trench coat off (to reveal I am wearing nothing underneath) and slide down your large, hard cock---spreading my legs wide to ensure I am able to take in every inch of you. I sigh. . .I am now able to slow down and enjoy this gift that is deep inside of me, my juices flowing freely down your shaft, finding their way to your inner thighs and the black leather seat underneath. My clit is so hard, it begins to throb with pain, with pleasure. I am in a place I have never been before. I lean back and pump you for more while trying to maintain a pace that will allow us to enjoy the nirvana we find ourselves in for as long as possible. It starts to rain. I turn around so you can take me from behind. Then, you carry me out of the car, and place me, face down, on the hood. You begin to provide the orgasmic duo of pain and pleasure by fucking me and stopping intermittently to spank me. You pull my hair and head back, licking my ears, neck, shoulders, ass. . .telling me what you want to do with/to me. With my ass on fire, you turn me around and ask me to drop to my knees. You stop me, lift my chin up and look at me, telling me what a good sex slave I am. . .would I be interested in experiencing more? It is now you having the eyes of a savage beast. You walk me to a nearby tree and tie my hands above my head, then loop the rope around the tree. You reposition the car to ensure the headlights are shining directly on me. I am bound, naked, exposed, and helpless. . .I can not go anywhere, but would not want to be anywhere else. You begin, once again, to provide the punishment all bad girls deserve and so desperately need, intensely concentrating on the job that will leave your mark for days. A colorful display that I will take time to admire with each passing opportunity. I fall to my knees in exhaustion and sheer ecstasy, and you tell me stand back up because you are not finished with me yet. You spin me around and slam me up against the tree that I am tied to. You begin using your tongue to allow me the time to collect myself, yet teasing me to the point where I lose control of my mind, my surroundings, everything but what is going on inside and outside of my body. I have never felt this way before, and I find it difficult to remain standing, my legs giving out, shaking, convulsing. You untie me and ask that I get down on my hands and knees so you can more closely inspect me and your work. I am wet, and mud begins to find its way to my knees and hands. I try to stand up and you push me back down to the ground. You remind me, your hand on my hair, pulling my head back, that I am to only move when I am asked to move. And, I begin to understand. . .I remained in this position for what seemed like hours, as you walked around me many, many times. You place a blindfold over my eyes, which also greatly diminish my ability to hear, two of my senses taken away. I don't know where you are, where you are going, where you've been, what you are doing, and begin to feel anxious. My breath shortens and becomes shallow. Will you just leave me here? Who are you? Where are you planning to take me? What will you do to me? A short while later, you return, this time with a small tree branch that is used on my ass to enhance the burning, pain, tingling and stinging that is already there. You tell me not to move and ask that I count to 20. I am crying. . .is it pain, is it pleasure, is it the anticipation of what I hope will come next? I made it to 20, after a second try. You enjoy running your fingers softly over the welts that have formed, your tongue following. You roll me over, the cold ground and mud providing relief to my backside. Just as I was enjoying earth's healing powers, you thrust deep inside of me. I scream, I cry, as I am still blindfolded and did not anticipate your next move. You lean down, wipe my tears away with your kisses and reassure me, just before you thrust again inside of me. I am squirming, trying to get into a position where the penetration is less painful. You take my hands and hold them over my head, so I can not go anywhere. I stop fighting and try to relax but with each forceful entry I am reminded of pain, then pleasure. After a few minutes, the pain subsides and I am able to take you all in and enjoy it. You are on the verge of losing it all. . .but you sustain, and eventually roll me back on my hands and knees, this time providing the same pain/pleasure stimulation from behind. You explode, fall on your back and I lick the remaining juices off of your softening cock. Covered in mud, you bring my coat to me and place it over my shoulders. We walk together back to the car. On the way to my place, we talk about the fun we will have in the shower and whirlpool bathtub while removing the mud that has now dried on our bodies. I suddenly realize the evening has only just begun. I have been coined 'insatiable,' but I think I may have found someone who could potentially put an end to my constant want, need, desire to be fucked, licked, spanked, teased, bound. . .I hope you do not prove me wrong.

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